Stop Bluebird, Or Go Bluebird?

Stop Bluebird, Or Go Bluebird?

Since the hack on Good Game, we’ve started to get a good look into what’s happening with Bluebird. Turns out this billionaire, Harrison Wyld, thinks he can change the future of the planet – single handedly – by launching a unilateral geoengineering project. We’re almost convinced.

The marketing machine behind Bluebird’s new website does a great job of selling all the points on why we should go down the path of geoengineering. Go to to check them out for yourself.

On the other hand, the Stop Bluebird crew, who we met last week, have been setting up protest groups to stop Harrison’s plans. They’ve created this great wiki called the Dashboard Collective (DC), where you can help crack and descramble the codes and files Kyle stole from the Bluebird intranet. Get involved, and you can help piece together the real mystery behind Bluebird.

There’s still so much more we need to find out about Kyle, Harrison and someone called Paul Kruger. What have they been working on behind closed doors for the past year? What will happen to Kyle now that he’s blown the whistle on Bluebird? And what will happen if Bluebird actually launches?

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