Roll Up, Get Your Replica Red Dead Dynamite And Playing Cards

Just in time to take advantage of people's obsession with Red Dead Redemption before they move onto the next shiny thing that catches their gaze, Rockstar is releasing some "period" merchandise based on their Western adventure.

Alongside some ho-hum t-shirts are a few more interesting trinkets, like playing cards, dice, TNT and even some patented eradicator soap.

The custom-printed cards are worth the price ($10) on their own, let alone the fact they come with branded dice as well, while a deluxe edition packs the cards in a tough clothbound case.

The dynamite, meanwhile, can even be lit, as it's actually a fancy candle. Perfect for that special night in with the whore, wench or floosie of your choice.

Red Dead Finery [Rockstar]


    I actually want those cards... and I don't even play RDR.

    I've got some of the cards (thank you eBay) and their design is fantastic. We played some poker with 'em on Friday night, but without the racial cussing it didn't feel the same.

    Definately going to pick some of that gear up, that candle stick is sweet!

    Dynamite candle? That could be amusing...

      it would be awesome if it hissed like a real fuse

    I'll try not to get the dynamite candle flown over from the states lmao.

    How can I play Liar's Dice with only 2 dice?

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