Rumour: Call Of Duty Has Another New Developer In Raven

Rumour: Call Of Duty Has Another New Developer In Raven

With nearly half of the team at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 developer Infinity Ward bailing on the troubled developer, publisher Activision appears to have found a new source for Call of Duty development.

Raven Software, the developer of sci-fi shooters Wolfenstein and the just completed Singularity, has been pulled off its current projects and may be the latest studio to pick up the Call of Duty slack, according to a source close to the studio. Kotaku was told that the developer has had its next game, one based on the James Bond franchise, to which Activision holds the rights, put on hold.

Raven’s other future game, one based on the X-Men franchise, a follow-up to its work on X-Men: Origins Wolverine, is said to have been put on hold as well.

The team is said to now be on the path to Call of Duty development, with Activision “flipping out” about the current Infinity Ward situation. Activision execs said earlier this month that the IW team is working on another Call of Duty game in addition to further map pack development.

The next Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Black Ops, is currently in development at World At War developer Treyarch, due for a November 9 release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Wii. One more map pack is due for Modern Warfare 2, now dated for a June release.

Kotaku has reached out to Activision and Raven Software seeking comment.


  • Raven are extremely competent developers, but they need proper guidance and a creative genius at the helm to really produce something magnificent. I can’t see Activision helping them in that way at all…

    • True, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a bad game made Raven (Wolfenstein while not revolutionary was still competent).

      That being said this is just further dilution of and already “dead horsed” franchise.

      Get those guys on another Jedi Knight game 😀

  • Though much lower profile nowadays, Raven have the experience developing great FPS titles.
    Soldier of Fortune 1 and 2 were both Raven titles, and were fantastic games.
    Will be interesting to see what they can do on the franchise!

  • This is a fortuitous occasion for Activision – Raven really became the perfect fit in a short amount of time. Their Wolverine Uncaged was received relatively well by critics, and at the time there was talk of a movie sequel; hence they were put on a game sequel.

    More recently, over 50% of IDub, notable its core team, leaves and respawns elsewhere. Activision start looking for a new dev, possibly one to join forces with the remaining IW so that a MW3 can happen.

    Then, out of the blue, MGM goes into major financial difficulties, and the James Bond franchise, particularly the Daniel Craig label and the schedueled third film directed by Sam Mendes, are indefinitely put on hold. Rumours are currently suggesting that when/if it is saved by an outsider with big pockets, the role may be yet again recast. Raven, therefore, don’t need to be wasting their time on a game that may never need to be made.

    Not only that, but they know FPSs quite well. For Activision, it seems karma has not closed a door without opening a window.

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