Saddle Your Avatar With Red Dead Redemption Items

We're into week two of Red Dead Redemption hype, so you know what that means: Avatar items for your little varmint. Yah! Yah avatars! Git along! Git!

The virtual items run between 80 and 320 Microsoft points, ranging from a hat or a t-shirt to a full-on John Marston or Bonnie McFarlane outfit. I had some points laying around and got my guy the lasso.

Yes, that's my avatar. I know he looks ridiculous. He's wearing jorts. Why do you think I bought him a lasso?

Red Dead Redemption Avatar Items [Xbox Live]


    Think you can win them in game too... My son said he got a RD:R Hat for killing a certain amount in a short time

      i have unlocked a tshirt and a sombrero thus far

        and it gave me the avatar award unlocked message when i opened some out of the way chests

      I got a sombrero , apparently for shooting off an enemy hat. Not sure if he survived, though.

      i got a hat from shooting it off a bandit

    Yay for the Fett helmet!
    I ended up buying the full Fett costume.
    If I had enough spare points lying around, I'd consider the Marston outfit.

    how bout the donkey woman? thatd be a mad pet

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