Shaun White Skateboarding Will Change The World

Shaun White Skateboarding Will Change The World

Shaun White Skateboarding won’t just give players the chance to live out their skateboarding fantasies this spring; it’ll give them the power to transform an entire city into the skate park of their dreams.

I was playing Skate 3 this past weekend when it occurred to me that I didn’t like the Skate series, or any of the Tony Hawk series past number three. Why? Because skateboarding around a large, open world is boring. I loved the way the first Tony Hawk games split things up by level, with a set of goals to complete before moving on. It gave me a sense of purpose.

I mention this because my next thought was ‘I sure hope Shaun White Skateboarding does something different.’ I suppose transforming the world via the power of skateboarding is different.

Shaun White Skateboarding will start players off with a drab, boring old city, split up into districts. As players skate and complete challenges, new areas are unlocked. That’s pretty standard.

What isn’t boring is the power to change the city to make it more skater-friendly.

I’m, not talking about dropping ramps and rails via some sort of park editor. I’m talking lifting the street from the ground to create ramps, or twisting rails until they reach dizzying heights. Since each player will change the city in different ways, it’s possible that no two cities will wind up the same. Creativity is key.

“When we started making the game, we knew we wanted to give players a sense of how skaters see the world – everything is an opportunity,” said Nick Harper, Creative Director. “What looks like a handrail to us is really a grind. A park bench is a place to trick, an alley is a quarter pipe, etc. We’ve taken that idea and expanded it. We wanted to put our own twist on the genre and craft the type of game that allows players to be creative and still have a lot of fun.”

The game will still have your skateboarding standards, like online multiplayer in both co-op and adversarial flavours, but the real drawl of Shaun White Skateboarding will be the way things change.


  • I hope these guys are pulling out all the stops for this, Skate3 has dominated this genre, And quite frankly doesn’t look like it will have to worry about a Tony Hawk copycat.

  • Skate is so terrible. The controls are just crap. I hope Shawn White goes uses a traditional control system. Otherwise there will be another skateboarding franchise i wont play.

    I agree that the last few Tony Hawks have not been great. If they had kept to the winning formula for the first few games they would still be selling millions.

    The challenge based games were so addictive. You had to complete every challenge and collect every secret tape and find all the secret areas.

    I used to play so much, I was seeing Tony Hawk in my dreams. Every time i would go out i would be scouting out rails, ledges and jumps on all the houses and buildings.

    I tried very hard to like Skate, but just couldn’t handle the control/trick system.

    Lets hope that Shwn White’s game is a winner.

  • I really like this idea, mould a city into your own favourite level. This may be hypocritical, but I think this is the difference between this and a tony hawk game. Sure this game is based on one person as well, but it seems to me they actually care about the gameplay and actually want to give the player a good experience. Whereas TH games are often just about dropping as many big names as they can. Imagine if these were the first screens and trailers we got of a new TH game, we would be treated to a 10 min monologue from tony himself describing why we should buy the game, along with a few screens to show off the cameos they got to be in it.

    This game is the total opposite, beyond one radio interview I don’t think Shawn has done much press for this game, the developers are actually focusing on what makes this game awesome. Not some guy that I don’t know. And I like that, Shaun white shouldn’t sell the game, the game should sell Shaun. Does that even make sense? I hope so.

    Anyone remember Tony Hawks Underground 2? The entire game had you skate against Bam Mageras “team” to do random stuff (don’t ask me, I don’t know). The game felt empty, it stunk of jackass and viva la bam style humour, like the game was one big advertisement for an upcoming movie or something. It felt like it was more about the star power and than about skating as a sport.

    My ultimate reward in a game shouldn’t be to defeat Bam Magera, because, honestly, I could give 2 shits about that guy.

  • The Snowboarding game was pretty swell, even if the single player campaign is as boring and mundane as hell..
    It was pretty, and nice if you liked snowboarding down large mountains.

    This sounds interesting but also like maybe its a little overstated.
    How static are main structures? How much customisation are they talking?
    I have sincere doubts, that this will be on the scale most people anticipate.
    Heres hopin though.

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