Sony Planning More PS2 Upgrades?

PlayStation 2 title God of War and God of War II were released on a single Blu-ray disc for the PS3 and feature smoother graphics and a faster frame rate. Is Sony planning to do the same for more titles?

One Kotaku reader sends word of a Sony survey he was sent about action game God of War. The survey, however, did contain the above question.

Any of those you would be particularly interested in?


    I would love to see a remake of the Jak games, still one of the best franchises out in my opinion.


    I would LOVE to see the old Ratchet and Clank series on PS3. Those were really fun titles.

    Shadow Of The Colossus & Ico, definitely. The rest are a bit meh but those are unique and well worth a port

      I'd put money on that happening I reckon

    Id love to play Killzone 1 with redone graphics. Much better than Killzone 2 and its macho men crud.

      I could really dig a boxset when KZ3 is released, with all 3 games. KZ1 is a great game which is underappreciated.

    If I could get Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 0rigins upgraded, bug-fixed and on a blu-ray, I'd be happy.

    There isnt many games i would like to see but GTA series would be one of them.

      Sorry my bad... I would like see on the PS3

    Shadow and ICO for the love of god!

    The original Sands of Time Trilogy would be nice, but it ain't exclusive so doubt it would happen :(

    Pretty sure id love a remake of armored core 3.

    How about Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 2: World Tour and Twisted Metal Black? Could be good anticipation for Twisted Metal PS3. Sure most are PS1 games, but they were brilliant.

    R&C and J&D as already mentioned

    How about the Ace Combats?

      Ace Combat 5!!

    Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 3 & 4. Never had a PS2 and these are the games that make me curse my PS3 for not being backwards compatible.

    Shadow and Ico, if they could properly remaster the graphics - the GoW Collection is pretty crappy; I'd obviously prefer that they completely redo them but that's clearly rather counter to what they're trying to do.

    Why on earth would you remake Ico or Shadow of the Colossus? That's like photoshopping a new Mona Lisa.

    I have just started FFXIII and while the graphics and fighting is so fluid and beautiful, the gameplayand characters are horrid. If they could spend the time to make FFVII look and play like this instead of wasting their time on another horribly bland adventure, I would be happy.

      Well, if they're talking about more releases like the GoW collection, we're talking about the same (or very similar) game data running on an upgraded engine. I would class these as ports rather than remakes.

    Jak, Metal Gear, and SOTC/ICO

    That is all.

      They already have the Metal Gear Solid Collection for PS2 so I dont think they will bother.

        New PS3 owners won't be able to play it though unless they buy a PS2.
        As MGS is one of the more popular series out there, I think it would be a good idea but if there is already a collection for ps2, maybe they'll hold off until later on.

        True, but as far as I know, Metal Gear Solid Collection is just a bunch of DVD's and Cd's, that's only released on NTSC format. Whilst I do have a PS3 phat that can play ps2 games, ps3 can only play pal ps2 games. I'd like a single blu ray that has all 3 metal gears in 720p. I like to think there's a chance.

    Ratchet and clank, GTA games and most of all the sly cooper series


    Something I wish was on that list was Kingdom Hearts. This would be the perfect opportunity to bring the Final Mix games in remastered form to all countries (and throw in a remastered RE: Chain of Memories, of course). Besides that, the list is mostly what I want to see, especially Final Fantasy - XII looks HORRIBLE on a HDTV.

    If possible Kingdom Hearts and Ratchet and Clank

    Fatal Frame. Team Ico stuffs (though not if it means no Last Guardian until 2011). Persona series. Armoured Core series. Kingdom Hearts. R&C (most likely option here).

    It all makes sense. Everyone has been happy to buy the movies they had on beta again on vhs, again on dvd, and now again on bluray. I'm amazed the gaming industry hasn't followed suit in a greater fashion.

    Also, we've been crying out for cross game chat since forever, so I'm not expecting Sony to follow through on any of this any time soon.

    Shadow of collossus!

    zone of the enders.

      Wow huge call there- havent played that for many a moon, would love a chance to get thru it on Ps3.

    I'd rather see some original playstation games rehashed aswell like a Spyro and Crash pack along with Jak and Daxter/Ratchet and Clank pack, a Twisted Metal pack now that incognito is gone would be cool aswell. Ico/SotC, MGS, Persona 3, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts would sell aswell.

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