Someday, All Our PCs Will Look Like Killer Spider Bots

For better or worse, that someday is coming this month, thanks to a bizarre, some might say stylish way to house one's computer, sure to be the hit at your next LAN party.

Taiwanese computer case maker Lian Li will begin selling the Mini-ITX T1 Spider later this month, a product that's more of a test bench than a permanent PC solution - but we know case modders will find some way to make things more interesting. Depending on your colour choice, black, silver or red, the thing will run you about $US150 to $US170.


    I'm not one to usually go the modding ways, but this is pretty cool. Doesn't seem fit for the pc owner with too many hdd's though, such as... me.


    Maybe these should be called Tektites (specifically from Ocarina of Time)?

    looks awesome but it'd be a bitch to clean

    certainly not a bad thing...

    Man how awesome would it be if one of them bit you and you became some form of mechanised Spiderman?!? ok....

      I could go for that bro :)

    Just add a bunch of child-spiders to hold the RAID.

    Thats cool. I would save a bit of room if I put that on a desk compared to my monster Superflower SF-1000.

    S*** guys its the replicators

    Yo, I heard you like flies and computers, so I totally pimped your r-ide.

    I want an army of them sitting around my room at my beck and call.

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