Super Mario Galaxy 2's Soundtrack Uploaded On YouTube

Someone's uploading tracks from the Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack to YouTube, under the name of Mahito Yokota, the game's composer. Whether or not it is actually him doing this, the music's there, and it's beautiful listening.

So far, three themes were uploaded around 5pm Kotaku time. They're all in the two-minute range, and a must for video game audiophiles.

Yokota collaborated with Koji Kondo on the original Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack, although his creative vision of a latin-themed score lost out to more orchestral pieces. That style won out in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well.

Again, can't verify that this is Yokota uploading it. It's a new account with just these three posts to its history. But the important part is the music is out there for the public to enjoy.

Mahito Yokota's Channel [YouTube]


    Part of me wanted to not listen because I wanted to wait and experience it in the game, but I couldn't help myself. Absoultely amazing soundtrack.

      Same here... sad thing is i even pre-ordered the game but BOY this stuff sounds like fluffy gold...

    Throwback Galaxy is definitely awesome. It's the Mario 64 music from the first world, but JAZZY.

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