Sega's Big Sonic 4 News: It's Delayed

Originally fixed for a mid year release, today Sega pegged Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to "moar like latter half of 2010," while touting the delay with a brave cheerfulness and saying it'll allow for incorporating fan feedback into the game's development.

"For the first time ever, we've mixed internal suggestions alongside fan feedback to make some new, positive changes to the game," Sega wrote on its official blog, excitedly unveiling the big news it promised with an announcement-of-an-announcement earlier in the week. "Yes, you just read that correctly. You're not dreaming."

Yeah, generally speaking, Sega, when I dream, it is not of games being delayed.

Oh, and the world's worst-kept secret was confirmed: Sonic 4 will be releasing on the iPhone.

The Big Sonic 4 News is Finally Here! [Sega]


    I love the megadrive series.
    Not a fan of Rush.
    So far this is looking a little too Rush for my tastes.
    And I had such high hopes...

    I don't see an issue. The fan feedback was just and a delay to that effect is more than welcome.

    That'd be the fan feedback that said that just for a change they wanted a Sonic game that didn't suck.

    Good advice to take on board.

    They are delaying the game so they can add all Sonic's friends in!

    Anyone remember the other time they listened to fans? You know, Shadow The Hedgehog in his own game.

    I'm still cautiously optimistic. Prove me wrong Sega. I dare you.

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