Sony Isn’t Arrogant, Apple Is

Sony Isn’t Arrogant, Apple Is

There once was a time, when PS3s looked like grills and still played PS2 games, that Sony was accused of being arrogant. Now, though, another company has assumed the mantle.

That’s not me saying that. It’s Sony! “I don’t think we (Sony) are arrogant anymore”, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia boss Michael Ephraim told Screen Play earlier this week.

“I think we can name a company that is a fruit that is in the news a lot about their arrogance,” he jibes. “I think they have taken the mantle from us, if we were ever arrogant!”

Well, yeah, you were. “$599!” was testament to that. But it’s not like that was a bad thing! It’s nice when multinational corporations have a little swagger. Gives them some personality in an otherwise dry and dull business environment.

Apple more arrogant, says Sony [Screen Play]


      • Ehh, debateable. It’s about $900 for an iPhone outright atm. Whereas the newer HTC phones which are better can be bought for about 700 outright. And ipods are overpriced except for ipod touches, which are at a decent-ish price. But the ipad is too expensive, as well their macbooks. But yeah. That’s what I think.

        • Agreed. Apple’s products never discount or bother to remain competitive because they know millions of sheep will flock to them anyway.

          Steve Jobs is incredibly arrogant. If he doesn’t like Flash on his mobile devices, well… too bad, you miss out too. It’s not enough that Apple throws its side of the argument then give its users the option to choose, but instead outright refuses to carry Flash due to its CEO’s pet peeve. Now you have a company that thinks it knows what’s best for its millions of customers.

          Sorry, I’ll make my own choices regarding my gaming and mobile devices thanks. More people just need to vote with their wallets and serve Apple some humble pie.

  • Apple have always been the most arrogant company I can think of. Only reason they are still around is they make products that look good and market the hell out of them. We all know their products are all very average, but they are dominating so you gotta give it to them for doing something right.

    • I don’t want to sound like an apple hater, and I won’t talk about Macs as I honestly am a PC user and don’t have much experience with them because I don’t like them; but, I do agree with this sentiment.

      In my experience apple products aren’t necessarily the best on the market, though they do often have some innovative ideas. They simply seem to have great marketing to the point where now apple is the ‘in’ thing, where it’s cool to have an ipod or a mac or an iphone. I think all of this has kind of gone to apple’s head and they do now kind of come off as arrogant and insincere in their desires to put the customer first.

      As for Sony, I guess with they way they are doing they don’t have all that much to be arrogant about.

    • They did enough for me to actually get an iphone (I’ll give em credit for creating that). I drew the line there though, don’t like their computers and I still laugh at the site of an ipad. Also helps them that a lot of people out there aren’t very informed when it comes to technology and will buy an apple cuz “it looks pretty”.

  • I only have an iPhone because at the time it seemed like the best internet phone and I really wanted internet on the go. I’ve always thought Apple was up themselves. I also never understood why somebody would buy a mac over a pc. Even as a kid they seemed like “classier” looking pc’s in a monitor that were much more expensive.

  • ‘LALALALLALALALALAL Im not listening!

    Geez, sick of all you mac haters!
    They just work okay!
    I just turn it on and they work!
    Plus no viruses EVER! A virus is like a flu for computers, only Macs arent computers because they work and are Macs.
    Its amazing, its a piece of technology, and it works, and thats why Im happy with it!
    No I dont care about their patenting, forceful ways, use of old technology BECAUSE IT WORKS!’
    -Every Mac user Ive ever known…

    • The reason Mac users say “it just works” is because the OS has defaults which work exactly as a non-power user would expect and precisely because they’re a non-power user they don’t need to try and change it (often quite hard in OS X). This is a significant improvement over say, XP, where many programs ask a non-power user to set a lot of options they may know nothing about.

      Of course the fact that the comments are tending to be about fighting the Mac vs PC war instead of focusing on Apple’s arrogance was inevitable.

  • If we’re talking Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo here then Microsoft are definitely the most arrogant in my opinion. Its a PC-thing (all PC-based companies are arrogant… kinda like most PC gamers lol)

    Microsoft have really taken on this attitude of “we’re the best, fuck everyone else – were gonna release something and you BETTER like it!” Sony are more like “We just released this… pleeeease like it!!!” and Nintendo are like “We just made this. If you like it we’ll be you friiieeennnd… *hugz xox*!”

  • I don’t know about arrogance, but I do wish there was an alternative to apple products so I could at least have a choice – iPods are pretty much the only music players sold in stores (especially if you’re after a decent amount of storage). They are pretty snazzy, but I dropped mine once and I had to pay $190 for a replacement. I would prefer functionality and reliability to snazziness any day, but there are just no other options. Why do you have to be so damn dominant Apple!!

    • I didnt even drop mine. Nothing out of the usual at all, but the ‘apple-port’ thing just stopped working. No worries, I thought, as it was still charging off my girlfriends firewire power adapter, I’ll just buy a firewire card for my PC and use it that way. except, apple/itunes/ipod doesnt support firewire for PC!. Gee thanks, way to fuck me over. so now I’m left with a 160gb paperweight, for no good reason.

      For alternative players – try some international web stores. just import something, and to hell with the warranty.

    • Oh, this. My mp3 player has 20gb, huge back in the day. Now, I’d want at least 80gb…but what’s happened to Creative & iRiver, to name two? Gone from the Australian market, unless you want a 2-8gb player. And from what I’ve heard, Apple couldn’t give a fig for their iPod Classic and so they’re dodgily made and more liable to break than the iPod Touches or Nanos.

  • I love my Mac and their iPods are decently priced but it’s mainly their iPhone/iPad closed system, and leaving out features (for future iterations) that annoy me.

  • Apple? Innovating?

    If Apple and Microsoft’s positions were reversed, with Apple being the dominant software/OS company in the world, technological growth would grind to a halt. Everything apple does or releases has been done before. Tablet PCs have been around for years, yet the iPad is ‘magical’, you gotta hand it to Apple’s marketing department.

    Since Apple’s intel transition, every mac has the IDENTICAL components inside as any PC. Apparently a pretty case = 20-30% premium.

    Apple is also one of the most restrictive companies. You know why Google’s Android is the fastest growing phone OS in the world? Because it’s open source. Whereas iPhone OS is run almost completely at Apple’s discretion. Very recently, an independent app developer released an iphone app that allows wireless syncing via WiFi. Brilliant? Yes. Approved? No. Though you can bet your ass that Apple’s going to announce it this coming June. It’s only innovative if THEY say it is!

    While I used to be a long-time supporter of Apple, back when imacs wre cool and had an iphone, Apple’s current corporate and software policy is now turning them into the very soulless, money-grubbing corporation they were suppposed to oppose.

  • Apple are about as arrogant as Eric Cantona. As in, it doesnt count as arrogant when you can back it up with performance.

    While Apple products are still ‘fashionable’ as much as utilitarian, I find them generally reliable and often superior to many of their rivals’ products. The company has almost singlehandedly saved the music industry- and ‘legitimate’ entertainment media- with the watertight- and frustratingly tedious- iTunes. How many people continue to pay for their stuff thru iTunes when it is so easy to steal the same thru other avenues?

    I just think that people need to find SOMEthing to bitch about- eventually you find yourselves bitching about EVERYthing.

    When ze seagulls follow ze trawler, it is because zey zink fish will be zrown into ze sea.

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