Rock Band 3, Just How Big Is It?

Music game maestros Harmonix have already promised to "innovate and revolutionise the music genre" with Rock Band 3, but even in the face of that hyperbole, the designers believe "you'll be surprised at just how big this game really is".

Not only is Rock Band 3 "the next big leap in music gaming", it's "the ultimate music game," according to Dan Teasdale, lead designer on the third iteration of MTV Games' four-player-plus band title. I know what you're thinking, "Man making game thinks new game is really great." But Harmonix has expectations of its three previous Rock Band games (and, I suppose, Green Day Rock Band) to outshine and two years worth of development already invested in which to do it.

Will it be able to teach us how to play music? What of this "player investment" that will consist of "cool things that will make you keep you coming back to Rock Band 3"? What do you need from Rock Band 3 to keep your interest level at 11?

We'll be seeing the game soon enough, but keep an eye peeled on the Rock Band web site for a slow leak of details.

Rock Band 3 News with Lead Designer Dan Teasdale [Rock Band]


    If Rock Band 2 is anything to go by, we might not even get a local release at all.

    Hooray, and Australia probably wont see it until 2015

    ...and will it be coming to Australia?
    I'd sure hate to miss out on the "Ultimate Music Game" and be stuck with same-old Guitar Hero.

    Do we have to buy more plastic instruments, cos I don't think I want to anymore

      but Bob if we don't buy more plastic instruments where are they going to make lots of money from? Besides, it might have more buttons...

    The guitars will have strings on them so you can plug it into a amplifier and play real guitar with it. Prove me wrong!

    I'm pretty sure they (Harmonix) have already stated that the game will be getting a simultaneous worldwide release (including Australia) towards the end of the year

    If I can use my GH instruments, I'll get it. Otherwise I'm just not gonna shell out for more plastic peripherals. Enough is enough.

    And a big 'here-here' to all the previous comments, I think by now we all know this game will never make it to Australia - how sad is it to think we missed out entirely on Rock Band 2 and had a year delay on the first Rock Band. Lego Rock Band on the other hand came out relatively on time...too bad no one wanted it :(

      Worldwide release has already been confirmed

    Rock Band 3D? I really hope not.

    Revolution these days is code for "Shitloads of DLC".

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