Someone Had The Balls To Release An Iron Man 2 Demo

Someone Had The Balls To Release An Iron Man 2 Demo

The last thing you want to do when critics are calling your movie tie-in game one of the worst titles of 2010 is release a playable demo for the Xbox 360, yet here we are.

When you’ve got a completely ass-tastic video game on your hands that could possibly still generate sales from movie fans who don’t know any better, it’s not a good idea to give players a free chance to see just how bad the game really is. Either Sega is on a brutal honesty kick, or someone over there still thinks Iron Man 2 is good enough to pick up more sales if it gets into the hands of the players.

That would be an incorrect assumption.

I suppose someone out there will download the demo and think it's the absolute bee's knees, but that someone probably isn't reading this, so they're beyond help.

As for the rest of you, here's an excellent chance to see how badly Sega screwed this one up without having to spend any money.

Demo: Iron Man 2 [Major Nelson]


  • I’m going to download it. The curiosity in just how bad it is is quite strong. I’m expecting that enthusiasm to wane about 20 seconds after I’ve started it up though.

  • I was really hoping after the epic fail of the first game that the second might actually be good… god it’s just so disapointing 🙁

  • See while I never would have purchased it I will download a sucky demo of it.

    Something about a free try brings out some sort of “Angry Video Game Nerd” Maschoism in me.

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