Stolen Copy Of Assassin’s Creed Costs Man $US25,000

Stolen Copy Of Assassin’s Creed Costs Man $US25,000

One man’s efforts to give away the original Assassin’s Creed to pirates for free will ultimately cost him $US25,000 and three months in a halfway house.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Christopher Anzalone of Charlotte, North Carolina pleaded guilty to swiping a copy of Assassin’s Creed from a manufacturing plant and uploading the game before its release. In addition to the hefty fine – which would net you approximately 500 copies of the PC version of Assassin’s Creed at the time of release – Anzalone will enjoy five years of probation.

Oh someday he’s going to look back on this whole thing and laugh.

Man Sentenced To 3 Months In Halfway House In Game Theft [WSJ]


      • There was an article on Kotaku calling shenanigans on the whole thing as the QLD guy signed a non disclosure agreement so he probably didn’t need to pay Nintendo back

    • The difference here being he was actually convicted and the fine is binding which is entirely different to the BS PR exercise that was the ‘settlement’ for that guy in QLD.

  • Oh someday he’s going to look back on this whole thing and laugh.

    It’s dicks like these that cause Ubisoft to do their crazy DRM stuff, so yeah, I’m laughing already 😛

    • What I find interesting, is in a case like this, ubisoft would have to argue they lost sales as a result of his actions to get the huge payout from the guy, but that would mean admitting their DRM is useless, because if the DRM really stopped people from being able to pirate the game, this guy’s actions wouldn’t mean a thing.

      Of course, I’m sure the sort of company who is willing to use such a draconian DRM is the sort to be happy to say their DRM doesn’t work in court if it would let them line their pockets.

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