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    Pricing shout out for those who don't know:
    Alan Wake (Xbox 360) - AU$74 at Big W as of tomorrow (20th May)
    Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360 & PS3) - AU$84 at both Big W and K-Mart as of Friday (21st May)

    Hopefully I'll be able to nab Red Dead tomorrow from an inattentive sales assistant when I get Alan Wake, so I don't have to go back on Friday...

      Damn, $74 is a good price. I was going to pop round to JB Hifi in the city after work but since Big W at the QV is a block away, I'll just walk there and save some cash.

      Cheers Cracks!

        all the JBs inh sydney are in stupid spots where they are best priced anyway

    Anyone else excited about the fact that someone solved the Boltzmann equation?

      Wasn't that a few months ago... didn't the guy get like a million dollars or something?

        Well, the Slashdot article went up on the 18th, and the link from the article is dated the 12th, so I doubt this was a few months ago.

        And the guy you are thinking of is Grigori Perelman, who solved the Poincaré conjecture.

      Ahhhh maths. My arch nemesis from university engineering. (yes, I went to uni!, no, I did not win).

      Ummm, I guess thats awesome news>..? Does this mean we will have hover cars now?

        Well, Back to the Future says hovercars by 2015, so this timely discovery gives them a good 5 years to get something going. Prototyping and mass production is a tight fit in 5 years, but we shall see.

    Choooooppppyyy???? Loooooppppy!!???? Someone please help. I've lost my pet loopster! Last seen wearing cloths and then selling cloths on 18th may. Dearly missed pet. Reward offered. Possibly abducted by womankind who needed attention.


      $1,000,000 if you want to see loops alive...

        You made me laugh so hard I spat my drink everywhere.
        If that doesn't win you commenter of the week there should be a rebellion.

        No one man can contain my Choopy! You better run and hide, then run some more followed by a posting on facebook then hide again. Because I will come at you, with an army of me soaked in terror. You will shake and tremble before me as I rise and wipe your soul from the face of that tainted ground you walk upon. Hand him over now, while you can still breath.

        Also, he needs a hug. Would you mind?

          I might be willing to trade loops for an unmelted keyboard :P
          And it would be pretty hard to hug him when he's in the pit, putting lotion on his skin.

          Alright. Time for lectures.
          If Chuloopa hasn't escaped in the next 6 hours, I'll auction him off to the highest bidder. Starting at three shiny metal baubles. Or maybe an obtuse limerick.

            I shall bid 2 million shiney metal baubles... No..
            Wait, I don't make underhanded deal with a criminal hostage taker! What do you take me for?? A weakling?? Listen here you young whipper snipper, I eat ps3 controllers for breakfast, I adjust light levels with nothing but my eyelids. And I make a rather nice pate and cheese plater.
            The jig is up my friend, remove him from the pit at once and why the hell are you playing "Goodbye Horses" on the radio??

              Damn. Was hoping my scam would work. Truth is, I don't know where Chuloopa is :P
              I *do* have a pit, but the only resident is David Spade with an AutoTrader magazine.
              I will gladly accept your shiny metal baubles for David Spade, though...

                David Spade?? errr, and you've left the hole unfilled???

                I'm a tad worried now about loopster. :( Perhaps his net is down?

                Hey, where's my AutoTrader?

                  It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again!

                  WTH? How did you get out of your hole? Get back in there Spade, there's a mirror in that hole. It will keep you amused I bet.

                  Where's Buffalo Bill when you need him??? He was tucking fantastic!

      he's in my basement.

      but in all seriousness, where is he?

      Y'know, is it more than just a coincidence that when David jets off to America, Chuloopa suddenly goes AWOL?

      I sense a secret, elicit liaison..

        Hmmmm.... It is odd I must say. Choops wouldn't run off with David would he? Without letting me know?
        The two of them, sitting side by side on a long dull flight. With only each others company to keep amused, staring at each others strong callased joystick thumbs with deep longing. Then in a crazy moment of mixed up madness lean across, lips quivering for something more....ARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!

        Goooooooose!, what have you done with my man?????
        *crumples to the floor weeping.

    Ok. I'm gonna go all artsy on yer arses and demand you take a look at this.

    This is a CGI film made by one guy (Alex Roman), who even did the music for it, over the course of a year.

    It is without doubt the most beautiful, inspiring, piece of artwork I've had the pleasure of watching. Take a few minutes out of your day, turn up the sound, and mellow out. If you love art, you'll appreaciate and love it. If you dont watch it, I'll send Sir Goose on yer arse, and man, he bites hard!

      Oh, and don't forget to watch in HD, otherwise your just cheating yourself. I rarely link to anything, so trust me, its really amazing that one guy did this all himself. Some shots just seem so real, I can't wait for the day games are raytraced in realtime.

    Anyone seen this?

      Disappointing to be honest. Those Ninjas should've outran and hunted down those retards.

      Could've thrown Shurikens at them or something.

      That just made my day. Reminds me of the guy who got stopped by 'Spiderman' and a few 'Jedi' at that comic book store recently.

        My favourite is still that 80 odd year old in Britain who was once the Armys boxing champ.

        Got held up by 3 youths at an atm and had them beaten senseless in seconds.

    This was just tweeted through Xbox Australia where they've announced a partnership with Foxtel to Foxtel channels and video on demand movies and TV through Xbox Live.

    No pricing structure is announced yet (and not til close to launch date late in the year) but it seems really intriguing. There are a couple of things that would make this appeal to me if they get it going:

    - Competitive pricing structure: I still think I'm not prepared to pay something like $30 upwards for TV a month. I don't watch it anyway.
    - That pricing structure also applies to the on-demand movies, although I can't see Microsoft inking a deal that will impact their own on-demand services greatly.
    - Flexible channel choices
    - Unmetered on multiple ISPs: This one is probably unlikely; I can see Telstra spruiking it, and whether the content will be able to be applied to iiNet's Live unmetered.

    All that, of course, is pure speculation. :D

    Guys, has anybody heard if Red Dead Redemption has gone on sale yet?? Normally games are released on Thursdays, yet no one's budging to start selling till Fri.

    Please let me know.
    (Im in the Sydney CBD area)

      I hope they do start selling RDR early. Hoping to grab it this afternoon when I get Alan Wake.


          Giggity giggity goo!

          Also, EB's website has it listed as 'out now'.

          Remember folks, it's only $84 at Big W or K-Mart.

      You'd have to catch some rookie shopkeeper. Ever since Halo 3, suppliers have really clamped down on release dates. Not sure why.
      I checked my local shop, everyone was warned not to sell until the clock ticked over.
      Distributors are well within their rights to stop supplying retailers who are found to have sold ahead of time.

    What's the first thing (other than story missions) that you're going to do in Red Dead Redemption?

    I'll probably just roam around for a while, and see if I can find any Stranger quests. Maybe complete the Dastardly achievement.
    Probably look around for some easter eggs.

    RDR is looking so awesome.

      You know, in all the excitement I haven't actually thought about it.

      I guess I'll do a few missions first, get the story started then go for a bit of an explore. I'm eager to see the landscape and the eco system, and I'd love to do some hunting.


    Hey guys, Red Dead Redemption's street date has been broken! Picked up mine from JB in Melbourne CBD so I'm assuming with such a big retailer it's nation wide.

    Reports on twitter that it's selling at EB & Dick Smith too.

      Got mine from EB TTP in south australia.
      The Game down the road has it on their shelves too.

      Thanks guys !

        Has to be said, but JB-HI FI Victoria Galleries are lame.
        I got the game which was great, but when price matching a legitimate competitor (BIG-W Catalogue has it for $84) they wouldn't give it as it would undercut their sale price....Soft.

    Gack! Stuck at uni until 3pm. Won't get to the shops until ~4pm. And I have to run an errand for my dad. The wait for RDR and Alan Wake is killing me!

    Dave, why didn't you report on Australian game retailers breaking Red Dead Redemption's street date?? It's news (well it was at 1pm today)...

      Daves been busy soaking up the atmosphere of the America's on a assignment. Seamus is filling in though.

        Much to the chagrin of many who neglected to read this in the 'Ask Me Stuff' thread... ^_^

    I doubt if anyone cares anymore but ill say it anyway... There is a rumor going around that 3D Realms have sold the Duke Nukem IP and the company are now finishing Duke Nukem Forever.

    I for one dont believe it but with a pending arse kicking by the Take 2 Lawyers anything is possible.

    PS. If there is a link to a website or anymore news ill post it.

      I lol'd at 'finishing Duke Nukem Forever'. I don't think this universe will permit the completion of that game.

    PS3 YLOD!
    *air swing*

      Ooooo, bad luck there Bish. Fatty or Slim? I've not had a ylod yet, but I have noticed the ps3's fan has been going bananas lately, I think it may be the cupboard its inside. But, it looks so much more tidy in there.

      You getting it repaired or swapped?

      Not good. :-(
      If you're sending it to Sony for repair, you'll need to ask specifically for them to send your own PS3 back or else it'll mess up a lot of your saves and DLC which are tied to your particular console. You can manually back up each save file though, but some of them won't work on a different console.
      After 3 YLOD's (two different PS3s) I've finally learned that it pays to wait for your own console instead of the automatic already refurbed one.

      A la phat, one of the 60GB ones that could play PS2 games (I think). I'm not really sure what to do, quite frankly. If I get it repaired, it's still going to be a 3 year old machine with overheating issues. It'll be the same thing if I send it in to Sony, since they just give you a refurbished model. I'm not really fussed about the contents of the HDD though, Strange. Never really bothered with DLC and I know I'll never revisit those old saves, even if they do hold memories. If I lob it off to EB (apparently they take dead consoles =S), it goes towards the newer more efficient Slim model, but that's still another $300 or so.

    I posted this yesto, but I think it fits better here...

    I have a question that involves cashflow.

    Everyone keeps arguing about which console is the best or PC is best or whatever.

    Years ago I was so happy cos I lived with a guy who owned a damn good PC and an Xbox.
    I had a PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube and a DS.

    I thought it was fantastic cos we had all our bases covered. There wasn’t a game we could miss out on.

    Now I’m married and have a kid on the way, so I had to choose between PS3 and 360.
    I ended up getting 360 after finding out about FF13 being multi and playing Blue Dragon.

    So the Questions are:
    If you could, would you buy all?
    Are there rich fanboys out there that deny themselves the exclusives because they have decided one mindless, heartless corporation is better than the other?

    So, if you could afford it why wouldn’t you buy them all??

      I got myself a PS3 and a 360. While it's real nice being able to play all the major games when they come out, I didn't realise the strain having two consoles would put on my finances. It's looking more and more like I might have to sell one.

      But then, I'd probably keep the PS3 as it is so damn useful, and has all the games I want to play, sans Fable and Gears of War.

      I could probably afford to buy a PS3. I already own an Xbox 360 and a Wii (in addition to my older consoles).

      The reason I don't is that the PS3 exclusive titles aren't enough to make me lay down $500 for the console, plus ~$100 each for the games, and the multi-platform titles will play just fine on my Xbox. Especially when I could spend that money on a truckload of book and DVDs. Seriously, $500 could get me ~20 new books. Or about the same number of DVDs (depending on title, age, and any specials happening).

      Heh, just visit the GFAQs boards and you'll see a ton of trolls in a fanboy/girl war. Or maybe they're not trolling, maybe they really are that stupid, but either way, it's silly.

      I'm not sure I would buy them all, though. I don't have anything against Microsoft, and maybe it's just because I don't pay attention, but as someone who solely uses their consoles/portables for gaming (I don't really care about media playing abilities), the 360 hasn't really grabbed my attention. Mass Effect 2 got me pumped, but I grabbed that on the PC.
      If I'm disgustingly rich, I'd still probably want at least one thing, one title, one 360 exclusive game to justify getting a 360. Problem is, I can't really think of one that makes me go "I want".

        I can see that, if you have a PC and PS3 you're covered.
        I have a freind that goes that way, owns a Wii PC and PS3. Got himself two 360 controllers synched to the PC and he's set.
        My PC is a laptop and struggles with PS2 era games.

      Since I was a kid, I was only allowed to have one console.

      Sega Megadrive/Genesis over SNES
      Playstation over N64
      PS2 over Gamecube/Xbox

      Nowadays though, I own everything. To answer your question, I would most certainly buy them all (so long as I had a stable job at thet time).

      Then again,

      My PS3 was obtained through the Sony Bravia deal (Buy TV, Free PS3)

      My Xbox360 was a birthday gift from my girlfriend.

      And the Wii was the only console I actually paid money for.

      I am by no means rich, and I own a PS3, 360, Wii, DS and PSP (360, DS and PSP were gifts, traded in my old xbox and a some games for the PS3, paid for the Wii in full).
      I'm also lucky in that when I moved in with my now-husband he also owned a 360 and a PS3.

      Whenever I buy multiplatform games, my first choice is to get it for the PS3 because the controller fits in my small girl-hands much better.

      If I had to get rid of any it would be a difficult decision, but first on the chopping block would be the Wii, based on time played with each console. My kids would probably kill me though.

    Righto everyone! I will be purchasing a new article of interactive audio-visual entertainment (re: video game) today, and I need your help! Not just help, but YOUR help! (yes, you in the back)

    My internet is being cut-off today, on account of me moving, and on account of me wanting to break a bad cycle of procrastinating on Facebook.

    So, that said, I need a single-player game that will keep me entertained. The catch is, it has to be around the $50-60 mark, as I am poor.

    I'm leaning towards Episodes from Liberty City. What game would YOU choose?

      Which console?

      Advertised on the JB Hifi website at the moment are the following:
      PS3 - Bayonetta, Saboteur, Brutal Legend all for $49
      Xbox 360 - same as above, but with Episodes from Liberty City at $49 also
      Wii - Yeah, not much going on here
      PC - A few older games for $19 (inc Saints Row 2)

      If you haven't played Brutal Legend, I'd suggest that - one of the funnier games I've played, especially if you like Jack Black.
      Bayonetta has some high review scores, so at $49 it might be worth picking up. has Arkham Asylum for $64 online only price.

      You'd also probably be able to get a Bioshock/Oblivion pack for ~50 from most places. Oblivion will last you a goodly long while.

      And lastly, EB Games are having their 'Mad Monday' online sale this coming Monday (24th).

        Thanks for the heads up! Got Episodes for 360.

        Is it supposed to have such a horrible framerate? Or has the GTAIV engine aged really badly?

    Totally off topic, but i'm excited so I can't help it! Had solar electric panels installed on my new house yesterday! looks HAWT!!! hopefully i can say goodbye to my electricity bills now!! more money for games! WIN!

      Dude, this whole comment section is off topic :P
      Grats on the solar panels. Hope you save some cash, and it might also just help out the environment. Every little bit helps.

    Impromptu poll:

    Who do you want to win the State of Origin?

    New South Wales?

    Personally, I hope the maroons thwomp the blues.

    And is anyone actually going to watch the broadcast in 3D?


    I'm going to buy some DVDs (The Shield, Entourage) and a game at lunch this arvo but I'm torn; Red Read Redemption or Alan Wake?

      I bought both yesterday, and played about an hour and a half of each (RDR on my mates PS3).

      My impressions? AW has an awesome, awesome atmosphere. It's creepy and dark and mysterious, but you need to play this game in the dark. If you play it during the day on the weekend you just lose a lot of the experience.

      RDR is very intriguing, with the initial set up and the eerie score setting the mood. The place looks epic, and it just begs you to be explored. But hey, I've only played an hour and a half so I can't say much.

      The differences felt quite apparent. RDR felt very free; when I played AW I wanted to jump fences and explore but it's fairly linear in it's set up. AW looks good scenery wise, but the faces have put me off somewhat already, while RDR seems to have had a lot more attention to detail rammed into it's character design.

      I would say grab RDR. Both games are retailing at similar prices, but RDR will keep you engrossed for such a long time. Hell, I'm sitting here at working wanting to go home and the game I want to play is RDR over AW. Besides, by the time you're over RDR, AW will have dropped in price :)

        RDR it is! That well thought-out statement, coupled with this ( is good enough for me!

        I, too, have played a couple of hours of both.

        Alan Wake has, as mentioned, a fantastic mood, and the story is inexorably drawing me in. But that's probably because I like those sort of stories. The gameplay is rather refreshing, and is well constructed.

        RDR, though, is phenomenal. You could sink so many hours into this game it's not funny. So far, I've done only 3 story missions. Then I rode around and explored.
        At one point, a random man rode up to me on his horse, yelling for help. Some people were about to unlawfully hang his buddy, who he claimed hadn't done anything wrong. So I followed him, and when we got to the destination, three or four people started shooting at us, while another man was sitting astride a horse with a noose around his neck. Unfortunately, I spooked his horse, causing him to hang from the tree, and in dealing with the enemy gunmen, I neglected to shoot the rope to save the man. Afterwards, the hanged man's buddy fell to the floor weeping, whereupon I proceeded to loot the corpses of all involved. Including shooting down the hanged man and looting his corpse.

        And that's just one encounter.
        RDR is so awesome...

    So, I'm probably out of a job at the end of next week (I doubt anyone will remember/have noticed who I work for) and given the current state of the games industry I'm thinking of moving out of it for now. I'd love to change to somewhere I can learn some C++ graphics stuff (use of shaders, terrain generation etc would be awesome). I'm thinking of looking for businesses that do the sort of work I'm interested in and checking their websites for jobs. I'm thinking I'll have better luck hunting that way than looking through Seek etc. Any suggestions for businesses to look up in Melbourne &/or it's SE suburbs?

    any word on who won the last copy of Prince of Persia David?!

    So I'm playing Alan Wake...

    As David suggested I'm playing it late at night in a dark room in a quiet house.

    Oh. my. sweet. ever-loving. jesusonapogostick.

    It's just about perfect.

    I'm limiting myself to an episode a night.

    it's tense, it's frightening, it's atmospheric... it's awesome. I'm stressing over bullets and batteries, and that whole thing with Barry's Hitchcockian birds had me nearly in a panic attack.

    The character textures are a bit bluh, but the bad guys, the way they coalesce out of the night... that looks so good.

    The episodes are an awesome way to limit time, and the soundtrack is excellent.

    I'm really enjoying this.

      Indeed. I am loving the atmosphere set in Alan Wake, and I'm finding it hard to swap back to Red Dead. The birds part was rather freaky.

      I lol'd hard though, when you leave Barry in the house at the beginning of your trek to Lovers' Peak - if you turn out the lights on him, he'll complain and says something like 'So, you're just gonna leave me to sit in the dark? I'll get eaten by a grue.' Funny little reference.

      I think that Alan Wake is one of the few games that would make a good transition to either movies or TV. Probably TV, due to the episodic nature of the game, but I could equally see an awesome movie come out of this.
      Perhaps even a book.

    Google's main page is celebrating the 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN today. And the Google logo has accordingly been changed to a playable PAC-MAN level ^_^

      HOLY CRAP!!!
      That was the awesomest google logo ever!! What made it so brilliant is they actually went as far to let you play it!


        It was pretty epic. I hope they host it somewhere so we can go back to it :P

    Hey guys!!! i'm alive!!! :D

    First to dispell a couple of rumors.

    1. I did not ship off with David - although i did try to stow away in his baggage. The odd thing is i was only removed when they thought that i was 67kgs of uncut cocain. Go figure.

    2. I was not kidnapped. No matter how hard i try, no matter how many dark alleys i walk down - no one ever kidnaps me. Talk about a blow to my self esteem.

    Truth is that we had our first ever direct-from-the-factory-direct-to-the-public sale. So i've been spending most of my week preparing for that, then all of yesterday and today actually attending it and being on hand to help people out. Last night i actually just went straight to bed after walking in the door - it's very rare i do such a thing.
    I have been absolutely exhausted, yet overall it has been a good yet stressful week.

    I'm realllly sorry i haven't been around guys - i had no idea being MIA for a few days would cause people to miss me - i'll try not to do it again haha

    Tomorrow i'll be running around all day for birthday things. Seeing as it's on monday i'll be doing the 'go see my family thing' followed by the 'my partners family thing' followed by 'falling asleep in the car on the way home thing'... oh Bianca will be driving though.. :P

    SHould be a good time though.. gah can't believe i'm almost a quarter of a century old (i like saying it like that), i mean i don't like growing up... it's so lame. haha

    After this weekend i should be back into full swing.

    Thanks for the concern though guys, and don't worry q-bo i'm not running off with anyone. :P

    PS.. just put David Spade out of his misery already. It's cruel to let something with that little talent go on living.

      *SLAP* Thats for making me worry

      *ehuggles* Thats cause I'm glad your alive :p

      Happy Birthday for Monday my dear chum, do me a favour and take a look at the animation I posted just under my worried about you postings. No one commented on it, which has really disapointed me. Here's the link again. It is just awesome to believe one guy animated it all by himself. Its my bday gift to you, as I'm broke. When games raytrace like this in real time, I'll be a happy man.

      Things have been rather quiet since you've been gone. I think Kotaku needs a comments approvalist (*puts up his hand) to keep things moving along when Davids not about.

      p.s. The Spade is to be played with like a cat plays with a mouse before the inevitable crunch. Seems cruel, but cats eat cheezeburgers, so we must take a lead from them. I think he will make a nice vest.

        A vest??? o.O

        And yes, more frequent comment approvals would be appreciated.

        I'll watch that video when I'm not in my Ubuntu boot...

    Bioshock 2 second DLC, Zigo & Blanche pack and the Kill 'em Kindly Multiplayer mode to be released Tuesday.

    (I posted this under #tips in the US Kotaku)

    Offnote, way back, I pre-ordered BS2, and I got the Zigo/Blance unlock code when I picked it up. I still haven't redeemed it, since I was thinking of upgrading my HDD. Wasn't sure what method to do, but could've just added the new one, made it the C drive and have the older one the secondary drive. I was thinking with that method, I'd still keep my installed games (currently Borderlands and Bioshock 2) and have them still registered to my computer, but I'm still not entirely sure.

    Also, would the unlock code become invalid under any circumstances of me not using it?

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