Spider-Man, Jedi Thwart Real-Life Comic Book Villain

During the Free Comic Book Day festivities around last week, one man in Adelaide, Australia attempted to make off with a pricey old X-Men book. Lucky Spider-Man was on the scene!

Adelaide Comic Centre was the scene of this superhero showdown, when on the weekend owner Michael Baulderstone noticed a suspicious looking character at the back of his shop. Shadowing him, Baulderstone then saw him place a copy of the "X-Men Omnibus" in his backpack before trying to beat a hasty retreat from the store.

Luckily for the shop's owner, there were a ton of other customers in the store, with forty of them in costume. After a brief scuffle with one of them, the perpetrator was forced to return the comic. While unnamed in media reports, it sounds like the hero's surname may be Parker.

"I've had a look at the security footage and it shows Spider-Man running down the corridor of the shop, grabbing this guy, hauling him off", Baulderstone said.

"One of the funniest things about the incident was that I called for people to stand near the door and it just so happened we had people dressed as Jedi knights there blocking the exit, the Flash was there at some point too".

"It was a bit serious at the time, but now we're looking back laughing at what greeted police when they arrived."

It just goes to show, kids: CRIME DOESN'T PAY.

The best arrest ever, starring Spider-man, Jedi and the Flash [The Courier Mail]


    doesnt pay if you get caught

    I read this article after just reading this one http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2011740342_electronboy30m.html

    Looks like Spidey is certainly getting around town doing good deeds. Would have loved to be in the store when all that happened would have been a great sight.

    Sorry guys i know off topic though OMG have to hear this song


    I think what they did was just SUPER...

    haha.. get it... super... hahaha... ha... haaa...


    Got to be the best news story EVER! I laughed so hard

    Is it wierd to say that I'd love to see this made into an actual Marvel comic? Maybe a little story at the end of an issue as a joke :P

    Anyway, great job, Spidey!

    This is so awesome. Good to ses the life lessons from comics and star wars proved helpful.

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