Stop Bluebird: Why Good Game Was Hacked Last Week

Stop Bluebird: Why Good Game Was Hacked Last Week

Remember the leaked footage of Kyle Vandercamp that rudely interrupted Good Game last week? Well, we’ve got some more info, and we need your help in putting it together.

Kyle Vandercamp has been exposed as a whistleblower on Bluebird – a rogue R&D project in geoengineering funded by billionaire Harrison Wyld. Kyle’s set up a Stop Bluebird campaign and leaked documents about the Bluebird project, with the help of Lulu Rich (pictured) and Juanita Monte. And now, they need our help as well.

Kyle, Lulu and Juanita have created the Dashboard Collective wiki, where you can help decode and unlock these leaked files, and be one step closer to figuring out what the hell this is all about.

And the sooner the better. Yesterday afternoon, the masterminds behind Bluebird initiated a counter-attack with a Go Bluebird campaign. Unbelievable. It’s crazy to think that a project of this magnitude, with such serious ethical consequences, could launch without anyone’s knowledge…

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