See Insomniac's Cancelled Game, Girl With A Stick

With Resistance and Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games going multiplatform, bringing an "all-new franchise" to the Xbox 360 and PS3, a look back at one of its cancelled original games seems timely. Meet Girl With A Stick.

Insomniac reveals the cancelled PlayStation 2 game in its latest video podcast - they call it by its code name "I:5" - showing off gameplay, artwork and a fascinating behind the scenes look at how the developer's post-Spyro the Dragon game failed to materialise. Insomniac's John Fiorito describes the game as a "pretty hardcore fantasy, almost RPG-like" but also "not very fun".

Creative director Brian Allgeier says the inspiration for I:5 was "Tomb Raider meets Zelda", an adventure filled with fantastic creatures, magic spells and lots of whacking of things with a stick.

Grieve for the Girl With A Stick if you want, but remember that Insomniac went on to develop Ratchet & Clank instead.

Episode 49 - Girl With a Stick [Insomniac]


    I say we have a referendum and make the stick president.

      It would probably do a better job than the current one...

        yes we could use it to push the boat people away.

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