Rock Band 3 Is The Piano Man

Rock Band 3 Is The Piano Man

There’s a demo for Rock Band: Green Day currently up on Xbox Live. Of actual interest is this teaser image greeting users when they quit the demo, teasing Rock Band 3 with a little ebony and ivory.

Take a look up there at all those little icons. We’ve got bass, drums, guitar, vocals – the three mics suggesting the harmonies from Beatles: Rock Band are carrying over – and finally, on the right, a keyboard.

Sure, not every song has one. Not every band has a pianist or keyboardist, either. But some do, and it looks like we’ll now be able to rock out to those songs as nature intended.

[thanks Joe!]


  • I wonder if a keyboard will translate with just four or five buttons. I guitar only has six strings and the frets translate nicely, the drums line up even closer to the real deal, a piano though…
    Mind you, I didn’t believe DJ Hero would work, but it was a lot of fun. I’m really hoping for some real instrument training in one of these games soon, I love playing rock-band and it got me interested in learning the drums enough to purchase a decent roland set and use them with the game. My learning is going pretty well, but it would be a lot more fun in a rock-band type environment where you can play with the band and try and beat your performance etc. except using the real instruments, or at least one that plays like a real one.
    Maybe it would be best as a separate product, but I’d certainly buy it.

  • I was wondering when they were going to introduce keboards. Now it’s definite that they’re going to make us buy a new and improved bundle of instrument controllers. sure the old ones should still be compatible, but if you want to play keyboard you’re going to have to buy it.

    The question is, is it going to be a proper keyboard or a “keytar” (my money’s on the Keytar) and are they going to remap all the songs up until RB3 to include a keyboard chart (I doubt it though).

  • WOW!!! As a Pianist myself, i’ve been waiting for this! A lot of my favourite rock ballads have some epic keyboard parts to them, that i can’t wait to play in rock band!

  • You know, I was THINKING that the only thing Rock Band needs to be perfect is a piano peripheral, but I dismissed it as a pipe dream, something we’d NEVER see. Well, colour me surprised and delighted both! Now, where’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ and ‘I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’?

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