Sid Meier’s Bargain Hunter: A Soren Johnson Game

Sid Meier’s Bargain Hunter: A Soren Johnson Game

Strategy fans, I direct your attention towards Steam today. There’s 75% off a whole bunch of Civilization IV related games.

This means, right now, you can get:

* Civilization IV – $US10.00 * Civilization IV: Warlords – $US2.50 * Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword – $US5.00 * Civilization IV: Colonization – $US7.50

Or just buy the complete pack for $US25.00 $US10.00.

I’ve already got Civ IV, so I think I’ll pick up the two expansions and Colonization for ten American moneypoints. Yay, yet more Steam games I probably won’t have the time to play!

UPDATE: Fixed the price for the complete pack.


  • That’s a pretty good deal.. I already got my games for this week though with the Humble Indie Bundle

    This is one of those things where you Name your price for 5 Great indie games
    World of Goo

    If anyone picks this up PLEASE don’t be tight as the proceeds go to charity

  • Actually David, you can get the Civ 4 Complete Edition on Steam (which includes Civ 4 with all expansions for just USD$10.00). So why just get Civ 4 when u can get the lot for the same price?

  • Colonization is, for lack of a better word, crap. Civ IV, Warlods and BTS all lead to an amazing game full of complex situations and decision making tied with risk and reward, multiple ways to win the game and hours upon hours of gameplay.

    Colonization is the black sheep of the group, where they pushed into new territory and took a wrong turn that ended in this terrible back-to-basics gameplay model with a single ending. Col. offered a handful of the options of the others, very limited factions and a single end game – Declare War, Win Independance.

    All in all Civilization IV has racked up many hours of play, many fans, many mods – it’s practically an institution for some of us – but ending this brilliant series with Colonization, well it just doesn’t sit right with me. As Civ. IV wasn’t required for it, maybe we can slip through an unofficial name change to ‘the other Civ game’.

    • You do know that colonization is really old right? The Civ IV version is basically just the new engine slapped on to the same old story… 🙂

      Everything you described is exactly what most people would expect from a game about colonizing the new world! lol xD

      • Yeah Scott is right. Colonization was Sid Meir’s first (?) strategy type game that they re-released with an update to the engine. Its not and was never meant to be seen as a ‘new game’ by any means.

  • Is it wrong of me to be afraid, and never want to buy\play another Civ game?

    Precious childhood memories of Civ and Civ II, simple yet mind-blowing. A brief trial of Civ Revolution broke my heart, and the look of “smaller scale” in III and IV make me fear.

    So tell me, am I so wrong to not play the games, like a HoMM fan not trying 4 or 5? (I got 5 and like it for the recod :D)

    • Fear the not my friend, Civ 4 was (IS) a masterpiece, and I expect Civ 5 to continue the fine tradition that is known as Civ. Civ-Rev was the cut-down distilled version designed to be playable in much shorter sessions, and to be more “appealing” to a general market. While it did this job admirably, it’s nothing compared to the real Civ experience. If you haven’t played Civ IV yet, for $10US you bloody well should!

  • I’ve played every single Civilization, right back to 1.0 which my brother brought home and totally addicted me. I actually most prefer Civ Revolution because in the other versions the micromanagement become too much for me and I’d simply get stuck playing on the easier settings. For me, the fact that even for Civ IV, the AI simply cheats, meant that I didn’t have the same long term attraction to the game that others do. Playing with other people, something I can’t do because no friends like the game, must be amazing – like an enormously complex chess game.

    Anyway, I won’t be purchasing these, even though I’m tempted, because I still have a bunch of Xbox 360 games I really need to finish (Fable 2 is still sitting there unfinished even though I got it the day it came out.)

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