Round Abound!!!


    what a wicked start to the morning! Most Rad!

    Now THATS how i want to start my day EVERYDAY

    Yoda version: 'right, at the next road, you must turn'
    Chewy version: 'euh huuuureeh, ghuuur reuuh'

    I’d love Darth Vader’s voice in my car. But, I’m one of those Star Wars purists. It has to actually be James Earl Jones.

    Alternatively, James as King Jaffe Joffer from Coming to America would also be awesome.

    Up and at them!

    I saw the youtube video and its hilarious! Was wondering if Darth Vader actually says roundabound in the tom tom voice, or only here in the "make of" video?
    Yoda is very funny too! Hope we will have these voices when we travel next time, it makes the trip funnier.

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