Someone Scissor This Glitch From UFC Undisputed, Pronto

Look, I know that the "sweaty dickpunching" joke is so old, but this kind of glitch definitely does not project an image of mixed martial arts as a scientific, action-packed and, moreover, manful sport

Reader Joshua J. was playing the UFC Undisputed 2010 demo as Rashad Evans, trying to put Rampage Jackson in a submission hold. Josh misidentified the submission hold as "spooning." I think two people grinding their privates together is actually called "scissoring."


    wow... that just does not look right.

    Geez I'd really have expected better from Kotaku. "Hey we're not going to re-use the sweaty dick-punching joke, but hahaha look there's 2 guys rolling around on the ground".

    This isn't a "glitch" at all; it's called an ankle-lock, and it's a legitimate submission in BJJ.

    Check out this link (; inbetween giggling like a schoolgirl, you might actually learn something about the sport behind the game.

      it's a sport?

    Uh, Owen, maybe you should have paid extra special attention in sex ed, but your privates are not in your foot, and contrary to what Family Guy might say, there are no privates behind someone's knee.

    Scissor me Xerxes

    The ankle lock isnt the glitch, the glitch is the fact that its a never ended lock.. the submission or the escape never comes. Happened to me and my mate yesterday when i was showing him how awesome the new game is. Does look a bit suss after a while of them grinding in that position!

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