See Red Dead Redemption's Incredible Donkey Lady, Gunslinger Dog

When your game is as massive as Red Dead Redemption, a few pesky bugs are bound to pop up, ones that turn horses invisible or spawn freakish half-breed beasts like the curious Donkey Lady or the helpful Gunslinger Dog.

YouTube user WhereDaBootz was either lucky enough to be blessed with some of the most amusing Red Dead Redemption glitches we've seen to date or cursed with a malfunctioning Xbox 360. The bizarre swapping of humans and animals in his playthrough is either hilarious or horrifying, depending on your point of view.

If you like Donkey Lady, don't miss Gunslinger Dog.

And while you're at it, The Infamous Cougar Man is worth a watch.

Last time we checked in with Rockstar Games on the matter of curious Red Dead Redemption glitches, it had the following statement: "if you're having issues please email [email protected] We are also actively on the forums helping people with any questions they may have about the game. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to getting a fix out as quickly as soon as we can."

So, if you've got problems, they've got answers. Until then, have fun.


    Both of those things are creepy and hilarious at the same time.

    Holy crap that mexican dog is soo good! These are the funniest glitches I've ever seen.

    Theyre hilarious!
    And the two guys commentating are funny too.

    Hahahaha, cannot wait until my copy gets here :D

    I'm still waiting to find a back to the future easter egg.

    the only thing that happens to me is i cant paly online. no is online

    I wasn't going to purchase the game until i saw these.. oh lord i hope mine glitches..

    If anyone is going to get away with this, it's R*! No patch necessary.

    I can't help but think that this isn't a glitch.....but I'm not complaining :)


      That is just pure awesome!

    Damn it, my gunslinger at Fort Mercer wasn't a dog :( Hilarious but!

    i wanted to see them skin the donkey lady and see what her meat/ skin was called

    Best thing I've had happen glitch wise was when you encounter the guy with the top hat for the final time and he's meant to walk away (while you "try" and shoot him) - he glitched and popped up right next to me when the cut scene ended. So I hogtied him and shot him. Lost honour for it as well. Nooooo idea what the fraggle rock happened.

    Don't forget about Bird People

    I've gotten the Donkey Lady twice so far, first one was like the video above...the second was early in the game when you see a body hanging in a barn...So technically it was the Amazing Hanging Donkey Man I should say but still gave me a chuckle considering I've only played the game for about 2 hours now.

    I hope rockstar don't fix these, they're hilarious

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