Rumour: PlayStation Move Launches In September

Rumour: PlayStation Move Launches In September

Jason Bradbury, host of Britain’s “The Gadget Show”, seems to know something the rest of us are only guessing at, proclaiming the launch of Sony’s PlayStation Move controller will take place this September.

Posting on his Twitter account, Bradbury says, “.. another thing I was meaning to say. Sept for Playstation Move!!! I’m sure of it. Can’t say why. Just.. September 2010”.

Sony has issued a predictable “rumours and speculation” rebuttal of the statement, but the closer we get to autumn, the more precise these claims are going to get.

[Jason Bradbury @ Twitter]


  • Let’s hope this doesn’t become like Home, where they announce it at E3 then have 2 years of delays, then have it be a total letdown anyway. But September seems odd, why not have it launch later and cash in on the Christmas shoppers?

      • I’d love to say you’re right, but the release date hasn’t been announced. But you’re safe to say Sept. judging by previous Halo release dates and that fact its scheduled to release in the Fall.

        I don’t see Move being something that would prevent game sales, on any game to be honest. So Halo is safe, obviously, if its released around the time Move does.

        I think this is purely a move (lol) on Sony’s behalf to get in before MS considering they didn’t do so with the PS3. Besides, judging by what people have seen of Natal and worked with it – it could even possibly NOT get a release this year. Seems MS ain’t finished tweaking with the thing – which might be a worry for games being developed for it.

        E3 will surely reveal all.

  • One month ahead of Natal?
    Yeah, I’m not buying it as coincidence 😛
    Either way, I don’t really care. I’m not going to buy games because they involve waggle. In fact, that’s part of the reason I don’t play my Wii as much. Movement needs to be an addition to a game, not the basis for it, for me to want it.

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