Star Wars, In Two Minutes, With LEGO

So today is "Star Wars Day"? Well that's stupid. Every day should be Star Wars day. To punish you for your shoe-horning, you must now watch this clip, which tells the original trilogy's story in 2 minutes. With LEGO.

I wish the LEGO Star Wars game had been this canonical and to the point. And had a subtle hair metal soundtrack.

[via Gizmodo]


    Hahaha, not only was that really well done but pretty funny too.
    "and the boy got to meet his dad's boss"
    'Hey how you going'

    I think the most impressive thing about that was how much money was spent on Star Wars lego. Seriously, that Death Star is like 500 bucks!

    lol man eating teady bears

      funny, but true.

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