Rumour: Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers In The Works

Guitar Hero publisher Activision may be scaling back its plans for the band game in 2010, but it may have at least one more band-centric game in the works in Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers.

According to details from a survey forwarded to Kotaku, Activision appears to be gauging interest in a Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers concept. Similar to previous games that highlight rock bands like Metallica, Van Halen and Aerosmith, the Red Hot Chili Peppers branded version is pitched as highlighting the band's greatest hits and songs from guest artists chosen by the headlining band.

"Celebrate the entirety of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' life, starting with their early days in LA, to their famous Hyde Park concert to their highly anticipated new studio album," notes the purported survey. "Discover the story behind their legendary music as you unlock interviews, retrospectives, concert footage and other commentary."

The survey specifically names albums By The Way, Californication, Give It Away and the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "upcoming studio album to be released in 2011."

The Red Hot Chili Peppers' music has appeared previously in the series, with individual songs popping up in Guitar Hero III and the Guitar Hero: On Tour series. The band's breakout album Blood Sugar Sex Magik appeared as a full album download for competitor Rock Band.

While Activision has prepped us to expect fewer Guitar Hero games in 2010, another band-based release certainly doesn't sound out of the question. We knew about Guitar Hero: Van Halen well in advance of the game's confirmation and release, so an early leak wouldn't surprise us.

Activision has recently taken the axe to large portions of its Guitar Hero development staff.

We've reached out to Activision reps to get comment on the matter, which we're calling nothing more than rumour for now.


    Would be interested, more interested if it was Rock Band, but still interested...

    Sounds like a good match. I probably wouldn't buy it - but I can see it makes marketing sense.

    As much as i want Guitar Hero to just go away - this actually sounds so cool. I've never bought a GH game and this could possibly make me.

    This makes total sense. Some other bands are questionable and should be down right illegal (Greenday).

    After this, then GH can do away for real though. RHCP is all about the funk!

    RHCP is teh shit. But I still won't buy another music game.

    Gonna be some reeeeeeeeeal fun bass parts in that game.

    Awesome... Green Day: Rock Band is coming out in June - that'll be sweet, if we got a Chili Peppers GH as well that'd be a bonus.

    Would buy.

    Be interesting to see how they handle the personnel changes and reasons for same, when telling the story of the band. Hopefully Activision will allow them to go beyond the PG rating that Guitar Hero usually draws the line at, since it's a standalone game for fans of the Chillis.

    The only other bands who I'd think really have the instrumentation, back catalogue and popularity for a Guitar Hero/Rock Band game and which haven't been done yet would be Pink Floyd, the Stones, U2, and maybe Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac (actually, if it included all the stuff about the infighting in the band, Rock Band: Fleetwood Mac would be awesome). Although Rock Band: Green Day and Guitar Hero: Van Halen exist, so what do I know?

    YES PLEASE!!!!

    This would be horrible, I'd much rather see it in the hands of Harmonix who would show the Chilis enough respect to make a decent game.

    Also with a band like RHCP, how could you possibly fit all their best tracks on the disc AND leave room for "guest artists"? Another reason why Harmonix would handle it better, they'd dedicate the entire disc to the band's songs and completely omit all the filler crap.

    Damn Activision, I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers to death, but PLEASE don't make this game.

    I don't want to get it... but Chilli peppers and Guitar hero does sound like a great mix

    Seems great, i'd buy it. The only question is:

    Frusciante? Klinghoffer? Slovak?! Navarro?
    Or will they all be unlockable characters as well as Jack irons?


    I completely agree with most the other commenters. a Red Hot Chili Peppers specific game would be PHENOMENAL and I'd much rather see Harmonix do it than Activistion. But if it comes down to Activision doing it.. I'll still buy it.

    It IS RHCP after all.. so it's guaranteed amazing.

    It's an idea that would sell, as long as Activision get their facts right, unlike the survey which believes "Give It Away" is an album...!?

    However, when games are released that celebrate the history of bands, like the Beatles and Aerosmith, I get the impression that the bands are saying farewell to music, as if their music is no longer good enough to sell or that they've decided to 'retire'. It could be risky

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