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    13 days until I make the move from sunny Brisbane to Hobart. Dear Kotaku, am I crazy?

      Yes. Yes you are.


      In all seriousness, all the best!

        I'm with you man, I think Aaron has lost his mind. Lol.

        Good luck.

      Your not necessarily crazy. Perhaps just thick... Na, only joking! If I had a choice between the two, I'd pick Tassy too. QLD I think is a good family holiday destination, but I cant stand the heat. Enjoy the wilderness and fishing and stuffs. Since I guess we'll never here from you again, best of luck!! (Tassy is still not online yet is it?)

        Haha.. No, most of Hobart has ADSL2+ hooked up thankfully (<3 you Internode!). I've lived up in Brissy for 21 years and never acclimatised to the heat. Cold weather is what I love, so moving to Tassie in June means I'll be getting it in spades it seems :)

          save the tassie devils!

            I think NBL in Tassie is a long gone conclusion. I did like the Tassie Devils however..

            oh, you mean the little angry marsupial things :)

      Oh god, Hobart.
      You poor, poor thing.

      Pfft - i moved from Melbourne to Geelong which is comparatively the same sort of thing.

      Personally i like the slower paced lifestyle where you don't feel as rushed..

      Plus i'm with Q-bo - i hate heat so Brissy is a no-no for me.

      ...that being said you are used to heat - so i guess we could say yes, you are indeed insane. you are going to freeze your butt off!

      ...that being said my work does stock various stylish hoodies to a few shops in Hobart that i can reffer you to, to keep you warm :)

        My nan lives in Corio! I recently set her up with a 386, so she plays MahJongg and refers to herself now as being "Online" Even though she has no internet access what so ever. Mind you, she's almost always drunk in her defence. :)

          I'm pretty sure that to live in Corio you are actually required to be consistently drunk and behind in the times by a good 15 or so years.

          I'm actually in Geelong West, so i get to avoid Corio - but i do have to go there to their Kmart soon as mine doesn't have smehting i've been looking for that i saw at yet another K-mart...

          Corio really isn't the nicest place to live - she must be a tough old bird! lol

          On the plus side it's good to know if you ever come round my ways where you'll be! I can stalk you! yay!

            Tough old bird indeed. She's been in the same house for about 40 years now! Her house repayments were about $8 a month! Some government scheme loan, which she payed off about 5 years ago. $8, man I wish those days would come back... :(

            Next time I'm down that way, I'll give you a shout out :D

            I was down at Geelong the other day, you guys have a highschool that looks like Hogwarts, to me.
            And saw a bunch of the Geelong footy players too, pretty cool.

          this just proves that mahjong is definitely THE past time for anyone. I remember days when 3 of my friends and i would just piss the whole day away at a table... sigh... then we grew up to have responsibilities =[

        I'm all for the cold Chu, it's the heat that annoys me.

        What I'm not so keen on is that there isn't a Toys R Us in Hobart, which makes chasing down exclusive Star Wars figures that TRU get reaaallly hard (and I've money says that the new AT-AT that's due at the end of the year will be a TRU exclusive).

        Will need hoodies & stuff for sure, currently I have one jumper, 2 hoodies and my Basketball Australia Referee jacket. Not enough!

      How crazy you are depends on how hot your cousin is: somewhat to incredibly hot = quite crazy, average to Sarah Jessica Parker = that boy needs therapy.

        Man i HATE hot cousins.

        Forbidden Fruit indeed.

        Must be great to be a tasmanian. :P

          Well, don't they say the water is better over there? (I'm thinking the beer ads, btw).

          Friend o' mine's got an extremely attractive cousin. Love hanging s**t on him about the forbiddenness of that fruit.
          Forbiddenness is indeed a a not kinda way.

      I live in Hobart!

      Yes, it is that bad.

        Do you work for Voda by any chance? Figure everyone down there either works for Voda, Telstra, the Govt or Cadbury..

          Haha! No, Woolworths. However, 90% of people I speak to work at Voda.

            Ah well, I was hoping I might've had a fellow Kotaku'ian to talk to when I move (I work for 3/Voda).

            9 days to go!

              I just had a brainwave! I was thinking, why don't we gather all Tasmanian Kotakuites together for a pub crawl? Start out in Sandy Bay at the Metz, or North Hobart at the Republic, and paint the town red!

      You're leaving Brisbane? Gasp!

      I was born over in Brisbane, but moved over here to Perth when I was ~1 year old. Brisbane's got some sweet beaches.

      Might head back for the State of Origin...

    Hey umm...just a quick question.

    Why have you guys not posted anything about the Starblazers (Space Battleship Yamato) movie coming out in December this year?

    Trailer is up on YouTube.

    I might be wrong, you might have posted about it a while ago, but I have not seen anything yet.


    I watched the Watchmen last night for the first time; what a great movie! Loved the music, the action and the story. Also Malin Åkerman in the nuddy and, almost even better, in that latex! hubba hubba


      I enjoyed the film, but a mate of mine who reads a lot more graphic novels was less than impressed. It was one of those films where, for the most part, it helped not knowing about the background (bar that big eared Tiger thing, I had no clue what that was for)

        I reckon I will pick up the graphic novel today (hey it was pay day) and give it a go.
        I loved how the movie rides that same dark groove like dark knight; im sick of happy endings.
        I have always found myself to be quite good at separating books/comics from their film adaptations. Of course they are not going to be the same and you cant really compare the too. Written and/or illustrated work will always be the better rated as your own mind will create the moods and emotions.
        I see films as a way of someone expressing their experiences with written work and sharing it with others.
        But I will read the graphic novel and find out for myself!

          is the game worth picking up? im not really into brawlers that much.

            I also recommend picking up the Watchmen: The Motion Comic.
            Each frame from the graphic novel is slightly animated whilst it is narrated by one of the actors. (yes, he even does the women's voices also) It's a great visual aid to the graphic novel, which I think you'd also enjoy.

              I enjoyed the movie immensely; it stayed truer to the comic books than most other films have, but i can see how an attention deficient society find it a turn off since it is pretty slow-paced, but i still found it epic.

            From the reviews I read and the videos I watched, the game got torn apart pretty comprehensively for being awful and repetitive, from combat to enemies. Visually it was pretty drab too.

          The graphic novel is awesome, as the movie stuck pretty close to it. But it has more additional content, so if you liked the movie, you'll like the graphic novel. So yeah. Enjoy!

          Definately read the graphic novel. Some minor differences, only one major (without spoiling, it pertains to the ending).
          I decided to read the graphic novel before seeing the movie, but I think this is one of the rare cases where perceptions based upon the movie will not alter the perceptions of the graphic novel.

            Indeed, I just forked out for Kick-Ass.
            Amazon, Hardcover, including postage it came to just under AU$30. Not bad.

      This is where I suggest that if you enjoyed Watchmen, to go see Kick-ass & grab the graphic novel it's based off as well!

        Kick-Ass was an awesome movie. Now I want to read the graphic novel. If the comic -> movie transfer is anything as smooth as Watchmen, I'll be happy to pay the US$15 from Amazon.

          I gotta say, I thoroughly did not enjoy kick ass. While it had it's moments, I was just completely taken aback. I don't understand what it's purpose was. Can anyone help me out here?

          I'm all for having an 11 year old girl slay dozens of men and swear like a sailor if it has artistic merit; if it has a specific meaning, a meaning that is insightful or interesting. Otherwise, you've just got brash violence and the spouting of swears for the sake of what? Character building? She was a weak character, barely anything went on until the end and even then it was soggy.

          All I'm left with is a supposed "shock value." Which is the worst part of all. People keep comparing it to a kid version of Tarantino, but Tarantino never shot his action sequences like a pop music video.
          So please, can someone explain it to me?

      If you like Malin Akerman, check out the remake of The Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller. There is a scene in there I think you will like...

    First of all - I would love your endorsements for the Sony competition - it would be greatly appreciated if you could click the link, and if you want to re-post yours and i'd be happy to return the favor.

    thanks :)


      I've endorsed you my little rad buddy!... (I still can't believe you said rad...?)

      No return favour needed, as I'm not entering. Sounds great and all but I really can't leave my kids behind! I'm a softy I guess, and also OSHCARE would get sus if I left them there that long.

      Thank you muchly sirs.

      And q-bo - just smuggle them on the plane. They'll be looking for weapons or bombs, not kids - so you should get away with it.

      OM NOM NOM

      Already endorsed you guys. Here's mine :D

      I endorsed everyone... Here's mine :P

      All above me have been endorsed. Just wish that stupid form had an autocomplete...

      You've all been endorsed. Good luck to you all!

    I love it when you buy a game you’ve never heard of before and it turns out to be awesome. I got Dragon Quest: Monsters joker on the DS yesterday and I’ve already clocked in a few hours on it. It’s got this gameplay really similar to the original pokemon games on the Gameboy, and it’s pretty much got the exact same plot. And I love that. I’ve only got 2 DS games right now, but so far I’m enjoying this one a lot more than FF3.

    anyway, is anyone here with TPG? I want to switch internet providers, are they any good?

      I was wondering if that game was good or not - i may have to pick it up now..

      Also, i'm with IINet since i moved out of home which has been awesome.

      When i was at the folks they had TPG - and while it is both good and cheap, there's nothing spectacular about it and it did go down fairly often - though no where near as often as Telstra.

        I’m with Optus right now, and I’ve had the exact same plan with the same data allowance for about 7 years. It was a good plan for its time, but these days I find myself only downloading stuff at off peak times to not go over the monthly limit. For the same price I’m paying now I should be getting about 130 gigs a month, but I’m only on about 25 gigs.

        Some plans charge more for usage once you go over, but I’m looking for a plan that just shapes my speed at a certain amount and doesn’t charge me anymore.

        Stuffing one of them into a suitcase sounds good after my weekend. Just not for travelling tho...

        Oh and Old_Skool_Gamer and Tomasz, I endorsed you lads too :)

          Whoops, this was supposed to be in response to Loops about Sony.... Move along...

          I was wondering about TPG though myself the only thing which I worry about is the 2 year contract. Im with Pacific at the moment, at the time it was a good deal (for 95 gigs a month), but now it seems expensive.

            i game online on PC most of the time, and my friends and i always seem to have problems with TPG hosts; they seem to make everyone else lag.

            And any of my friends with TPG wouldn't recommend it, but we're in Perth so that might come into play...

          Cheers mate.

        iinet have been pretty good for me. Not too expensive, especially with bundled home phones, and decent quota limits (which just got doubled because the old plan I was on was made redundant :P). Especially good is that all Xbox Live downloads are quota free, and many game patches can be downloaded quota free from an iinet/westnet gaming site (in my case, lots of WoW patches... ~2Gb worth...).

      im with iinet who are pretty good, but from the start i should say that they have massively fallen behind in customer service quality.
      the unmetered xbox live, ABC iview and itunes downloads does me good though.
      and with home phone bundled in the 60 bucks a month are pretty decent. good speeds on the lower north shore too

      Tried browsing the Whirlpool forums? ( Their forum structure is somewhat messy but if you start slimming down your options (Their plan search is pretty helpful too:, you can start doing Google searches along the lines of "Optus or iiNet" (for example) and you should be lead to some pretty helpful opinion threads.

      Also, you could take a quick glance at their yearly Internet survey ( for a more general feeling of customers towards their ISPs.

      Well from my own experience, don't use the shitty Netcomm router/modem TPG offers you, just don't even consider it. Mostly, my internet connection is ok, while yes it does have its downtimes, a lot of the time it's because the Netcomm router we get just screws over. My brother does most of the things, so I'm not entirely knowledgeable to all the goings-on.
      Another thing, I believe our first Netcomm router from TPG died (settings borked all up), so we had to get a replacement, but the model has some nefarious cooling (read as: lack of) issues.

      Never even heard of Monster Hunter before ~ a month ago.

      Was told to look into it by a friend. We both bought Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii, and I can safely say it is one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while. Already have ~50 hours racked up ^_^ (which is ~ double my total time playing Final Fantasy XIII...)

    So. I think I have been cursed from my ill attempts at keyboard repairs. I was playing Dirt and having a good time when in ran my girls.
    "Daddy, the lights leaking water"
    I blink
    "The lights leaking water, like a tap, kinda"
    This is not good, and also rather out of the ordinary I think. So I get up and go to the kitchen, theres water all over the floor, and yes, it was coming out of the light.
    "Holy Fire Truck" I say out loud and madly try to find a bucket and towels.

    After 20 mins of soaking up the mess, turning out the lights at the mains and shutting off the water, I began investigating the cause of this kafuffle. I figure it must have been the shower taps upstairs, but an investigation proved it to be dry.
    So, I figure its the worst case, a popped pipe inside the ceiling somewheres. I call a plumber, and he promptly tells me (without even the slightest hesitation the cheeky sod) its $250 just to come out on a Saturday, and $150 per hour after that. My mouth drops open, and I look up to the gods for help.

    Being an atheist, it was kind of a big ask now I think of it, but help I did receive!! For, as I looked up, I noticed a meter wide patch of wet plaster (about 2 meters away from the kitchen light, which kind of received all the attention up until now). I hang up on the over pricing mario.

    This is when it all clicked. This big wet patch (giggle away) was directly under the bath. The bath in which my daughter, of coke fame, had had a mermaid session in about 4 hours previously.

    After more internal swearing, I find that she had spilt some water over the back of the bath.
    "Not much daddy", she says, "About, ummmmm, you know those big milk containers?"
    I nod.
    "About 5 or so of those, but I used lots of towels, and cleaned it all up!"
    I check the washing machine, and the towels were drenced, pretty much all the towels we own had been used in this little experiment.

    Unfortunately, it seems my bathroom needs resealing all over, as all the tiles grout has cracked in places. The plaster is still wet, 2 days later, I'm hoping it will dry and not go mouldy...?? I cant afford to replace the whole kitchen ceiling! Give me good news. please?

    She is in sooo much trouble.... Oh yeah, and she later tells me (after the red in my face had died down, on the sunday) she was using a jug, to make a "little river" in which to float a boat about on around the baths edge. Sooo much trouble....

      no TV again. EVER.
      and boarding school.

      As much as it shouldn't have - that post made me giggle insanely.

      the ending was just the cherry on the cake. it was such a "Bill Cosby's kids say the darndest things" moment.

      That being said i REALLY hope your roof (and floor for that matter) get better! For one thing, you can't fit them in an oven!

      Oooh, that's a paddlin'. I got my fingers crossed for you man, they say it happens in threes (I hope not for your sake).

      Wow dude what a messy week it's been for you, I'm a sparky by trade so if your putting a new light in give us a bell here. I won't extort you either, tell your daughter she will have a shower in the yard under the sprinkler from now on with dishwashing liquid. Worked on my nephews.

      As for IP's I'm an iinet user and find them quite fast and after a few early drop outs I havnt had one in as long as I can remember and they upgrade your download limits every so often while paying the same amount. I'll do movies in less than 30mins and albums in less than 5mins on naked ADSL2+.

      Let us know how your kitchen underwater lighting goes.

        What area are you in Mark? I'm thinking of selling up my house. It was made by Henry Homes and the quality is dismal. Its only 8 years old and falling to bits. If your able to come out Pakenham way I'd love to get in touch about a few fixups I need doing.
        Cheers :)

          Wow, it really is a small world, my sister lives in Pakenham.

            and we've got a yard in pakenham

              As my friends call it.. "Yay for Pakistan!" :D

            My sister went down to Pakenham yesterday for her first manual driving lesson. Apparently the stockyards there are "the place" for learners.

          Sorry dude I'm in Sydney, sucks I wouldve been up for it otherwise. Uh the plaster is knackered mate you'll be cutting out the wet section for sure, but you can repair that yourself fairly easily with some gyprock offcuts. As for the light I'd grab a new one from bunnings just to be sure. Copper corrodes easy and creates short circuits. Looks like a busy weekend in the kitchen mate, but you should be right with the light if you have it turned off at the board. Sorry I couldn't be more help though, but if you do have questions I'll try my best to help out.

            Thanks anyways Mark. I wont be able to reach the ceiling to repair it tho (wheelchair), but I have a buddy who visits so I might ask for him for some help with the repair. Darn kids :/

              Ahh mate wish I could have been of more assistance, if you end up needing a tradie phone around like nobodys business for the best price because we are ripoffs, although when I do such jobs as these I am as reasonable as I can be. Best of luck man, she'll be right this sort of malarky always comes good in the end.

              They should be put on triple chores for a month !

          Hey, *I* live there!
          Pakenham is taking over the world!

          Back on the original subject, I know a good electrician that our whole family uses but he usually doesn't come down our way until there's 2 or 3 jobs on the same day. And I dunno how cheap he is for non-family - he's good to us coz he's the only sparky the family will use so he gets quite a bit of work from us.

          Other than him, I've seen two different electrician's vans around the corner from our house (in Lakeside) but no idea what they're like. If you're desperate (assuming you haven't sorted it out it by now) I can get you any of the above's numbers. Email my username at hotmail :)

      Dude, super lame!!! Do you own the house or can you swing it so your agent has to pay?

      And what ended up happening with the keyboard? I'm intrigued... Was it the boat?

        I'll jump in here for Q-Bo,

        a link he posted to the final devastation landed upon his once glorious keyboard.

        R.I.P Razer Tarantula

      IT'S A-ME, MARIO!

      that line had me rofling. "that over-priced mario!"

      You'll be alright, if anything, head down to bunnings and they'll sort you out. :D

        They don't do parenting issues though so...

          yeh - but a few minutes in the paint can shaker can't hurt

            OMG, your level of cruelty scores highly with me! That would be one crazy way to go!

          And our local Bunnings doesn't even have the kiddy's playroom :/

      I'd hate to think what number 3 will be, if indeed luck comes in three's...

      Would drilling a few holes in the plaster's wet patch help the situation, you know to let any more water sitting up there out? Or would it destroy it more?

      Bill Cosby moment indeed. :D

        Well, if you want it to dry quickly, you could always just set the oven to fan forced 50C and-
        Oh wait, I'm thinking of something else.

          Haha, well played sir!.. *mumbles* ya dirty son of a bish.. ;)

        I'm pretty sure drilling holes into an already wet roof would be more likely to weaken the structural integrity of the roof itself... so probably not a good idea

        HOORAY for luck number 3!!!! I'm still a happy lil vegemite today. I can't believe I won! Loops wins, then me. Its official, we are a couple.
        I'll take the left side of the bed, I get nightmares when I sleep on the right side ;)

      At least it wasn't yellow "water" dripping through....

      Dude... You seem to be having lots of fun with liquids these past few weeks. Did you ever get the Razer keyboard working again?

    As with any online competition these days the ‘Sony Experience’ is all about harnessing the power of social networking and using people’s popularity to flog wares.

    Endorse me more I like it --> <-- "A vote for me is a return vote back to you from me!"

    So... Dio died... His demonic pipes never to sing again... \m/

      RIP Dio...

      The "D" will be sad today, perhaps they might do a Tribute to the man!

      And I quote:
      "Dio has rocked for a long, long time.
      But now it's time for him to pass the torch!"

      RIP Dio.

      I've seen him live. What a performer.
      It's extremely sad for me, he was amazing.
      RIP Dio.

    When are the Spyro psone games going to be on the Aussie Playstation Store? I'm sick of waiting.

    Woohoo... IT issues at work! Internet seems to be the only thing that is working at the moment, access to our internal network and drives are all failing...

    So, nothing to do at the moment... Lunch might be the only option at the moment...

      Perhaps you can check if your up to date on Zero Punctuation?? Speaking of which, I havn't checked it out in ages. Personally I loved the old days when he used themed music intros, they were the best. Such good times.


        i'm behind!!! looks like i'll be ignoring the missus tonight and watching that instead!

        Lunch won the battle... though I am behind on ZP, so will do that tonight.

        Sadly, the lack of sound at the work PC limits alot of video watching! :(

          Use some earphones/headphones/2.5mmPlugSpeakers

        Those themed music intros were enjoyable.
        I really need to catch up on the last few months of ZP. *shame*

    So everyone loves pre-order bonuses and special editions!

    Shut up, i said EVERYONE! No arguing!!

    With this in mind, i would like to hear everyone fantasize about what upcoming special releases you'd like to see on incoming games!

    Warhammer 40,000 online:
    A long way off, i know, but i'd love to see the same thing that was done with Warhammer Online. That was one seriously awesome Collectors Edition. The art book was absolutely fantastic too.

    Transformers: War for Cybertron:
    Art book and an actual transformer! I don't care who, i just want more transforming toys! Maybe there could be 2 separate editions - a Decepticon and an Autobot edition, both with their own unique art and transformer.

    I'll surely add more late.. but my lunch break is officially up lol

    What about you guys and gals?

      Well for the War for Cybertron, I'd be happy if we'd get it for PC (I asked in the last TAY:

      As for pre-order deals, I'll be fine with the extra characters, for a special edition (the states aren't getting one afaik) what you said would be feasible, however some people may be annoyed at the possibly crappy quality of the Transformer. I don't think it really needs a special however, it doesn't seem as much hype went into the game.

      Oooooo... Collector's Editions! *drools* What do I want in them? Merchandise and lots of crap! :p So this won't be about specific games and wants from them, but CE's in general.

      I've been pretty impressed with a few recently and would like to see some form of "standard" within CE's which become collections themselves!

      First off, Art Books... most games lend themselves well to this catergory and alot of companies try and cut it down to something the size of the game case. 2 of the best artbooks (released with games) have come within the last year. Tekken 6 and for me, the best that has come with a game, BioShock 2 (guess it really helps the games art drection is fantastic)

      So something of that quality with most games would be very welcome. Also if someone wishes to gift me one of those Uncharted 2 Super Awesome Artbooks, just let me know! ;)

      Alot of games now on the official website allow for Fankit downloads, a few publishers have given us a USB Drive which has been made in the style of the game. This is probably one of the more expensive for them but mash them together, it gives the consumer that is practical, but also provides a bunch of assets they can use with their PC. Saints Row 2 Bullet, Brink already has one?

      I like figurines of characters, or something like the Batman Batarang, or Bayonetta's Scarborough Fair, but they need to pick up the quality of them also. Not all are bad (AC2 were good), but some need work.

      Specifically on CE's in general, variant standards. Entry level you have the Standard Version of the game. If the publisher wants to have CE and then a better Limited Special Edition. Then the LSE contains everything the CE but more. Publishers that have done it wrong recently... Sony with God Of War, if I forked over $250 for the Pandora's Box version, I want my GOWIII game to be the CE's others could buy, not a standard version, also AC2, White and Black Edition's? It also worked, as the Black had all the contents of the White but abit more, then problem being there are 2 different figurines.

      Those that have done it right, MW2, Night Vision Goggles version, had the Hardened version included. Halo Reach is doing it right upcoming also.

      I'll move onto my last "want", I've crapped on too long! These two have popped up only recently, the quality looks great and it would work for any game. People collect random stuff, stamps, spoons, matchboxes, etc... I've got a nerd hardon now for Playing Cards. :)

      Red Dead Redemption -

      Fallout : New Vegas -

      Now, sure these two games have links to gambling and there is a natural fit, but the Red Dead cards show that you don't need to have actual characters on the cards, but only need to be styled towards the game.

      You could have a deck of LocoRoco Uno cards! :p In Battlefield : Bad Company, alot of the online awards were card related, but in general ANY online shooter could use the online award icons on the cards. GT/Forza could simply have cars, the list is endless... Just think of one of you favourite games in general made into a deck of cards! :) These packs could be a collection all by themselves!

      ok... I'll crawl back to my cave now! :p

        Wow, your hands must be hurting like hell now haha

        I couldn't agree with you more, though. I love having random crap with my games - as long as it's good quality.

        Art books and figurines are ALWAYS welcome - but i also love packs that think outside the box - and that new fallout pack looks absolutely stunning!

        But things i don't want are stuff like extra costumes or access to "bonus weapons". Those are UNLOCKABLES, not paid for special bonus content. Sure, ok i'll let it slip if it's a pre-order bonus - but if you're not going the pre-order you're going to get stiffed out of a few items other people get to use and then you have to pay for later on if you want to use it..

        You know i'd LOVE to see in a pre-order... inflatables. Just for the laugh of it.

        Give me Warhammer 4,000 online with an inflatable bolter. Now THAT'S cool!

          I'm with you on the unlockables. To me I feel like if I use them from the get-go, it's lowering the difficulty and removing something that I would've gone after anyway.

          Harking back to Red Dead, EB's preorder has 4 unlockables. I was talking to a mate who preordered from there just for that fact, and while it's nice to have something chucked in here or there as a pre-order thankyou, I just can't fathom why I'd go out of my way to a place where I don't usually buy from to get some stuff I'm going to unlock eventually anyway.

          Ah well, to each their own, eh?

        Those Red Dead cards are brilliant. They appeal to both my gamer collectable side and my creative design side. Bought a couple of packs off eBay a couple of days ago, here's hoping it was all above board and I actually get the merch!

      As a semi-related gripe, you know what I don't like in Special/Collector editions?
      Bonus pieces of code. A ring with +1 to all stats? That's what I get for my extra $10-$20?
      Of course, I like physical copies of stuff (so I'm kinda split on digital distribution. Cheap games are great, but I like having some sort of physical representation of my money spent, I'm just stubborn like that), so bonus in-game code just doesn't cut it for me.
      But more generally speaking, artbooks and soundtracks? Lovely. Bobbleheads and figurines? Brilliant.
      Looking forward to the Demon Souls Black Phantom Edition.

        I, too, am torn with regards to digital distribution. Sure, it's convenient, and potentially cheaper. But I like to read the instruction manuals.

      Hrmmm... Special editions are so tasty.
      For W40K Online, perhaps some bundled miniatures? Haven't touched my Dark Angels for years, and it would give me an excuse to dust them off...

      War for Cybertron should definately include a new toy. Maybe have an Autobot and Decepticon edition, with either Optimus or Megatron respectively. That would be cool.

    seems i have snoozed the preorder deadline one too many times (do'h)
    will the outfit, horse and guns pack be available in game if i dont have the limited edition?

      This is correct, I've read that some of the unlocks aren't available from the start of the game, but are obtained after a certain mission as an extra...

      But I reckon you could walk into EB Games and pick one up on the day, I saw many a Splinter Cell CE available still a few days after the release... or buy online...

      PS3 -

      360 -

    I just found something interesting on the JB Hi-Fi website. I did a search for Rock Band and the second item down the list was and I quote "Rock Band Song Pack - AC/DC Live Volume 2. It only lists it for PS2 and says order now.!

    I'm guessing that it's just a mistake.

    I'm confused, for one reason or another I thought Modnation racers was a PSN game, am I wrong, is it a blu-ray disc full retail pop-it-in-your-drive arrangement?

    Also I've noticed it's on PS3 and PSP - are their any interesting cross over features? Can I progress the same 'game save' between devices?

      You're correct that you're wrong (Sorry, just wanted to see how that line would come out in text)

      It's a full retail game that should be released in 2 days. It's pretty good as well. I can't answer your 'game save' question but the customisation options in that game are immense and highly simplified at the same time.

        Thats a shame this was on my radar as a casual romp or party starter, I'm not sure I have $100 of time for it.

    Has anyone ordered Alan Wake or Red Dead from Game online? If so, has it shipped for you as yet?

    Just wanted to mention the Natal... Gizmodo currently has an article speculating that it could cost up to 200 USD (229 AUD). And I was just wondering what people thought would be a reasonable price for it... Ideally I would like the maximum to be around the $150 mark (and naturally include a disc with some games on it to demonstrate the hardware like wii sports). I think $200 would be okay (just), but I think it would require a lot of justification once it gets past that point.

    What does everyone else think?

      Microsoft says that price is "speculation" -

      Yeah, I realised that. Sorry I didn't make my point very clear... I was basically using that as a springboard to say the sort of pricing I would find to be reasonable for the Natal. And I was just wanting to see what other people thought would be a good price for it. It certainly could be an incredible product but it's success or failure really hinges on the final price it gets released for.
      So does anyone else have a price range that they would consider to be acceptable for the Natal?

      Ask again once E3 has revealed all it's juicy little secrets. I agree it's great looking tech, but we need to see more of it's applications. C'mon Microsoft, convince me!

    So, RED DEAD REDEMPTION is getting some super-massive wraps and review scores. I'm feeling inspired about it. What about you fellas?

    Any Aussies here play Borderlands?, or any other game i happen to have in my trophy list, add me


      I would gladly have a gaming session with you, but I don't have my PS3 anymore (sold it a few months ago).

    Hey David, any chance of an version of Game Club? There are certainly some opinionated buggers in here, so it could be lively addition.

      Good suggestion.

      My addiction to Kotaku means any and all questions I have need to be asked here. So rather than googling it myself, what is this Game Club of which thee speaks?

        google won't help you out in this case; it points to a gambling site... which can't be good for my addiction... =[

        It's a little like Book Club. They do this semi-regularly on the US Kotaku site. The current game is Alan Wake. The games are discussed in segments, for instance the first three levels, to help maintain focus, and to make sure everyone is on the same page ... so to speak :)

          Oh, ok , that sounds pretty cool. I vote we do pitfall first. :)

            well everyone would need to be playing the same game at the same time -ish. and i don't own very many. student poverty is harsh. =[

            Lol. Pitfall had Jack Black in the advertisements.

    Now the Sony is jumping on the R18+ rating.

    The more highly recognised figure give their support the better.

      Good to see Sony staying ahead of the curve.

      What with the meeting already having been held and all.

        Sony seem to be attempting to cash in on the (apparent) progress being made.

    If anyone would like to endorse my entry for the Sony competition I would be eternally grateful.

      *back scratched* ... here is my itch

        done and done

    Currently started playing ICO on PS2 (let alone after managing to get my hands on a copy)

    The sheer scale of that climbing castle quite honestly frightens me at times.

      Ico was one of the most beautiful games i've ever played. it was just so sweet and... pleasant? then shadow of the colossus came along, and it was even more epic and grander.

      ahhh, if u're having your first play through, enjoy it.

      Fantastic game, almost the perfect game also... only 1 tiny segment stood out and annoyed me, "The Water Piston Jump" is what I call it, just seemed alittle broken.

      Other than that, the puzzles are never too taxing, but completely satisfying when completed. The game looked brilliant also, the lighting is exceptional.

      Just thinking about this and SoTC, now has wanting The Last Guardian to be here NOW! Hopefully E3 will have details of a release!

      You guys just make me reminisce about the PS2 days.

      I've already played SOTC (I own 2 copies :)) and while I'm liking ICO so far, SOTC is still number one for me.

        yeah at the end i kinda liked the colossi more than that little brat. what right does he have to kill these big lumbering beasts!

    Did anyone know that they had Project Natal and the Playstation Move on A Current Affair tonight?

    I don't normally watch that crap but I was on the XBox website and saw in their Twitter feed that they had a segment on so I went to the ACA website and watched it. It's pretty much your standard PR bullshit to hype it up to people not in the know (casual gamers).

    You guys have any thoughts?

      It's PR bullshit just like you said..

      The last time I remember games being featured on ACA was during Christmas and they were just doing some crap, generic puff piece on Assassin's Creed 2 and some kiddy games with overinflated retail prices.

      from it, natal looked like it one-upped the playstation move. move just seems like a wii mote on a ps3

      Of most importance, was Natal black or white? (vid not working for me)

        It was White... it was amusing they mentioned that they were unable to show the device, but you could see it at times and at one point, there was a camera shot of it from directly behind it...

      Bells and whistles don't attract my attention anymore :p It's funny that everyone fails to mention that you need at least 1.5m square space (I think it's actually 4 feet square) to play Natal. Unfortunately I ain't got that space and I'd wager so wouldn't half the gamers in here :s

      Bah, I've seen it all before. The ACA report gave no new information for people who've payed any sort of attention to these over the past several months. So, standard ACA reporting...

    Only have one game in the mail at the moment. Alan Wake from the UK. I hope it somehow managed to avoid the volcano delay as I'd like to be playing it this week!

    Is there any reason that the us.kotaku site redirects here to the au one? Because if this is a permanent change, I'm just going to unbookmark this site now and stick to Joystiq.

      If you're in AU it's been doing it for about 3 years now.

      Use if you hate Australia so much.

        Yeah, read my email again. started redirecting back to the au site since this morning. still works, same with lifehacker. Dunno why Kotaku is different.

        Try it yourself and let me know if it's just me.

          Oh, yeah, looks broken. Will unleash the techies... sorry.

            Ah OK. So it's just a technical issue. No problemo, then :)

              Problem is at US end, as their sub-domain redirect has fritzed. We've let them know and it should sort out soon.

      Just click the "US" link right above the search bar

        Works for me!

          That button wouldn't work for me (stupid Chrome) but I copied it from IE and it worked.

          It links to (key part: index.php) for anyone who was intrested.

          Cheers dude.

            I find with Chrome you have to actually point your cursor just above the "US" link before you can click on it.

              if all else fails, we're still a pretty cool bunch.


                I'm sure you are. It's nothing against you guys, it's just that the AU site updates are several hours behind the US one. That, and I don't like that AU uses smaller images and a few other little nitpicky things.

                But it's mainly the slow updates that pull me to the US site.

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