Steam For Mac Already Redesigned By Anal Apple Fan

With Mac users finally getting a crack at Valve's Steam service - along with games like Portal and Counter-Strike - the developer will face a new challenge: the anal Mac UI enthusiast. Case in point, this Steam for Mac fan-made redesign.

Designer Sebastian de With gives the current version of Steam for the Mac, still in beta, a nitpicky once over, massaging all those little kinks out that send a designer's OCD into overdrive. de With calls it just a "fun exercise," so we'll approach it that way. Can you spot the differences?

If any of this rubs the Mac user in you the wrong way, head over to de With's blog and grab the Steam dock icon replacement. I bet you'll feel a lot better.

Redesigning Steam for Mac [Cocoia Blog]


    Mac users love their glassy buttons

    I work in Advertising so I use a Mac at work and a PC at home for gaming and I hate to say it but his does look better

    I'm not really noticing any changed to the UI besides the 3 little buttons?

    I stand by the notion that if you want to play games, why the hell did you get the inferior platform?

      Maybe it's the only platform they own? It's like telling a racing enthusiast that owns a commodore that they should buy a ferrari instead. Not everyone can build/afford a $1k gaming rig.

        No, you're right.

        A lot of people simply can't afford a $1K gaming system, so they'll often opt for something a little lighter on the wallet -- A Mac.

          Lol I was about to bag that too... One of the biggest reasons why I dont really like Macs

            Or you already have a mac for work, and like gaming when on the road and don't want to carry another machine.

          or a console.

    basically he's made it look more like itunes =/

    I'm a mac hater and proud of it :)

    Hahahahahha, "Sebastian de With".
    Certainly is a Mac user name.

    Subtle but it would work on a Mac since it conforms more with the first party apps. Of course I game properly and own a PC so none of the above applies :P

    Read the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. What he's done here makes complete sense, and I'm actually surprised the Valve overlooked this document.

    Note : I'm not a Mac fanboy, I have recently started developing for Apple platforms though, and as anal as the Mac guidelines are, they are there for a reason, to streamline the user experience between applications. Windows users don't get it because theres only about 60 people on the planet that have actually conformed to the Windows Human Interface Guidelines.


        Damn you ... "Yawn"

          No nto 'yawn'! I thought James' comments were quite interesting - cheers James!

        default reaction when unable to make a witty comeback is to pretend his attention span is comparable to that of a goldfish's

      I have the same immediate reaction when seeing Sebastian's UI revamp; that it conforms to the Apple HIG very tightly. Those people that 'yawn' on HIG principals is exactly what's wrong on the Windows platform.

      It's important to note that for an app to conform to an UI standard allows users to be able to use the application more intuitively. Furthermore, using operating system native widgets/controls means less buggy UI, and allows the app to change organically as the OS updates over time without needing to change code.

      Disclaimer: I own both PC and Mac and develop on both systems.

    I love it! The redesigned version looks so much more elegant. :D

    Big glassy buttons are great and all, but I imagine it would be kind of annoying when you have 20+ games to scroll through.

      You could just adjust the zoom...

    As long as this douche stays editing application UIs and stays the hell out of TF2 then Im happy..

    Personally, I can't wait for the pub servers to turn to noob soup overnight..

    Nah, seriously.. you guys are cool.

    /Goes to check for Macfags sappin' mah TF2!

    I'm a Mac user, I like the redesigned one more.

    I wouldn't actually mind a more compact layout like that one for my PC steam myself.

    It's a multiplatform application, therefore looks the same across platforms, and is simultaneously updated across platforms. The steam client is basically a browser hack, and as such looks the same even when logged in via a web browser on any platform.

    I'm sure valve could make a special mac version, of course then you'd have to wait for features, you know until valve get around to it.

    Realistically though how long do you spend in the game browser? 30secs as you launch the game, if that.

    This seems like a slow news day article.

    Mac user only has 3 steam friends.

    No big surprise. ;P

    It does look a lot better, and follows the conventions of the platform.
    This should be the default skin.

    You are all idiots.
    Each to his own, if you want to design interfaces, design them.
    If you want to play games on steam, play the damn games on steam.

    I don't see how this deserves a post.

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