Sony Still Teasing North America With Final Fantasy IX

Garnet wants to be kidnapped right away, and while that's all fine and good in Europe, where Final Fantasy IX is now available for purchase on the PlayStation Network, here in North America we must ignore her desperate pleas.

Japan got a PlayStation Network version of Final Fantasy IX on May 20, and now the game goes up for sale in Europe today, with an asking price of 270 Czk, according to Kotaku reader Michalis. That's Czech Republic Koruny, for those of you unused to the wonders of international currency.

So it's next week for North America then, hopefully? We've already passed our regular Tuesday PlayStation Store update, after all. I would have preferred to have Vivi and friends on hand for the long Memorial Day weekend, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

Congratulations, Europe! You've won the day.

But we'll be back.

Kotaku AU Note: Yes, Europe includes Australia. You can all download FFIX today.


    The US still doesn't have Vagrant Story yet either. For shame!

    Still have the game in my collection, good game, don't plan on getting rid of it.

    No report on the price for the Australian release? Okay then...

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