Sony's VP Of Trash-Talking Sony's CEO

What happens when Sony's hilarious mouthpiece Kevin Butler goes head to head against Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO and President Jack Tretton in ModNation Racers? "Tell me more, grown-up child actor."

Kevin Butler hams it up in this extended commercial for ModNation Racers, discussing his success, creativity and ham sandwiches, at least until SCEA CEO and President Jack Tretton comes online to give Butler's ModNation track a spin.

That's when the trash talking starts.

Tretton holds his own, even bringing up the tiny orange shorts Butler wore during his last commercial outing, a memory I thought I had successfully expunged.

Kevin's track will be available to download on May 25, the day ModNation Racers hits the PSP and PlayStation 3.


    Kevin Butler is fantastic. They should spread his love all over the world. He's simply hilarious!

    These ads are way better than the weird ones. I also like how they brought back the "PlaayStation" voice.

    They need to let Kevin Butler present for Sony at E3 this year, that would be so epic.

      I also want to play against him in game...

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