Someone Needs To Make A Cube Video Game, Right Now

Speaking to MTV about his upcoming film Splice, director Vincenzo Natali expressed his desire to create a video game based on Cube, one of the greatest science fiction films every created. This needs to be done.

For those of you unfamiliar with the film, Cube is the story of a group of ordinary people who find themselves trapped in a 3D maze of interlocking 4.3m x 4.3m x 4.3m rooms, some safe, some laced with deadly traps. The group must work together to escape the labyrinth, but increasing fear and pressure bring conflict that could hinder their already slim chance of survival.

With only one real set, lit differently to convey the feeling of an endless series of similar interlocked rooms, the movie becomes a study in character and how human beings react to extraordinary situations. Simply put, it's brilliant.

And Vincenzo wants to make it into a video game.

"I would very much like to do a 'Cube' game, I'd love to do a game. When I was writing it with my writing partner, Andre [Bijelic] , we were saying to each other, Are we writing a film or are we writing a game? It's always been amazing to me that no one has attempted to turn it into a game. I would very much like to do that. That's how I'd like to go back into the 'Cube' world."

He goes as far as saying, "If there are any game designers out there, give me a call."

Why are you not calling this man?

Making a Cube game would be extremely simple in terms of setting, yet extremely difficult in terms of setting tone and capturing the spirit of the film. Might I suggest an online multiplayer game, sort of like Left 4 Dead meets Myst Online: Uru Live? Give the players the tools they need to survive and set them free to live or die.

If you've yet to see Cube, you can pick up a copy via Amazon, or just watch it on iTunes.

And once you've watched it, call your developer friends and get the game made. I'm counting on you!

Exclusive: 'CUBE' Director Desperate To Make Video Game Version [MTV Multiplayer]


    Unless you're a math nerd, I really don't see how a game could stay true to the film...

      It doesn't need to necessarily stay completely true to the film, but rather the concepts of the film.

      So, the players would need to collectively develop a method to identify and/or defeat traps. There would likely need to be some sort of risk/reward system to encourage players to take on a proactive role in escaping, rather than following someone else's success. Failure results in the death of one or more players, who would then be unable to communicate with the 'living' players. And so on.

      I think that this concept could be turned into a wonderful game, given the right developers working on it.

    I don’t know, most of the original traps in cube were only passable because one of the guys in the team was an autistic savant that could do astronomical calculations in his head. But seeing as they made a saw game, and that concept was just a rip off of this, they could make this work. This would have to be a multiplayer game to work I think, the original movie had the people working together but turning on each other instantly to save their own asses, the game needs to get that feeling of survival of the fittest (or smartest) right to work.

    I need to go rent that movie again

    I played a Cube map for Garry's mod a while back, I must say it was pretty excellent. You had a team of about 5 and you won if one person escaped, it usually only ended up with one if any.

    Easy in concept, just use npc's for the character and turn one survivor into a mute protagonist as the player. Even a simple engine could produce the cube, i'd suggest a Source Mod.

    Excellent movie. Not sure about a game adaption, there's so many ways it could go wrong. Very dependant upon a dedicated developer and publisher.

    Here's an interesting early concept supposedly developed by the owner of of this video on youtube.

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