Stuff Your Wii Remote Inside A Baby

Stuff Your Wii Remote Inside A Baby

I’m not sure what’s more disturbing; the fact that Majesco’s Babysitting Mama has you stuffing your Wii remote into the plush equivalent of a tiny human child, or the fact that it uses the nunchuck as well.

It turns out Majesco is completely serious about Babysitting Mama, the latest profession being taken up by our favourite cooking, gardening and crafting superstar. Due out this Christmas for the Nintendo Wii, Babysitting Mama features more than 40 different activities, all revolving around a plush baby with a Wii remote stuffed inside of it.

Players will rock the baby, bounce the baby, feed the baby, and change the baby, all the while trying not to stare in horror at the nunchuck cord snaking out from the depths of the baby’s innards.

“The Mama franchise continues to evolve in exciting new ways that offer unique play experiences,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment. “With the plush baby as the controller, Babysitting Mama redefines traditional play patterns and combines game and doll in one outstanding collectible package.”

Of course this new game begs the question of when we’ll see Birthing Mama, complete with plush…stork.

Babysitting Mama will be shown at E3 next month. Knowing my luck, I’ll wind up previewing it.


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