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Talk Amongst Yourselves

This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

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I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


  • Was I the only lazy one around here last week feeling the pain of having to go to the link for ‘next 25 comments’ when this page went over two pages?

    Also if my copy of Alan Wake doesn’t arrive today I’ll cry!

  • Firstly,

    Welcome back Dave, how was LA?


    Did anyone pre-order Red Dead, and if so did you get the soundtrack that was supposed to be included with it? Mine is suspiciously missing.

    I just wanted to know how much of a fuss do I kick up at EB during my lunch break.

    • I haven’t tried to redeem it yet, but my understanding is that you have to use that code again on the Rockstar Website.

      I used it in game and got the Warhorse and the other stuff, but the soundtrack seems to be a PC download option… re-read the fine print and head over to their website…

  • Just thought I’d let everyone know that EB have got a few bargains on their website today.

    XBox 360 & PS3
    Assassin’s Creed 2 White Edition-$49.97
    Final Fantasy XII Limited Collector’s Edition-$59.97
    Metro 2033-$54.97
    Bioshock 2 Special Edition-$74.97

    PS3 only
    Bayonetta Climx Edition-$59.93
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves-$49.97

    Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands-$39.93

    Assassin’s Creed 2 Black Edition-$64.97

    There’s plenty more on the site but that’s just some of the best ones. Also it’s ONLINE ONLY and ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

  • FINALE OF LOST TONIGHT!!! I also bought the first 5 seasons on Bluray on the weekend, and holy crap the first 2 episodes are incredible.

    Jack running around and saving lives! Man… exciting stuff.

    So does anyone else watch Lost, if so, what are you hoping for from the finale and have your questions been answered?

    Oh there may be spoilers the further down you read so SPOILERS!!

    I just hope they tie the flash-sideways in with an explanation ie They were created by Jacob/MiB so that people could have the lives they wanted, not what they were destined to have etc.

    And what is the black smoke, I mean is it actually the MiB or was it just released when Jacob pushed him into that super lame cave?

    It must be said though, the campfire scene with Jacob telling them all why they were on the island felt very poorly handled. I mean, Lost viewers are notorious for going over every tiny scrap of info with a fine tooth comb, and for them to blatantly tell the viewers why the survivors were there was 1. Already quite obvious to viewers who put together the abundance of clues provided and 2. Made seasoned Lost viewers feel like idiots that need answers spelled out for them. And let’s be honest, I think only Lost veterans are watching at this point, to fresh eyes it would just look silly.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I hope they leave some open ended stuff that they don’t blatantly answer but give us enough information to come to the right conclusion.

    Oh and the Adam & Eve skeletons were on opposite sides of the cave when Jack & Kate find them in season 1, and Jack says “They must have been here 40-50 years for their clothing to degrade like this…” Let’s hope that’s not an indication of the omissions that will be in the finale…

    • I look to lost as a perfect example of how a great show can drop half its audience in a few seasons. I stopped watching after season 3 because it just got way too sci-fi, I mean time travel? People that never age? Someone who can take other forms? After season 3 it felt like I had suddenly walked into the set of an x-files reboot or something.

      • I think that they had always planned that the show would wind up being extremely Sci-Fi, and they did a smart thing by disguising it as an adventure series and slowly introducing the sci-fi elements.

        I can see how the time travel etc could turn some people off, but man, Time Travel is awesome when it’s done right. And Lost has a very good trend of presenting the ridiculous in such a way that it doesn’t turn off 80% of its mainstream audience.

        But each to their own, however I would recommend watching the later seasons as there are some pure gems of character development and personal struggle. (eg, Season Six episode “Dr Linus”, has an amazing scene with Ben that sits just below the “Henry Gale” moment on my fav list)

  • Wow, what an insane weekend. Absolutely nothing destructive happened. The house is still standing, my underwear was not torn off from a freak whirlwind incident, I even had a spare $105.30 left in my account! I was made to worry all weekend about Loops (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!), but even that turned out ok. Turns out he was working! :O

    But, I’m not sure if its my PC (firefox) or Kotaku, but has all the text shrunk down to incy wincy land?? I’m having real trouble reading it. I might need glasses! argh!

    Oh, and hope you had a great holi… work trip Dave! 🙂

    • “Wow, what an insane weekend. Absolutely nothing destructive happened.”

      Wow. I don’t want to know what a ‘normal’ weekend consists of if that defines an insane one 😛

    • Well that’s a good thing to hear, however not very esxciting for us. The events that transpire at your house are always so amusing!

      Oh and did you manage to fix that leak and reseal the bathroom and such?

      Though I am actuually glad you weren’t made to move around your house frantically trying to stop something from happening or trying to fix something. Oh and I hope the weekend was filled with lots of games too!

  • Gotta say I’m mighty pleased with RDR – the missus is getting pissed off at watching me roam the countryside looking for random missions, killing animals and collecting herbs for 8 hours straight. Have only done 4 or so story missions so far, but it’s just so enjoyable to plod along at your own pace 🙂

    • My missus got pissed off for me playing endless hours but for a different reason. I’d made a ‘promise’ to play RDR during the day, and Alan Wake at night. She went and had a nap Friday night so she could stay up and watch some nice dark horror, but was shocked when I was still skinning coyotes. Oops.

    • I was showing off RDR to some friends on the weekend, when they prompted me to rob/hijack a train. This is the series of unfortunate attempts:

      1. Spurred the horse too much, it got ran over by the train…
      2. Boarded the train between the locomotive and the first car. Then fell of while trying to climb to the front.
      3. Tried to hold up passengers in the first car. The driver stopped the train and ran away. Unfortunately, I could not drive the train for whatever reason.
      4. Managed to board the train, then climb to the top of the cars. Made it to the driver’s position, where he promptly ignored me…

      So, does anyone know how to rob/hijack trains in RDR?

  • I am sad to see Lost ending this week. I’m just as sad that I have to avoid all my favourite websites as they’ll be full of spoilers for the final episode. Goodbye, internet! See you in a few days.

    On that note, Red Dead Redemption is great. I enjoy multiplayer more than single-player. I just wish they didn’t have player icons above people in Free Roam. Imagine how much it would add to the suspense to be weary about everyone you came across… right now it’s basically just slaughter.

    • Yeh I agree. Show names of people in your posse, but not above everyone else. I’m happy for the dot to appear on the map so people can hunt you, but to blatantly show it above your head removes a lot of the fun.

      My dream is to be able to sneak up to people on horse back, lasso them and then drag them through the town square.

  • I’m going to launch today with Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

    I picked them both up on friday and got my gaming gear well and truly stuck into them, as I’m sure many others did.

    So, initial reactions.

    RDR held my attention until a repetitive glitch during a story mission (horses kept spawning with their feet under the ground in the cart race) shifted my focus to Alan Wake, which devoured the rest of my weekend.

    Both are engrossing games, although for different reasons.

    RDR has innumerable ways to enjoy yourself, from catching criminals and putting together outfits, to killing people or hogtieing them and letting the environment do the job.

    I laughed aloud when someone stole my horse was foiled when I whistled for it to return, which it did.

    Alan Wake is pure plot, distilled and refined until it’s as addictive as nicotine, except less damaging to your health.

    The layers of game plot, combined with pages of a manuscript interweave to give you tantalising glimpses of the future, making the future episodes must-buys.

    Combat is fast and frenetic, making you juggle multiple resources and utilise the environment.
    If forced to choose one over the other, I’d pick Wake because of my personal pasion for writing and being able to identify with the main character.

    Now that my long-winded analysis is over, do you agree/disagree? What were your favourite moments in playing these impressive games?

    • I hated, and I mean despised GTA4… but Red, ohhh it sooo goood.

      I’m slowly working my way through Alan Wake an episode a night… and it’s freakin me out man.
      I love the story, and even the narration isn’t that bad.

      • The narration made me flash back to Max Payne, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the same writer.

        Either that or it’s the character narration and description of what’s happening.

      • Really? I found GTAIV boring, so should I get Red Dead? i mean it looks cool and all, but I really don’t want to be bored.Because GTAIV mademe bored. Despite getting rave reviews. And I actually enjoyed the other GTA’s, III, Vice City and San Andreas. Played some of Episodes, ’twas ok.

        • Rockstar have done their best to pack the world full of stuff to do, probably because boredom was a common complaint from GTAIV.

          You can spend a vast amjority of your time riding around and making mischief and being rewarded for it.

  • I had a blast riding through RDR this weekend. Loving the single player, I’ve only just hit Mexico but I’m enjoying all the multitudes of random encounters, the strangers, the hunting, the bandits (except for Pike’s Basin, I don’t want to be shot every time I’m trying to get to Armadillo!). What surprised me was the multiplayer.

    See, I’m a single player man. No matter what game I pick up, I will always play single player first. Always. So, understandably after the first two days of play I hadn’t touched it. Then we had some guests over Saturday evening (one who has been playing on his PS3) so instead of playing missions we jumped into multiplayer for some action.

    Holy shit it’s awesome. Free roam lobby? Awesome! Bandit hideouts? Strangers? Ambient challenges?! Even more awesome! Not to mention the ease of creating and riding in posses, the ease of starting a game type, the little to no lag (occasional hiccup here and there). Wow. I’ve had to revise how long I reckon I’ll be lost in this game because of it, as I was expecting GTA IV type multiplayer which, while entertaining, didn’t hold me at all. Not to mention the lag.

    Lastly, was there a Kotaku review? Is there one coming up? I was a bit surprised I didn’t see it last week.

  • So like i caved in to EBGAMES Madmonday and got uncharted 2 for 50 bucks. my exams are in two weeks.

    I love making good decisions!

    On the side, did anyone see seamus on sunrise this morning? He was talking about how to protect your informatino on facebook. 😀

  • here’s the best pixel related video i have seen in a long while!

    Absolutely awesome!!

    Hope everyone’s weekends was a good one – i should be back into the full swing of my regular posts shortly.

    Got some birthday cash but i can’t seem to decide what to splurge it on… I basically have $100 to spend on games – but i don’t want to blow it on one game. Was thinking of getting the Fallout 3 GOTY ed from ebay for around $40… but i dunno

    suggestions guys?

    • +1 for Fallout 3.
      At $40, you’ve got some good bang-for-buck there.
      I’ve clocked in at 30+ hours, but I’ve read of some people clocking 100+ hours just because for the most part, they’d start wandering off somewhere unrelated and end up just screwing around for fun.

    • That video was AWESOME!!! It was really clever and brilliantly executed. I loved the hark back to ‘Come to Daddy’ at the start. Dave, please make this an article so more people watch it. It has Kong!!!

      Did you get a chance to check out from last week? Its a bit slow to start, but for a one man job, its the most incredibly beautiful animation I’ve seen.

  • A while ago I was listening to the F-Zero X soundtrack and I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome to have an F-Zero Guitar Hero/Rock Band, either as a disc or download.

    What do you guys think?

        • ‘Complete Brutal Legend soundtrack’

          Whilst enjoyable music, I highly doubt it can be classified as ‘video game music’. I think the intent here is for original game-featured scores. Such as found in Zelda, Mario, Halo, etc.

          Like how the Halo ‘MJOLNIR Remix’ was a free DLC for Guitar Hero 3 (?).

          • Yes, that was my intent. Although the tracks in Brutal Legend are awesome. Think original game music (console and arcade) e.g. Street Fighter, Sonic, Killer Instinct, the theme from Daytona etc.

    • I often thought a video-game-music themed rockband/gh would be pretty cool. A Wii exclusive with some rockin’ versions of Nintendo titles even sounds marketable. Fuck the Beatles and Green Day, I want the Song of Time!

  • Ha! I knew it would not be long until the next major incident occurred. Actually, although technically I’m not to blame for this one (much), I may have cocked things up a tad….

    So, as most of you know I’m a single dad, with 2 daughters, 9 and 11. I raise them on my own and without a motherly touch to guide them through girly issues, I think I’ve done pretty ok so far… Well, up to know.

    So, lately, they have been at each others throat. I’m told thats normal, but I worry all the same. However, 3 weeks ago, my eldest decided it would be fun to slag off her best friend on MSN, and posted bad, bad bad things about her. This obviously had repercussions she had not forseen.

    She normally is a great kid with a heart of gold, honest, but also has the uncanny ability to morph into a she-witch with the forsight of a donkey entering the Melbourne cup.

    Her web tyraid caused her great damage in her social scene. Not to mention the headache it caused me. I even unded up spending hours on the phone apologising to her besty for her actions and begged for her to give her another chance. Luckily a little ray of sunshine (read: biggest fluke in hell on the scale of which somehow that tubby tofty Preston food tasting git has become popular) she managed to patch things up as her besty forgave her.

    All was happy, until, I find out this afternoon, something deeply awful has happened. I’m still struggling with the mental process she went through in her actions, but somehow she decided it would be a good idea to rinse and repeat. Yep. Not too proud to say, she slagged of her bestie again on MSN.

    She sulkingly hopped in the car, telling me how her besty is threatening a punch in the face. I sat. Very quiet. I thought about moths who make kissing a light bulb a career highlight. I guess the moths must be happy, they keep doing it. Things must be better for them these days seeing as compact flouros run so much cooler, anyways I digress. I comfort her knowing her besty is too gentle to resort to face reconstruction, but am completely dismayed at the stupidity of her actions.

    We get home, and after some horrible conscience wrestling I spring into action, for I know the mission ahead is a tough one, frought with danger. So, I announce every girls worst nightmare and become “Most horrible man of the year award” (according to my daughters).

    “No more MSN” I announce as two little faces go pale. The screaming tantrum fits which then followed have most probably caused permanent inner ear damage.
    “In fact” (I stupidly add, sensing the gravity of my actions) “No more computers full stop until you can become respectful, trusting young ladies”

    I make a mad dash and quickly disconnect the upstairs computers kettle cord and stuff it down the back of the couch, unseen due to the howling. Then, like a slippery eel on an over buttered sandwich, I take possesion of my daughters laptop. I make a mad dash to the toilet with it, for I know the age of the boot speed is against me. Once safely locked in, I reset her password. She has been locked out.

    Even I was shocked I had the power to do such things. On reflection I think I may have been slightly delerious on power, for when my daughters screamed in horror at me “I’ll just use your computer Dad” I stupidly said…
    “Nope, I’m disabling my computer next”

    I gasped in my head at myself. “You stupid dense idiot, what the hell are you going to do? Take up knitting?” I shakingly unplug my own computer, and then for a breif moment it was silent. No whinging, no whining, no fans, or hdd’s. The whole house was in silent shock. I realised to myself, that in fact I am the stupid owner who entered the donkey in the Melbourne cup in the first place.

    Its now 1:10am, I feel like a low down, filthy, moralist web addicted failure. If my kids catch me on this computer typing this up, the whole jig is up.

    Can you even believe I said it will be like this for a month??? What the hell just happened????

    I just really hope it teaches them a valuable lesson about how to treat friends, and to not take things like MSN lightly. I know I will have to make this punishment stick, because next year high school starts and some legal studies schmuck will tell them they are their own person and they cant be punished for no one has authority over them…

    I just hope my actions will instill in them some respect for others, and that they eventually forgive me. As for now, I’m gonna have to keep Kotaku to late night risky missions and a school hours only luxury.


    • I don’t know why, but if I could, I would pat you on the head. In a comforting way, I’d assume.

      Also, I approve of your solution. Don’t worry, parenting is all about double standards just because you’re the adult. ;D

      *pat pat*

      • After the horror of my actions, I woke up this morning and wondered why the hell I just didn’t ban the internet by taking the modem…. But, this morning, I didn’t hear one complaint. They were back to their normal selves (pre MSN). It was strangely odd. Perhaps its a ruse to sucker me in to crumble….
        Your right Bish, double standards is what parenting is isnt it? I don’t feel so guilty now sneaking use of the computer when their not about, I just hope I dont get caught!

        • What! You hope you don’t get caught? Who’s the parent here you or them? You’re punishing them, not yourself. I say use it even more when they’re around (it will add to the punishment). You’re the parent, YOU set the rules and YOU pay for the damn internet. So don’t bother tiptoeing around them.

          • I don’t think he means feeling guilty about using the computer so much as he is trying to teach the girls a lesson, and being ‘caught’ would serve to undermine this. Am I right, Qumulys?

            Anyhow, I think you’ve taken the right stance. Perhaps a little drastic, but certainly well intended. Perhaps in future, instead of having to resort to almost Draconian measures, it would be better to establish rules of conduct for computer use:
            Time restrictions
            Frequent but irregular monitoring of content
            Then, each transgression could result in maybe 1 or 2 days without access for the offender. It would reinforce the lessons learned from this initial period, without creating as much chaos for yourself.

            But, hey, I don’t have kids, so I could be talking out of my ass here.

            Also, let your eldest patch up her relationship with her friend by herself this time. Obviously intervene if things get bad, but it might do her some good to feel the repurcussions of her actions directly from her friend (who, after all, is the innocent party here). I know the it would be harder for me to fess up and apologise to my friends than it would to live without computer access for a week, and I’m willing to bet that this might make her think twice about slagging off her friends in the future.
            Maybe a little bit of ‘how would you like it?’ wouldn’t go astray.

            Again, these are just things I thought of, and I apologise if it appears I’m telling you how to raise your kids. This is written with good intentions.

          • Yeah, The Cracks said it very well. I put the words out there that it would do us ‘all’ good to stay away from computers (stupidly), so I have to stick to my words! :/ Whoops. But hopefully it makes a difference.

            Oh and Cracks, I am letting her patch things up this time (if thats even possible..). I should have let her patch it it herself last time, but after seeing her cry for 2 days of trying, I caved and had to step in and help her. Not this time though.

            I think both have forgotten about the PS3 browser (understandable), but if they do remember it, I’ll have to take the ps3 away too….Noooooo!!!

          • It’s never a good thing to see someone you love upset. But sometimes tough love is the order of the day.
            I just hope for everyone’s sake that they can remain friends after this.

        • respect to all the single parents out there.

          Why would your eldest daughter slag her best friend? It seems rather… counter-productive.

          And oh, for the love of everything holy in the world, please don’t let them listen to Ke$ha or Justin Bieber.

          • Cheers mate 🙂 I have no idea why she thought it was a good thing to do… Must be some girly thing going on..?

            Although she likes justin and kesha (to my utmost disgust), I’ve been teaching her good musicians and she is awesome on guitar for her age. I dragged them to see Regina Spektor a few weeks back, to give her a taste of a real musician.

          • Am I ever.
            *looking at right now

            Well, I think the punishment is working. Her BFF has forgiven her, as she has excepted her fate without computers. She’s even taken up scrapbooking! But I will still hold out punishment for a full week.

          • HAHA i remember imposing a computer-ban on myself once before.

            I’ve never had such great productivity in my life. ALas, i’ve now discovered kotaku and well… I have many lectures to catch up on.

            Regarding boyfriends you are so going to have such a headache, with kids getting hitched at 14 these days. =.=”

          • Good to see that things appear to be working out. Yay for punitive measures!



    Wow, what an ending. So glad they wrapped up Sayid’s true love storyline and finally revealed where Vincent was hanging out the entire time.

    May we all end up in our own personal limbo.

  • WOW! – so who else couldn’t give a toss about lost?!

    ..i am so sick of everyone talking about it – it wasn’t even a very good show to begin with. The fact that even the writers didn’t know where it was going made it that much worse…

    In other new – RIP Paul Gray from Slipknot – I love the knot and it is indeed a sad day – the metal world seems to be copping a few blows to the chin this past couple weeks. They say these things come in threes, so by that logic there is to be one more… please don’t let it be Ozzy…

    • Argh, Lost… I watched the first few episodes, then got sick of the show constantly getting moved all over the place, so I gave up on it.
      Lucky I did, as the word SPOILER, with non blacked out text straight after it (looks up at Chris) means you can’t not help but see. Talk about lucky!

      Don’t say Ozzy…. Why did you say Ozzy! WHY????

    • I wholeheartedly agree that Lost was rubbish, and everyone should get over themselves right about now.

      And if you’ve jinxed Ozzy, I won’t be able to control my actions! But seriously, it would be an absolute tragedy to lose Ozzy.

    • Well i don’t want to jinx the guy – but he does seem to be the most likely to have it happen to.. i seriously hope not though…

      • Yeah, when you look at some of the old rockers, it boggles the mind that they haven’t died within the last 10 years already. I’m thinking Ozzy, Keith Richards, etc.
        Hell, even Brian Johnson and Angus Young with all the smoking they do…

          • He’s like a damn cockroach, isn’t he?
            Not even falling out of a tree could hold him down for long…

          • Remember the Robin Williams bit about doing coke with Keith Richards?

            “There is a cure for every disease known to man… and it exists within Keith Richards”.

    • I wouldn’t be too cut about Ozzy. I know that sounds really horrible, and I’m not wishing that he’d be next, but I still think the wrong Sabbath member was taken.

  • So I finally succumbed to temptation and got Alan Wake. I don’t have much money to spend on games these days (as I’m unemployed), but I couldn’t resist it any longer. So I grabbed a handful of games I don’t play anymore and went to trade them in.

    I wanted to get Red Dead Redemption as well, but alas I can’t afford it, and I’m not trading any more games. I got it at EB, so I figured I could just play the hell out of it, clock it, and take it back within the 7 days and swap it for Red Dead (I think I’ll spend a lot more time with Red Dead anyway).

    Anyway, I’m off to immerse myself in Alan Wake.

    • Also, even though I didn’t pre-order it they gave me a card with download codes for a theme and male and female avatar shirts. I have no use for the female one, so at 5 p.m. today I will post the code and it can go to the quickest copy/paster.

      Dave, tell me if this isn’t allowed and I will cease and desist. Otherwise good luck people.

    • I’m actually enjoying Alan Wake more than Red Dead at the moment. Alan Wake has a gripping story that just keeps sucking me back in. In Red Dead, however, I find that I keep getting distracted by the myriad things to do, and don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment after a play session that Alan Wake gives me.

  • Man, Alan Wake Really sucks you into the story.

    Anyway, here’s the code as promised.


    Good luck, and may the fastest copy/paster win.

      • ‘Twern’t nothin’. I wasn’t gonna use it, so I figured someone else might as well have it. If anyone got it can you just post so everybody knows if it’s gone or not.

        • I’d say with the lack of a “thank you” it would have gone to some pathetic low life lurker who never even contributes to the site… if thats the case then it seriously sucks..

          Good on ya anyway mate – t’was real decent of you

  • ok – so if i buy Fallout 3 GOTY ed from the UK for $40 – will it limit me from anything in the future DLC or expansion wise?
    IE – will it work with aus version of the upcoming new vegas expansion?

    Or will it be the same as any other PAL game with no limitations for my console?

    • If it’s a PAL version, everything will be fine.
      The GOTY edition contains all DLC packs for Fallout 3, and no more are planned for future release.

      Also, New Vegas is *not* an expansion, but is a completely new game in the Fallout universe. Not made by Bethesda (although they are publishing it).

      • Ok – thanks for making me feel stupider 😛 lol

        nw i feel much better and am going to buy the shiz outta this!

        • I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it. Make sure you go roaming through the wilderness on occasion, as it can yield many surprisingly fun side missions.

    • Oh yeah! I’ve been considering getting fallout 3. Should I? Or wait for new vegas? I’m kind of hesitant when it comes to RPGs…..

      • While Fallout 3 is an RPG, it plays a bit like a shooter in some respects. With a truckload of content by default, and a bunch more as DLC, Fallout 3 will keep you engrossed for a long time. I’d recommend getting it whether or not you get New Vegas, as it is one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played.

        That, and it has Liam Neeson in it. Seriously, Liam Neeson is reason alone to buy Fallout 3.

        • +1 for Liam Neeson.
          Such a lovely voice he has. And the accent, oh my. *swoons*

          Also, just be wary if you’re going to get 3 but are waiting for New Vegas. At the end of 3, I was pretty sick of the same-brown green rubble that was everywhere, and although Vegas promises to slightly more lively, it’s still going to be a big desolate wasteland. You might burn yourself out playing 3.

        • You used Liam Neeson as a supporting argument? FOR SHAME! I joke. Thanks. I think I might pick up the GOTY edition.

          And thanks Bish. I’m not wanting to play 3 in prepartaion for New Vegas, It’s more due to the fact that my friend is yelling into my ear that we’re one day closer to New Vegas. So i wanted to try A fallout game. And seeing i can get 3 for cheap and not have to wait for it to come out, I’ll get 3.

          Thanks for the advice guys!

  • So I found this old DVD of the E3 press conferences from 2005 I had. Just thought I’d put my thoughts down about a few things.

    So many games shown at the Sony conference for the PS3 were either cancelled or never heard of again.
    * Eyedentify
    * Killing Day
    * Ni-Oh
    * The Getaway
    * Fifth phantom Saga

    is it just me, or is it a little unethical to have all these trailers at the debut of the PS3 if they were never going to actually become games? I’m guessing if you asked the developers today they would probably tell you that Sony asked them for a trailer, and that’s exactly what they got. They also previewed Gran Turismo which I think is hilarious.

    Another interesting thing was this 30 second video shown by Rockstar games of a western themed game, I don’t think it was just a souped up clip from Red dead revolver, I actually think it’s was ridiculously early footage of RDR.

    Off to watch the 360 conference.

    • Interesting to follow up on those magically disappearing games. Let us know what you find in the Xbox section 😛

    • I wouldn’t really call it “unethical” so long as they actually did intend for the game to come out; I mean, games fade in and out of development all the time.
      I love keeping old copies of gaming mags for this reason though; to have a “where are they now” special of past games.

      PCPP #133, Christmas 2006: Alan Wake, heh.
      Some random E3 “300 Games you must Play” special from 2004: Half Life 2, Halo 2, Metroid Prime, God of War, WoW, Kingdom Hearts 2, Stalker, GTA:SA, KotOR II, etc etc.
      Oh, here’s a good one! Starcraft Ghost! Also: “PSP: The coolest gadget since the first Playstation is set to land early next year!” Oh, and a very early Dragon Age shot.

  • I’m off to Shanghai tonight.. 1am :0 Hopefully it wont stop me from entering to win Blur! Unless I won yesterday of course.. then there would be no need!
    Now all I need to decide is what to take on the plane.. DSi XL, GBA, or laptop.. or all 3! Decisions decisions…

    • Laptop so you have choice to either watch movies/tv series or play games.

      And bring the DSi XL if your battery finishes before the flight ends.

  • Following up on my previous comment, I’m curious, what gaming related tattoos do you guys have or would like to have? Or you just think would be straight up awesome.

      • Well, given that these men are burly and powerful, and when they fight people get hurt… No, nothing like AFL.

        AFL is a stupid sport – you get points for missing the main goals… And all the players are pansies.

        • I swear the reason this country will fall into a civil war is AFL vs Rugby fights.

          Point for missing the goal in AFL? Pfft, in rugby don’t you get points if you can’t be bothered getting to the end zone and just kicking the ball from where you are? 😉

          • 😀
            I just enjoy winding people up. Couldn’t really care less about who enjoys what sport. Personally, I prefer rugby (as you’ve probably already noticed).

  • Maybe I’m the only one, but perhaps looking into the Prince Of Persia movie adverts, for me at least that are system crippling here at work…

  • Star Wars: Old Republic.
    It’s looking to me to be one of the best MMOs (when it *finally* releases). But that could just be my Star Wars love shining through…


    (And no, I don’t think it will be a ‘WoW Killer’ – WoW is just too entrenched).

    • Yes, it’s looking awesome.

      I think MMO’s have realised they can’t topple WOW, so to get a consistent market base they’ve needed to improve quality.

      SW:TOR and GW2 both look excellent.

      I’m just sad that TOR isn’t coming to console… it means i’m going to have to finally fix my pc in order to play it.

      • Well, you’ve got a while to prepare for Old Republic. Bioware have said it won’t release in fiscal 2010.

        I hope they release the beta soon, though.

    • haha yeh these things can take a few weeks sometimes

      I’m anxiously waiting for my Comm Service award to arrive – i really want to lay into some aliens vs predator and kick the missus’ butt at Hasbro games night…

      ..or at least tell myself i’ll kick her butt as she usually kills me at most board games… except guess who… i freakin rock and guessing who!

      • Speaking of which, wasn’t David supposed to announce the new prizes yesterday? Or did I just miss the post somehow?

  • EBGames is having an epic sale right now, a lot of things for half-price, a lot more discounted!

    I’m probably going to buy Metro2033 (it’s half price, and includes the EBGames extra), maybe Crysis and also, I want your opinion, should I actually buy CoD4 (which is for $45 as well), Fary Cry 2 (I’m not sure if it’s good or not).

    This just seems too good to be true, but it looks true enough.

      • Scratch that. Went to take cover behind something last night and ended up ~50 metres in the air o.O
        Died on impact…

  • So the Autechre gig was pretty good. If I had known they were coming on at midnight I wouldn’t have shown up to secure my front row centre spot at 8. Anyway I managed to skip the entire line of people because I unknowingly started having a smoke right in front of the entrance to the forum, as soon as security told us to line up I was the second person in.

    This guy called Mark Prichard was the first opening act. He had some good parts, except when he started getting all experimental towards the end and kept the same droning bass note going for like 3 mins at a time. The second opening act, a guy called Rob Hall, was much more drum and bassy. He got the entire crowd “dancing”. I’ve never found this music to be danceable. Besides moving my head a little I basically just sit and listen.

    Autechre played in the dark, no lightshow, no smoke machine. It was all about the music. It was like a sick joke on the people that went there to “dance” like tools. The drumbeat changed every 10 seconds. Incomprehensible samples played over and over. It’s almost as if Autechre took a song and put it in a blender. Everyone had no choice but to play attention to the music being played. I loved it. Too bad they only played for 90 mins.

    Anyway besides the band the highlight of the night was this kid that wanted to steal my spot at the front. I swear this guy was 3 apples tall and kept on elbowing me in the ribs to get me to move aside. If Mr Smurf thinks I’ve been standing here for 4 hours only to let this guy take my spot he’s got another thing coming. As soon as he realised I was about to beat the shit out of him if he elbowed me again, he promptly apologized and disappeared into the crowd. In all fairness I was far taller than him, so he probably didn’t see anything. But that’s not my problem. Grow 15’ taller you twatwaffle.

    When the hell is Squarepusher coming to Australia?

    Listen. Learn

  • Watched The Losers last night. Awesome film. In fact, I just purchased the graphic novels ^_^
    First four out of five TP releases were relatively cheap on Amazon. Then the fifth one was listed at US$188. Wtf?
    Anyhow, I bought the first four, for a total of AU$66 including shipping, and found an Australian online comic shop that had the last one for $31 + $5 shipping. Not too bad.

    Go see the movie.

  • I’m nearly going insane trying to remember an old game I played (online).

    It was a kiddy-type online RPG where you fought your opponents and if you won you could swap out sections of armour/body parts (arms, legs, torso etc) with your foe’s. Apart from that the only other thing I remember is a sewer level with a switch and a bit set on a city roof arena with dodgem car things. It did have some kind of storyline… It wasn’t a first person or third person game and the graphics were from a cartoon or something.

    Did anyone else play this game or am I just crazy?

  • Ah Mondays. Back to work. Well I just beat episode five of Alan Wake before going to bed last night so I’ll hopefully be done with that game tonight. Then on to Splinter Cell Conviction methinks.

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