StarCraft II Does Bullet Hell Shooters Too

Blizzard's Galaxy Editor for StarCraft II does more than custom maps and Mario Kart-style mods, it does screen-filling bullet hell shooters too! Want proof? See how hellish this Touhou-style shoot 'em up mod performs. [via GameSetWatch]


    Whomever designed that game is a sadistic SOB

    Bullet hell shooters? That's the first time i've heard that term

    I normally think "Curtain fire" game

    Weird, bullet hell has been standard term forever.

    These alternate game modes excite me. SC was famous for practically inventing (I think?) tower defence game, and my memory is of that of every second game being a defence map. So let's see what else SCII cooks up. Because I sure as hell won't get too much out of the uber-micro style competetive play.

    I just hope they'll still Open RPG, dare I say it DOTA style, mod/games plus Classic Tower Defence games. Imported and updated from old school SC & WC3 maps.

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