Splinter Cell: Conviction Gets Deniable Ops ‘Insurgency’ On May 27

Splinter Cell: Conviction Gets Deniable Ops ‘Insurgency’ On May 27

Ubisoft is giving Splinter Cell Conviction a surge of fresh Deniable Ops, pricing and dating the Xbox 360 and PC game’s first batch of downloadable content for next week.

For 800 Microsoft Points or $US9.99, Splinter Cell Conviction fans will get four new maps for their troubles set in locales ranging “from the docks of San Francisco to a New Orleans cemetery, a prison in Portland to a hidden research complex in Salt Lake City.” It’s like a mini-vacation!

The “Insurgency Pack” will sneak up on you May 27, bringing a flurry of new Achievements with it. A cool 250 points worth!


  • Sounds great…although I would like to have some objectives in the maps instead of just taking out all the gaurds…not that it’s not fut just would like some more variety. Also I waqs hoping they would release the ‘famous’ spy vs merc game mode down the track as unlikely as it would happen

  • I haven’t got Conviction yet, so I don’t know all the levels, but why does it seem that EVERY level is set in America? It used to be spread all over the world and, you know, interesting.

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