Sony's Game Division Is Doing Pretty Good

2009 was a rough year for many companies. Sony's video game business is doing pretty good, though.

While Sony has not yet disclosed its financial results, the company does expect a slight dip in its forecast and has issued a revision for the financial year ending on March 31, 2010. Sales and operating revenue for Sony are expected to be down 1 percent from what was predicted this past February.

However! Sony's Networked Products & Services division (video games and computers) is doing better than the company had originally expected. From Sony's release: "Within the Networked Products & Services segment, operating results are expected to exceed the February forecast by approximately ¥10 billion mainly due to improved performance within the game business and VAIO PCs as a result of better anticipated reductions in both operating expenses and manufacturing costs."

So Sony's game and computer division has become more streamlined and is being more efficient in making its products. Keep in mind that this info is not finalised, and full results are expected later this week. Check back then. Or before then. Whenever, really!



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