Sony Wants To Send You To The Tokyo Game Show

Survey a group of gamers about their ultimate gaming fantasy, and I'm willing to bet that a holiday to Japan to attend the Tokyo Game Show would be pretty high up the list. Sony wants to make that fantasy come true for one lucky Aussie gamer.

You've no doubt noticed the ads Sony has been running on Kotaku this week. But did you know there's a big competition with some rather impressive prizes up for grabs as well?

They're doing it to promote four core Sony experiences related to movies, music, technology and - last but certainly not least - games.

The games prize is obviously the best: a trip to the Tokyo Game Show later this year, plus a heap of Sony swag including a PlayStation 3, Play TV, PlayStation Move and even exclusive access to Sony games before they're released!

But the others are pretty good too, with highlights including a trip to LA for a Hollywood movie premiere, a tour of the Sony Archive Museum in Japan and travelling to IFA, one of the world's largest technology shows.

You can find out more and enter the comps at the link below. If you win the trip to TGS, I'll probably see you there.

Sony Make.Believe Experience competition [Sony]


    Done :D hehe
    god i would kill for this oppertunity! i've never been overseas before...

    So who wants to help endorse my entry? It would be very much appreciated guys! :D


      Oh an funnily enough - all of what i wrote is actually true - i have never been overseas.. i've only been interstate twice - and that was to go to Adelaide! lol

      Also after moving out my gaming has dropped to at most twice a week for only 1-2 hours at a time!

      I know a lot of you are in the same boat - so get you're links up and lets endorse each other silly! hehe

        Oh god, Adelaide.
        You poor, poor thing.

          Look, Adelaide isn't that bad.

          We've got... um...

          In all seriousness, I've lived in Melbourne, Brisbane, Ballarat, Sydney, Darwin, Nambour and a few other places. Yes Adelaide is a bit backwards... but the I've found the people nicer here than the other places I've lived.

        Endorsed :)

      Though art endorsed again, good luck!
      My job used to be to travel, and although it burned me out, I do miss it these days now that traveling is beyond my means. Tokyo will knock your socks off, I hope you make it!



      Endorsed... Also a good way to find out the real names of the Kotaku loyal! Dont worry, won't be stalking any of you!

      only issue, how many will i endorse, all of them of just a few?

    Prize looks amazing so good luck if any of you get it. I thought about it but I would be lying. I have a PS3 and Xbox but do prefer the overall entertaintment (games, movies etc) aspects of the M$ competitor.
    Be sure to let us all know if you win!

    Ok I was going to save this until next weeks 'Talk among Yourselves" thread was started but this is almost a better place for it.

    "Endorse me more I like it" -

    As with any online competition these days the 'Sony Experience' is all about harnessing the power of social networking and using people’s popularity to flog wares. While I'm not that popular I'd love to head on this trip, so in the scratch my back I'll scratch yours fashion of endorsement:
    "A vote for me is a return vote back to you from me!" – read it again it does make sense I promise!

      Consider your back scratched!

      Now for mine -

        done back

      Consider your back scratched :)

    this is amazing you know the drill if u endorse mine ill endorse yours

      Endorsed mate :)

    Entry is already in :D
    I marvel at what could be bought at Tokyo with $1500 spending money... oh, and yeah, Tokyo Game Show would be sweet too. Of course.

      You could probably burn through that $1500 with 2 of these:

    i just forogot to add thank you in advance for the endorsements

      consider yourself endorsed!

    Hey guys i never been over seas or on a plane, and i'm pretty keen on winning this cos i'm a fair bit of a gamer and since my GF is not this could be a chance to convert her hehe.

      in all the hype i forgot to say thanks in advance.

      Endorced you Jr Adams

    Here's me getting on the endorsement bandwagon!

      All done mate

      Endorsed you Brendan

    Scratch mine and I'll scratch yours as well *-)

      Just endorsed you too buddy

      Endorsed you Jared

    Hey fellas,

    Same goes for me :) I'm just going through and endorsing all the links above, would really appreciate a hit back

      Endorsed =)

      Cheers mate, concider yourself endorsed. You too Chuloopa!

      Endorsed you Denaz

    consider your backs scratched as of 1:50pm brisbane time jsut incase you missed my endorsement lol

      endorsed as well

    Guys, every last one of your entries are endorsed by me. And I plan on coming back here periodically to endorse any new entries.

    So here's my entry; I'm trying to approach them from a different angle. >_>

    'Thanks' in advance to everyone who endorses, and 'you're welcome' to all those whom I'm endorsing. :D

      lol nice approach :P



      to be honest i don't think even that will be original in the end there gonna be so many people signing up all angles will be covered but good luck.

      on a side note probably i best to just tell the truth.

      Endorsed you Tomasz

    what do these endorsements actually do, do they just improve our chances, or is it the person with the most endorsements that wins it kinda confusing

      All valid Phase 1 entries will be reviewed by the judging panel. This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners. Each entry will be individually assessed on its merits by the judging panel, taking into consideration:

      1. the extent of use of social networking sites;
      2. the number of entry endorsements; and
      3. the quality and creativity of the 500 character (including spaces) submission.

      its in the terms and conditions. so i guess having more does have an effect on winning.

      ANyway, here's my url, i've already endorsed everyone elses. :D

        Endorsed you Andrew Leong

    I really need endorsing. Because I am currently studying Games Design in Uni, This would be a great opportunity for me to network and get an insight into the industry.

    thanks in advance...

      Endorsed you Joshua Lay

    I've endorsed you all, hopefully one of us wins haha.

      Endorsed you Robert Yule

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