Romance Games: Chesty Men, For The Ladies

Romance Games: Chesty Men, For The Ladies

Many video games have been, and still are, sexist. So what’s to do? Level the playing field, tone everything down? No, no, that’s boring. It’s more fun when ladies make games for ladies. Warning: Naked man butts ahead.

This is Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box, a casual adventure title from PassionFruit Games, who are making no bones about their objective, telling us “we’re one of the first companies dedicated to bringing hot and hunky MALE sex objects to gaming”.

As you can see above, they don’t mean men with strong morals, a gun and a six-pack. They mean men with no clothes on, who are there to be lusted over, and then kissed. No doubt passionately.


  • Wwwwwhaaaaaaaaat!? There is a difference between wanting more mature depiction of romance in games and having a game based on some second grade romance novel… No, just NO

  • Oh i see, absolutely typical. Complain, complain, complain and complain and then do the exact same thing. I’m glad as an industry developers have never buckled, more fool on us as a gender if we ever did.

    • MikeZdoesit, you’re an idiot. -_- How are you an idiot? Re-read what you wrote, and you’ll understand. Or you won’t. Chances are you won’t, so let me point out the height of your stupidity in your comment: “blah, blah, blah, more fool on us as a gender if we ever did.” So, basically it’s a “men VS women” sort of thing, is it? There’s nothing wrong with a game being made for women. Yeah, there are some loonies that complain about the over sexualiztion of women in video games, but, like I said, those women are loonies. Not all women have a problem with those games (they are only games after all). Most of us don’t really give a crap about it, and simply enjoy the games, but you never hear about the vast amount of female gamers that don’t complain, only those that do. So, seriously, get over your whole gender/mummy issues, and let the casual female gamers that love their romance novels have this (crappy looking) puzzle game that looks like the extent of the naughtiness will be nothing more than man-butt and kissing.

      As for the game, doesn’t look all that interesting. To me it looks like a mediocre puzzle game based on a mediocre romance novel. When it comes to casual puzzle games, I can think of many more interesting and fun games to get over this one, and they’ll all infinitely better because they lack the corny romance.

      • You effing rock. Couldn’t agree more with all of that.

        Some people are just insecure.

        On a side note though, that game does look truly terrible.

        Hey and why is everyone getting upset now? GTA4 had man wang in it!Surely that must have been for the ladies too!?!?!

        …please take not of sarcasm….PLEASE!!!

        • Yay, I rock. ^_^
          And your sarcasm regarding GTA4 and it’s man-meat has been noted. 🙂 No-one will be ripping you a new one today. ^_^

      • Laurie,

        I agree with you. Most female gamers are not offended by the existence of attractive women in gaming.

        But I think Mike was attacking the more extreme kinds of radical feminists. I agree he should’ve been more clear about who he was attacking but he does have a point… if the radicals are correct that “to depict someone as a sexual creature is to objectify them” then it is hypocrisy to do exactly the same thing to a male character.

        Of course, I doubt that PassionFruit Games is staffed by radical feminists or even people that complain about the existence of attractive female characters in games. I’d place my money on them simply thinking “all fans deserve fanservice, including the female fans.”

        And personally, I see nothing wrong with providing fanservice for any demographic at all.

        • “But I think Mike was attacking the more extreme kinds of radical feminists. I agree he should’ve been more clear about who he was attacking but he does have a point…” – If that’s the case then I retract my idiot comment and apologize to Mike. If not, then my comment still stands.

          “And personally, I see nothing wrong with providing fanservice for any demographic at all.” – Agreed. There’s nothing wrong with fan service, be it aimed at male or female gamers. A little bit of fan service can make a good game great. After all, it’s human nature to perv a little. 😉 It’s not like anyone is getting hurt by it.

  • Lol, want to play this game simply because of how lame it looks. Anyone that complains about the reverse sexism of this game really doesn’t appreciate the irony of it. So bad it’s good.

  • Its interesting that PassionFruit Games describes its goal as bringing “hot and hunky male sex objects to gaming.”

    So in other words they accept “portraying sexual beings as sexual beings is inherently degrading.”

    Ummm… no, it isn’t. There is nothing “objectifying” about being seen as “an object of sexual desire.” If I merely look at someone, I am making them the object of my consciousness. That does not mean their status as subjects (i.e. beings that also have a consciousness) is somehow lessenned by the fact that they are the object of my consciousness.

    Same principle applies if I look at someone and think, “wow, I’d really like to engage in sexual relations with them!” There is no necessary implication that their only worth comes from their capacity to give me sexual satisfaction.

    So yes, this game does NOT “objectify” men. On the other hand, games like Bayonetta do NOT “objectify” women.

    This absolute paranoia about whether or not we are “exploiting” people because we find them hot is completely illogical. Unfortunately, a mixture of Kantianism (with its injunction to “refrain from using other people as a means to an end” (note that Kant argued that masturbation was using ourselves as a means to an end!)), combined with the radical misandry that unfortunately has taken over far too many members of the feminist movement, has told us we are “exploiting” people if we like looking at them being depicted as sexual beings.

    Well, if it is “using other people as a means to an end” to use their imagery as a means to the end of self-pleasure, then I say there is nothing wrong intrinsically with using other people as a means to our ends.

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