Sexy Time With Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

You thought that soundtrack slip cover was something?

As with Metal Gear Solid 4, a batch of sexy time Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker screens has made its way to the internet. The Peace Walker screens show Costa Rican girl Paz, who is studying peace at the University of Peace. Here, she's in her underoos.

The guy in the bikini brief is half-Japanese military officer Kazuhira Miller, whose first name is a word play on peace.

『メタルギアソリッドピースウォーカー』下着姿のパスとダンボールでイチャイチャ [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]

【パ○ツ丸出し】『メタルギアソリッド ピースウォーカー』噂のお色気画像【上半身全裸】 [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]

『メタルギアソリッドPW』 パスとのデートイベントが 完 全 に エ ロ ゲー な 件 [はちま起稿]


    I still think it's crap like this that's going to be the downfall of Japan...

      You have no idea how good the game is do you?

      Agreed. This is some sad material right here. Very sad...

      Last time I checked sex sells in the US too.

    you could grate cheese on his abs! i mean look at that ass...

    Uh... leaving aside the creepy factor, doesn't "Fan Service" usually come, how can I put this delicately? AFTER YOU RELEASE THE $^#&@ GAME AND GET SOME @#*$&&$#*@ FANS?!?!

    Little girl and man-beast, I like some equality!!!

    Oh Kojima & Sons, testing my sexuality since 1999.

    Ok, aren't MGS stealth action games (according to Wikipedia anyway)? Why would you have screenshots of characters in their underwear?

    Guess it's another case, that I'm never going understand, of Japanese gamers infatuated with underwear.

    I'm going to assume there is a muscle march mini game.

    Better be.

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