Swedish Retailers Spill Project Natal Price And It’s Expensive?

Swedish Retailers Spill Project Natal Price And It’s Expensive?

At least three Swedish retailers are listing a price for upcoming Xbox 360 motion controller Project Natal and it’s not good.

While UK sources were telling MCV that the motion controller would run $US80, perhaps less, the three Swedish retail sites are all listing the device for 1,499 SEK, which works out to just under a whopping $US200 (or just over $AU200 – AU Ed.). Now keep in mind a $US60 game runs nearly $US80 in Sweden, but that’s still a pretty penny if it’s correct.

There’s also a very strong possibility that this is a placeholder price. I certainly hoping that’s the case, but I don’t see a lot of people lining up to buy a peripheral that costs as much as the console that uses it.

Project Natal, also here and here. [CDON, thanks Petter]


  • That would surely have to be just a placeholder, if it actually came out at that price it would become the biggest bomb of a peripheral in this generation.

  • Hope this is a placeholder price but considering that a set of instruments for Rock Band/Guitar Hero runs to a comparable console price I would not be surprised…

  • They better bring that price down quicksmart or nobody will buy it. Who’s gonna buy a peripheral that costs almost as much as the console itself? Not me.

  • I don’t see retailers knowing the price, let alone the release date.

    I think this is all speculation OR promotion to get people talking, see their reactions. Then when they announce the real release date and hopefully lower price, people will be happy and well, continuing to talk about it.

    I think we can live without the Natal release/price dates for a few weeks until MS actually announce it themselves.

    THEN AGAIN – This could be some misunderstanding and the price is in fact more expensive cause its a Xbox with Natal in One? All the thoughts…

  • Maybe if they bundle it with say a collector’s edition of Fable 3 it might sell at that price.

    I guess we only have to wait 4 weeks until Microsofts official announcement at the Project Natal world premiere to find out if this really is the actual price.

  • Somehow, I don’t see Natal selling very well at that price.

    Let me think… 1 over-priced, gimmicky peripheral, or two brand new AAA games? I know which one I’d get.

  • Wow, and I’m still grumpy about Play TV for ps3 being like $170, still! Surely this price is gonna come down though?

    • Exactly. Retailers still sell X360 memory cards that only hold MEGABYTES for more than fifty bucks. Oh, but that’s okay, because it comes pre-loaded with Worms! >_>

      Sorry, M$, but if that’s the real deal, I ain’t buying. Oh, what am I talking about; I never intended to in the first place. Mwahaha.

  • Wow the Move looks VERY good to me now. Cheaper (under $100 USD, maybe $150 AUD) and like a more accurate Wii remote on steroids.

  • The price point should be halved, I can’t see people being happy paying more than $100 for this. The move should also be priced at $99, or maybe a little more for a bundle with 2 wands and the Eye. But this price point doesn’t phase me, aren’t gaming products always much more expensive in those parts of Europe?

  • how many people with a 360 are actually gonna buy this junk anyway? same with move. theyre both just novelty pieces of crap aimed at under 10’s and over 60’s. and they already have the wii.

  • When you think about it – I would think that a $100-125 price point would be acceptable for the technology you are getting – hell the wii’s remote and nunchuck can set you back $70-80 for just one set of controllers – if you want all 4 you will need to shell out about $210 for the set (including the $0 price tag for the first set that comes with the console).

    In regards to the comments above about the PS3’s move? Lets put it this way – you are most likely (at a guess but i would suggest a reasonable guess) you will be paying something like $100 for a single move set. Once you have bought that and you want additional controllers, you are left with quite a hole in your pocket. At this stage i would be led to believe (and again this is speculation but based off the promo videos i think it is a reasonable assumption) that you would only need one natal device for four player functionality (seems that way when they are playing the quiz game).

    End of the day it depends on who uses it and how many people are with you when you play games. If you are a lone wolf then it seems that the move would be the better option but if you ever play with two or more people then natal seems like the better choice (all this is purely based on price point)

  • what microsoft needs to do is bring out a slim version with an adapter half the size and improved manufacturing with the natal, maybe for an extra $100-150AUD methinks… maybe bundled with some small fun game

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