Rockstar Boss' Sweet Ride

I asked for it in yesterday's post about the Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic and Rockstar co-founder and GTA co-creator Sam Houser delivered... along with a challenge.

"Hey Brian, thanks for helping to spread the word about the race, we hope everyone in NYC can stop by! Also, if you've never been lapped by someone on a pink bike, I'll be waiting for you outside Kotaku Tower…"

Keep in mind that Houser's "pink bike" is a titanium Independent Fabrication cyclocross frame-set with a Campagnolo Super Record group set. My red bike is, um, red.

But, it is SO on! Eventually.


    Yea right...
    super record. Good luck...

    Do want that bike. It would add to my collection of 10 bikes quite nicely.

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