Street Date Smash: Now The Prince Can Fast-Forward

Street Date Smash: Now The Prince Can Fast-Forward

Just a quick note to let you know that Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has wall-run, somersaulted and ducked under a swinging blade to arrive on retail shelves three days sooner than expected.

We’ve heard EB was selling copies this afternoon, so it should be on sale everywhere tomorrow.

Or if you’d rather try to win a copy, check out today’s giveaway. There are still three draws to go.

[Thanks to Jodie and everyone else who sent us the tip!]


  • Ah, but will your system let you play it yet, or classify you a pirate if you play it before the official release date?

    • Its not possible.

      1. You won’t get banned, the chances are slim to none, they security team do look into it before they ban.
      2. If for some crazy reason you do get a ban, send them a copy of the receipt, and they remove it almost instantly.

      You cannot get banned if you buy the game legit 🙂

    • I’ll save my money for thursday/friday me thinks 😛 Red Dead and Alan wake take priority… over pretty much everything except breathing 🙂

  • I’ve posted this before but for anyone who missed it, I’ve got a trick to break street dates by a few days almost everytime. It’s worked for me on a handful of occasions.

    Firstly don’t go to a game retailer, EB and GAME are out, rather, try stores like Myer, Big W. Then wait for the person who you think has the least amount of gaming knowledge to work the counter, and then just ask if the game is in stock. Typically they get the game a few days before it actually goes on sale. If you ask “is it in stock” you may just confuse them into getting you one from the back.

    You won’t get a game any more than a few days early at most, but when the wait is killing you, you can appreciate 2 days.

    • Big W now wont let them sell the game before release in their system…

      Went to get Skate 3, the lady i know there tried to sell it to me and it wouldn’t go though the register.

    • I’ve seen games at places like Target or Kmart behind the counter with stickers saying “Do not sell before….” on them. Good strategy though if they don’t see stickers like that.

  • Prince wasn’t street dated hence the selling, we just got it in early.

    Red dead, Street dated for friday, wont be selling it before that

    • It was definitely street dated for GAME, your head office probably just intended to sell it early anyways.

      • Yeah, you worked it out. EB sold it early on purpose, it’s not like they care about massive fines and ruining their relationship with a major publisher :/

        EB of all places is not going to break a street date, let alone on purpose. Either it wasn’t street dated or maybe they had permission from Ubisoft to sell it early.

        • Chill dude, it just seems bizarre that it would be street dated for one company but not another. The street dates are there for fairness amongst distributers, so they don’t undercut each other, etc. If it’s not a proper exclusivity deal, then things should’ve all been the same.

          I don’t think my proposal sounded all that stupid, I’m not saying I’m right, but it’s strange, and there was probably something going on.
          ITS A CONSPIRACY! Persiagate, or some shiz.

          • It’s cool man. I was just saying (albiet a little sarcastically ;)) that EB isn’t going to break a street date. They are really strict about those sort of things becuase they have such good relationships with publishers.

            I do know that EB was allowed to sell Spore a few days earlier than other stores, which led me to speculate that maybe the same happened with POP. Or like somebody else said, maybe Ubi decided to push it out early before the Red Dead rush begins, and EB were able to get their shipments out quicker than everywhere else.

  • Hey, just letting you know, I work at EB Games. Ubisoft actually didn’t give us a set street date for it and therefore means that we were allowed to sell it as soon it was shipped to us which was today for every EB and we as such were instructed to do so. I had no idea it was early or whatever :S

  • *sigh*

    and I didn’t go to the shops looking for any of the releases today… might still need to see if I can get one and score one of the unlock codes also…

  • How about some sort of review before I even think about spending my hard-earned on another POP game? I have no idea if it’s any better than the last one!

    There isn’t even anything about it on metacritic! It’s been released, but there’s no reviews… does not bode well..

    Doesn’t really matter, after Split Second and Red Dead Redemption, I probably won’t have any time/money for another new game this week 😉

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