Street Fighter World Champ Looking For A Fight In Sydney

Daigo, arguably the best Street Fighter player known to man, will be competing in Sydney later this month. He'll be here to qualify for the EVO Championships.

Daigo took out the 2009 EVO Championships and the World Street Fighter IV titles, beating challenger Justin Wong in both finals.

And he is of course most famous for this remarkable comeback victory in the 2004 EVO finals.

It is the Japanese fighting game superstar's first visit to Australia, where he will begin the defence of his world title by entering the Asia-Pacific qualifying rounds.

You can enter too. Check the dates for this month's regional qualifiers in the lead-up to the APAC qualifier in Sydney on May 29-30 on the official EVO APAC website.

Daigo Entering EVO APAC [EVO APAC]


    This is awesome for the fans!

    What interests me in that pic though is the fact the controller is resing on his lap. I would have thought that would mess with inputs as your legs don't stay perfectly still. I know it does for me and I have to have the stick firmly on a table.

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Just goes to show how good he really is!

      I wish I was good enough to participate in an event like this :( I love Street Fighter, and I play online and can do the basics, but once people start going nuts with combos, cancel focus moves etc I realise how hopeless I really am!

        You should check Ozhadou and come along to one of the events, judging by your facebook you're in Brisbane.

        We are running a few events this weekend in fact, upside to these events is all the casual play that goes on outside of the comp, there's generally a few hours of play time where you can play against the top players in casual matches. The best part is the wealth of knowledge these players have, and are willing to share. Often after I lose, I'll question what I could have done better and get a bit of a run down that helps for next time.

        I'm by no means a top player yet, but my game has picked up substantially since attending these events.

          Thanks, just checked out the site. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this weekend but I'll keep my eye on the site for future events.

    I understand your pain...

    I play Vega against countless Shotokans online..

    Still, does Daigo only use Ryu? I haven't seen him play a charge character ever?

      I think he's been playing some Guile since Super was released.

      Though I have little doubt he's more the capable with all characters.

    Id kick his arse!
    I mean, just look at his girly arms.

    why fly to sydney to have my ass handed to me when i can do it from pretty much any location that has a fighting game?

    Heck - i don't even have to be playing against people to look like a complete numb skull!

    Timezone George Street is helping to cover the costs of Daigo's stay, and you will be able to see him in action before the EVO competition in the centre in the evening of Friday the 28th, as well as at GGS more than likely.

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