Rocket Knight Returns Looking Better Than Ever

Konami's update to 16-bit platformer Rocket Knight is showing more visual promise, the high-flying adventures of the armour-wearing Sparkster reigniting our interest in modernised old-school gaming.

For anyone unfamiliar with the adventures of Rocket Knight or the complex stories that often accompany anthropomorphised furry mascots, heroic opossum Sparkster must rid his home of the Kingdom of Zephyrus of invading wolves. I guess that's pretty much it.

Rocket Knight will be available on May 12th on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points and for PC, via Steam, for $US14.99. On May 18th, Rocket Knight makes its debut on the PlayStation Network for $US14.99.


    Csn't wait to play this. Out of all the copycat wannabe Mario & Sonic characters back in the day, Sparkster is one of the only characters that actually was unique & properly designed. As was Earthworm Jim - and that'll be out pretty soon too (HD).

      Loved Earthworm Jim... who would have thought ambience in Hell consisted of elevator music

    Im still waiting on the updated Donkey Kong Country...


    Oh yeah, so definitely getting this :)

    They aren't releasing it on Wii VC anymore!??

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