Sony Registers ‘’ Whatever Could That Mean?

Sony Registers ‘’ Whatever Could That Mean?

I think it means the sequel to Infamous is gonna be called Infamous 2: The Game Dot Com!

Look, we already knew that the PS3 exclusive had started casting voice acting for a sequel. And while it was a new title, unless the thing completely sucks a heavily hyped new IP is more likely to get a sequel than not.

The site was registered by Sony Computer Entertainment America on Tuesday. Discovered, of course, by the registry sleuth Superannuation. That reminds me, I’m gonna go register


  • I should really get around to buying the game πŸ˜›

    Anyway, this is about as surprising as… something that isn’t surprising. πŸ˜›

  • Wow, awesome announcement! Some may call it ELECTRIFYI…ah screw it, its not so funny anymore

  • Infamous is one of the most under-rated games of the year. In any other year (ie without Uncharted 2… ) and maybe if it hadn’t been PS3 exclusive, this game would have mopped the floor with the competition.

    Far and away better than the almost-clone Prototype. A sequel should be fun, provided they mix things up just a little so its not just the same game again.

  • Hopefully they do something more interesting with the morality system this time around.

    With the last one, once you’d made the decision to be either good or evil, every subsequent decision had one obviously correct answer. It’d be nice to have some ambiguous choices this time around.

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