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  • StopBluebird? Whats the go? Good Game, here and another gaming site (coughigncough). Looking like its more of a video game suprise more than anything else?

    • I have to agree, I enjoy ARG’s or viral marketing as much as any guy. So long as it isn’t shoved down my throat in a pretty ridiculous attempt at appearing to be a ‘hacked broadcast.’ Fly away blue bird, if we care about you, we’ll find you on our own.

  • So. Is anyone bothering to try and ‘Stop Bluebird”?

    I thought Donald Campbell did a good job back in 1967….

  • So who’s brave enough to try and get on the Halo: Reach beta today?

    I innocently decided to download the Split Second demo last night on XBL (a pretty small 800Mb) and it will still downloading in the morning (6 hours later) I suspect the desire of many on downloading the beta is slowing all of XBL down.

    Wonder if the beta will be in iiNet’s freezone?

    • Well judging by the release time (both Bungie and Major Nelson have stated that it’ll be available late morning PST) it’ll be available here in the middle of the night. I’ll jump on before work tomorrow and start the download, but I’m expecting it to be slow due to the mass of people after it. It won’t make much of a difference to me as I’ll be playing in the evening, but I’m sure people who are at home will be a bit frustrated.

      And the download should be unmetered, as I would assume the content would be hosted on Microsoft’s servers.

  • hey it’s ebgames starlight week. whether u support/hate eb games or not this is a good cause for the kids. so get online and donate some cash to the starlight rooms. i’ve seen the work the captains do for the sick kids and it is amazing, so if you can help out, go for it

  • I was wondering if I should get a 3D tv?, does anyone already have one?. It seems inevitable now that everyone will jump on the 3D bandwagon.

    I’ve noticed that some 3D content is actually stating to pop up on Aussie TV, has anyone seen that 3D ad for Hyundai?, the state of origin is apparently in 3D as well.

    • FREEZE! Drop the money back to your piggy bank, raise your hands and then slowly exit the electronic store.

      Nah, don’t bother mate. Buy it in 1~2 years when actual contents have come out and the TV is half the price of what it is now.

    • I’m with all of the above, it took me a few years before I jumped on the 1080p bandwagon.

      This is mainly for games really, as even now, alot of TV shows are simply in Widescreen and not filmed in a HD resolution. So the way I see it, not all shows are 720p or 1080p yet, so it will take a fair while longer before 3D is standard.

      I’m also not looking forward to wearing Battery powered glasses to watch the 3D content to bring with…

    • save your money; think of it as an apple product or a new version of windows; always crap when it first comes out. (and some might argue crap forever in terms of apple products)

      You lose nothing by sitting and waiting in the market, and if 6 months down the track you really want a 3D tv and everyone’s been saying it’s a good buy then go for it. But for now, it seems really iffy and is really expensive to boot.

    • 3D technology is likely to evolve and change quite a lot over the next few years.

      As much as it is tempting, what with the media making 3D out like its the greatest ‘new’ thing, save your money and wait for the technology to evolve.
      Why buy a 3D tv requiring glasses when in a few years there will no doubt be glasses free 3D screen technology.

    • The State of Origin will be the first 3D tv broadcast world wide. It is worth buying a 3D tv just for that.

      Plus Avatar 3D will be out later in the year, also worth it just for that.

      I would deffinatley buy a 3D tv if i had the cash. My HD tv cost $2000 when i bough it and now goes for $800.

      If you have the cash available do it.

      • So for a (min) $2000 TV, that’s $500 per “event” this year… nope, that isn’t value for money…

        At this point in time, if you are in the market for a TV, opt in for a 1080p TV, they are floating in at just over $1000 nowdays, the TV will last you long enough to save for a 3D TV in a number of years when there are more than 4 things to watch on it per year…

      • Mind you, they word their ads pretty carefully. Pretty sure whats-his-face from Channel 9 Sports says something along the lines of “worldwide first: broadcast live in 3D for Free-to-Air television”.
        Note the Free-to-Air part? A few months ago Sky (in the UK) broadcast a soccer/football game in 3D at a bunch of pubs, although I’d imagine since the broadcast was live, it wasn’t only only the pubs, and anybody who got Sky and had a 3D TV would have gotten the same effect (

    • I wouldn’t splash out just yet. Having said that, I got a chance to check out some of the golf on a 3d Panasonic plasma the other day (didn’t get model no. I’m afraid), and have to say it looked pretty epic. I was very skeptical, but this viewing went a long way to changing my tune on the whole 3d TV thing.

  • i just posted something similar in the $25 roundup list from ‘the week that was’, so i’ll be quick with my summary.

    two questions for you fellow readers:

    1. have you completely lost faith in nintendo having run down a list of games and features of this generation of handhelds and consoles, or do you still hold out for 1st-party titles?

    2. what do you think of the idea of trade-ins? as a uni student working only outside of the uni semester im strapped for cash, and as i like to splurge on collectors editions my money tends to drain quickly, meaning its necessary to trade in to get new games.

    do you find yourself wishing you hadn’t traded something in when a friend asks “what happenned to mirror’s edge?” and you remember how great a game it was?

    even oblivion, something i logged 50 plus hours on and completed the majority of quests, i find myself wishing i had kept for the odd pick up, or a chance to revisit the shivering isles.

    wow, not as brief as i thought, but still.
    love to know what you guys and girls think.

    • I never trade.

      I can’t afford to buy many new games either unless they are stupidly cheap.

      But still… i never trade. I like having all of my games. They are my babies. It’s comforting to have them sitting there as a reminder to my scant few gaming achievements.

      When it comes to collectors editions, just pre order early and treat it like a lay-buy. Slap $10 on it a week, which most anyone can afford, then it’ll be paid off in no time and you’ll be playing on launch day with your wallet still not slapping you in the face.

      But as i said, i usually wait for the price drop or X-mas or Birthdays lol

    • 1. To be honest, I don’t really care about 1st or 3rd partyness. I rarely pay attention to developers because when the game boots up, I’m too busy mashing A or start to try skip the company logos to actually notice the logos.
      The DS, as a platform, is great. Certainly alot of the games out there are rubbish like Imagine: Babysitter and Jake Power: Firefighter and Bratz: How to be a Skanky Tween, but it’s not all bad. It certainly manages to keep good games in a steady flow. Edgeworth, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Infinite Space and Strange Journey being some of the more notable recent outings.
      Even if Nintendo themselves have perhaps moved away from new non-casual gamer IPs, someone else is still toiling away on something, so that’s good.

      2. I don’t trade in, because, as Chuloopa says, they’re mah babbies. I’ve got a 44L plastic storage container full of PS2, PSP and DS games, and 2 very not wide rows of PC games. I just don’t like the idea of trading games in because it’d almost be like that $50 (or whatever) I spent on the game had gone to waste, since I no longer have the product.
      Of course, I usually buy games at the cheap; I used to raid EB heavily when they had those $25/2-for-$50 specials. Sure the games were 1 or 2 years old, and yeah I was a little behind, but I’ve got enough of a games backlog to clear out that it’d probably take a year or so to fully clear out, in which case I’d have to catch up on the year that passed clearing out the backlog anyway, so it all works out.

    • +1 for not trading in games… although there have been some games that I bought on a whim when it was like $10 or so… though there have been a few now that I have thought, why did I get that? (as it hasn’t ben played and don’t see myself ever playing it, so will look to get rid of it)

      Currently all my PS2, PS1, GC (and some Mega Drive) Games are in storeage… PSP and Wii games are getting close to be put into storage also.

      But yeah, I try and get the cheapest price available, but that’s tough as I usually get the Collector’s Editions, they do bleed you dry! I’ve got a Splinter Cell Conviction CE on hold at the moment, until I get through to next pay.

      My problem is that I also have a bad case of OCD, so for me, importing is a no-no, because I have to have the version that it from our region!

      I’ve recently started importing and I’ll be looking to buy the local versions of games and returning the overseas copy *cough*… Recently picked up Dragon Age, Darksiders & Ashes 2009 and that set me back AU$80.. .I’d still be looking at about $250 if it was here…

      On 1st Party vs 3rd Party, it generally doesn’t worry me, but 95% of all 1st Party games generally are better becuase they have more time and resources to make it… but yeah, a good game is a good game, no matter who makes it…

    • 1. I’m confident in Nintendo’s own ability as a developer. However it’s the fact that they let tons of shovelwares into their consoles that worry me to no end. Unless I actively scour websites to read reviews I would have little ideas on what’s worthy or not (supposing I’m just an average joe). I have no problem with casual gaming that it’s trying to promote but again that doesn’t mean that Nintendo has the right to shove millions of crap in the name of money.

      2. I never traded in my stuff, nor would I ever. Once I bought it it was an investment and I’d keep the box forever 🙂 When Steam was cheap(er) I bought pretty much everything off that unless it’s CE. Of course I only do this if I don’t mind missing the paper manuals… Also trade ins mean less money for the developers (and more for EB/JB/etc) so as a developer I’m fully against it!

    • I never ever trade cause it simply isn’t a good deal.

      But I’ve read enough articles online about how your ’round the corner’ game store relies greatly on pre-owned games sales, so if you love your local EB that much by all means go for it to support them.

      I tend to only buy games that are proven to be really good like fallout 3 and GTA4, so if you don’t buy ‘marginally good’ games (IMO) like darksiders you would never end up trading since all the games you have are real gems.

      in terms of development with Nintendo, I’d leave it to the real experts to debate 😀

    • In relation to trades, I’m a trade baiter – ie. I hunt out stuff not on the various gaming store’s exclusions list for as cheap as possible, with the sole intention of trading them for a new title. Occasionally I’ll play one of the games I pick up just to have a look, but generally stuff gets bought and I’ll go trade it almost straight away.

      Stuff I buy for myself I’ll keep, unless I develop a massive hatred for it (read: Mario Kart Wii) or an opportunity comes up (eg. trading retro games for other retro stuff).

      • thats an interesting point about mariokart wii, aaron, as it sort of shattered my faith in nintendo as well as made me decide to trade in not only my wii games but console as well.

        In truth it isnt just down to mariokart wii, but the game was nothing like what i had expected (i much preferred double dash), and the online was bug ridden and just generally disastrously unbalanced and the results autonomous of skill level (mine was low to begin with).

        super smash bros brawl, mario galaxy, metroid corruption, etc, are all great titles, but not enough to keep the console going. the disgustingly hindered online component of brawl (friend CODES???) and the fact my original imported brawl with freeloader was made useless was a bit of a blow.

        i understand the shovelware is third party, but the longevity and support for first party titles was insufficient to keep the console being played.

        • “[Nintendo game sequels], etc, are all great titles, but not enough to keep the console going” Are you sure? Because if the past few years are anything to go by, I’m pretty sure it has.
          We’re all aware of the stigma that is “Classic Nintendo”; grabbing classic IPs, giving them a new coat of paint, a bit of a tweak, and booting it into stores so it can sell like hotcakes. Most of us are aware of this, but the worst part is, we go out and get it anyway. Alot of us are still pretty keen for Metroid: Other M and another Zelda title.
          And it certainly makes sense for them, doesn’t it? They have established, recognisable game titles that basically print money for them.

          From a DS perspective (I don’t have a Wii), with New Super Mario Brothers and Spirit Tracks somewhat slotting into the ‘more of the same’ category, I suppose the longevity comes down to two things:
          1. The cash cow that is Nintendo. Old IPs bring in the cash and raise the popularity of the console for developers to actually want to make games for the DS.
          2. Third party devs to do whatever they do. EBA/Osu and Trauma Centre were the first few games (I think) for people to actually go “Woah, touch screen”, rather than it just being there for gimmicky reasons. And for the more hardcore games, the community starts to rally together and they’re the ones to provide the support. GFAQs still has TWEWY in its Top 10 Message boards for the DS which ain’t bad for a 2 year old game.

          I forget where I was going with this, but I suppose it doesn’t boil down to (purely) Nintendo as a 1st party dev or whatnot.

          • i completely understand what you’re saying, but i guess it boils down to how i use my xbox 360 and other devices.

            longevity means a great deal to me in the absence of frequency of great titles, and while the wii’s initial lineup blew away any opposition, it failed to follow up for a long period following the release of brawl.

            also, i admit i prefer shooters, rpgs and arcade games, and the xbox seems ideally suited whereas the wii is lacking in this area. perhaps you can see the stack of shooters on xbox, pc and ps3 as a new form of shovelware, but the parallels with wii are tenuous.

            i just find the wii has had a long period without any titles that bridge that with longevity, online or otherwise, as well as without any engaging new titles.

            sure, this is set to change, and to a lesser degree is already in motion, with monster hunter tri, tatsunoko vs capcom, metroid: other m, etc. but in comparison to the titles on other consoles these are far less spectacular.

            Bish, in response to your last statement, i completely agree that Nintendo’s first party game development responsibilities aren’t the sole reason for a perceived lack of confidence in the console.

            however it is hard to judge the wii’s recent releases as on par with the competing consoles in terms of the hardcore gamer, and with natal, move, reach, etc on the horizon, more and more people are going to be trading in their dust-gathering wii.

          • Mmm, yeah, I get what you’re saying and it’s a fair enough point.
            Although I’m pretty curious as to where the Move and Natal take their respective companies. Not to say that it’ll happen overnight, but opening up their market for more accessible gameplay might lead to interest from casual gamers, which might then start edging out hardcore gamers (so that no matter what platform we get, we’re left waiting for more intense games, hooray). Isn’t one of the first games using Move another sort of mini-game compilation (in the same vein as, say Wii Sports)?
            As Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation randomly badgers on about; I don’t want to be coming home from work each day and playing, say, an RPG, having to flail my limbs wildly about just to unwind and relax.
            Or hey, maybe it won’t. Interesting times ahead!

    • I sold my super nintendo and megadrive when i was about 18. One of my biggest regrets. I have never sold or traded a game since.

      I would suggest waiting a month or 2 after the games come out and buy new at a reduced price or buy second hand. I buy most of my games second hand due to the cost savings.

      I will only buy a game full priced if it has peripherals like Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Tony Hawk Ride

  • Andrew, apparently if you’re dead keen for a 3D screen the way to go is wait atleast 2 years as by that time like you mentioned tv will be broadcast in 3D in the way analog signal is being made obsolete now for digital to takeover. From what I’ve seen of the new LED screens I’m more likely to replace my LCD with one of those, best full hi def picture I’ve seen so far and without the need of goggles to maximize enhancement. Will 3D be in full hi def tho is the critical question ?

  • I’m the wrong person to ask about Nintendo sorry; I haven’t owned a Nintendo since my NES was relegated to a box in the garage. Not really sure of the reason I guess I turned to PC for a large chunk of Nintendo’s early success and turned to Xbox in the GameCube era and even snubbed the insanely successful DS for my not so well loved PSP. Despite my wife being keen on a Wii fit, to many of my lesser gaming oriented mates and family have a Wii gathering dust in the corner. So I’m happy to wait out for Natal or PSN Move for my casual motion based gaming needs.

    With respect to game trading it is a tricky and multi-sided hot potato. Obviously the developers and more importantly publishers hate it as they don’t see a cent of the additional sale. This isn’t completely true as folks like you use the trade in cash to then purchase new full retail titles. On the other side of the coin EB probably wouldn’t survive on full retail games alone, but then I think the pre-owned prices they ask are highway robbery. As a rule I tend to avoid the pre-owned versions of games given, the incredible mark up and idealistically think I’m helping the developers (don’t really care about the publishers) if I buy full retail copies.

    Having said that I’d love a service like Gamefly (available in the US) where you kind of indefinitely rent games for a monthly subscription. Allowing you to either buy them out right or send it back when you are done with it and receive another in return. A service I’m sure publishers hate, but only works in densely populated zones like the US or UK.

      • The preview shown in the ads show bits n’ pieces from actual (I assume) gamers/past addicts, and some footage of CS, so I think they’ve at least tried not to do the normal route of just interviewing psychologists and parent groups that instantly demonise gaming.

        Although I eagerly await the minute the report is over to see all the posts/comments (on here or other AU sites) listing the 652789523902134752764 ways in which it was inaccurate. ;D

        • The biggest mistake that they have done so far when reporting about this matter is the failure to relevantly connect current trends (Gen Y) with their study. They just straight up demonise games and yet fail to try and explain the reason why this addiction is possible in the first place, for example, the availability of internet to just about everyone, failed parenting and developers primal mentality of addiction = money.

          You folks at Kotaku would understand what I just said but to the target audience of 7PM project all of the above would fly right above their heads =/ I sincerely hope that the show would aim to EDUCATE and not SENSATIONALISE gaming addiction.

        • That guy who broke up with his girlfriend by playing 14-18 hours a day with only toilet breaks was playing Dynasty Warriors.

          Although he probably didn’t, i still find it funny to imagine someone playing dynasty warriors for more than 14 hours.

          (I do play DW, i actually enjoy it, but even after finishing every characters musou and getting Red Hare, (and previously collecting their ultimate weapons) 14 hours is still quite a stretch.)

          But then again, the game was probably picked as an illustration. lol

    • The only decent effort I have seen related to gaming addiction was the movie doco Second Skin, having been a WoW player ( although mo where near the degree these guys reached ) I saw how easy it was to become addicted. Video game addiction left untreated was basically as bad as gambling, people losing relationships, jobs, friends etc. I’ll admit I took a day off work to play WotLK expansion but these guys would take a week. I’ll assume now that this segment will be no more than an irritating prod at gamers, the reality is that most gamers are more sociable than people would like to believe, we game together, networked, against each other or for some lucky people for work. And if they don’t pull the anti-social card then it will be that games cause people to commit crimes, in which case I will promptly hijack a luxury car at gunpoint will slapping a hoe and casting an AoE spell with loads of DoT! To conclude my mid-afternoon rant we could be doing a lot worse than button bashing our lives away, we’re not addicted we just found something better to do.

      On that note, watermelon doesn’t taste like watermelon if you drink it. Only when you eat it.

  • So, I missed out on a piano I was after, but on a rather silly whim ended up with an awesome second-hand drum-kit! Took me 2 hours to get it all setup, and then 10 minutes until the neighbours came over and complained. I’m beginning to think it was a dud purchase…..

    • Take up the bagpipes.

      They’ll beg you to go back on the drums.
      Also, you can buy thin rubber to cover the heads… our drummers use them during practice, they do reduce the noise somewhat.

    • You should have gone the classy route and got yourself a saxophone!

      …Man i really should start playing my bass again… i haven’t had a play with that thing for well over a year now…

      • I can play bass, piano/keyboards, guitars and drums. Playing them well is a different story though! I did try learning to read music as a kid, but never got the hang of it. Instead, I play everything by ear and improvise a lot. I say its time you dusted the bass off again, and grow yer hair long! :p

    • It was a dud purchase, neighbours are so irritating sometimes. But if you don’t play it late at night i guess it’s ok, normally i don’t get noise complaints when being noisy before 10pm.

      You could get does flurry sticks instead of the proper drum sticks to practise, or muffle the bass drum and not smash the cymbals/crash too hard too.

      I’d love to learn piano but i’m too old to learn to read notes again =[

  • I was woken up this morning at 6am buy a semi-trailer reversing into the construction site near my place, so I decided to see if the Halo Reach beta was ready for download. The good news is that it was. But a couple of hours later when I decide to star playing, it doesn’t let me. According to Bungie, there are problems with their servers handling the mass influx of players. Fair enough I guess, but I really want to play!

    The whole ordeal seems very familiar. If I’m not mistaken, this something similar happened when the the Halo 3 Beta went live.

    • Seems to me that halo is the gaming version of Justin beiber or twilight.

      Thats right, all 3 have a hysterical fan base that will trample each other just to get to the juicy bits whilst emitting ear shattering screams.

      Also, i don’t like any of those 3 things. Coincidence? I think not!!

      … That being said, i would LOVE to see master cheif brutally slaughter both Edward and Beiber.

    • This is all too common 🙂 They should start implementing a proper Queue system which normally don’t happen with Betas. Would also help to not send more beta keys than your server can handle! Just be glad they found the problem early and during beta, no on the first day of play! (I’m looking at you, Aion)

  • Aaaaargh completely forgot, there is a Trivia Night for gaming enthusiast tonight in Melbourne. Location is BLVD Bar in Southbank. Bar opens at 7, trivia at 8PM. I’m not sure if you can come in and register on the door but regardless just come along and laugh at us failing to answer 😀

    More info here:

      • Friend them on facebook/check out their site time to time. Lots of meetings and things 🙂

        If you’ve got time tonight, seriously just drop by!

  • Who’s going to Sydney Supanova this year ? I’ll be rocking a Kaptain Kotaku Kustom shirt !!! Make sure you get photographed with me. I just realized the difficulties that might arise from that shirt with all 3 capital letters. Kaptain Kotaku Customs it is then. Sorry…

    • I’ll hopefully see you there.

      I wanted to cosplay up as a heavy from TF2 but my lack of time due to full time work and part time uni makes it near impossible to find the time (because I have to squeeze in gaming time somewhere).

  • Is anyone else having problems with the US Kotaku mobile site redirecting the the full AU site? I usually like to browse both the AU and US mobile Gawker sites on my PSP or phone when I can’t get to a PC, but the redirects are making it bloody impossible. Same goes for any other Gawker mobile site with an AU counterpart. Anyone?

  • I just heard that Jessica Watson is not getting any around the world yatching record. Apparently she did not qualify as A. She is not over 18 (a new rule) and B. She did not spend long enough in the Northern Hemisphere.
    What I think stinks is her ‘Media Contact’ fellow. Apparently he knew she would not have a record, but failed to correct any of the reporters he spoke with, tv shows, radio shows, newspapers etc. I think its a damn shame they hired that guy (whoever he is).
    Either way, I think its an awesome acheivment (unlocked). Go Jess!

    • Really? That’s balls. She probably have achieved something that 99.9999999999999999999% of people in the world won’t ever get regardless of age. Surely that counts for something, right??

      Surely they can make a new record to commemorate this event :/

      • Yeah, you’d think they could make some allowance. Stupid fuddy-duddy yatching afficionardo’s cracked the shits after Jesse ‘Lion Heart’, and made the rule you had to be over 18. I think that stinks. My daughter loses her shoes on a daily basis, there’s no chance in hell I’d let her do something like this, but I still think Jessica is a ledgend.

        • Ahh apparently according to the sailing/yachting blog she’s still a ‘hero’ but not a ‘record holder’ -_-;;

    • Yes indeedily. Having a ball even on just two maps. Haven’t encountered too many douches, either which is a bonus.

      Hit me up for a game or two James. GT: budgieishere

      • I’m quite a fan myself. I’m currently loving the various armour abilities. They really add some additional depth to the gameplay.

        I’m up for a couple of games with fellow Kotakuites if you guys are. GT: AshuraMGS3Sub.

    • Kids these days. Back in my day I walked 5 miles in bare feet in the snow and you complain of the mild morning ; )

      • I know.. I know..

        I’m whinging. But then again, I’ve spent most of my life in moderate Brisbane and extremely humid Asian countries so I’m not too experienced with cold weather anyway.

        • 13 degrees in Melbourne as we speak. Just because we live in miserable weather doesn’t mean we can’t whinge 😉 In fact whingeing increased my internal temp by about 2 degrees.

          • The sun at lunch time though was fantastic. Nothing better than stepping out of an office into a lovely warm blast of light.

        • And bags full of 5kg stone tablets, since pen and paper hadn’t been invented yet.
          With the constant threat of instant annihilation from those damn commies.

          • Yeah, and we didn’t get lunch either… remember when school used to go for thirteen hours each day?

            It was dark when we got to school, and it was dark when we left. No wonder we all had rickets, we never saw sunlight.

          • And when we got home, if we had done well at school, we’d be treated to some gravel. We’d lick the dirt and soil off of them and my grandpoppy, he said, he says to us “If it’s good enough for the potatoes to grow in, it’s good enough for you”.

          • Gravel?

            Luck-shury, we dreamed of avin gravel for dinner.
            We was lucky if we got cold poison.

            We used to try and steal gravel when we was licking the road clean with our tounges.

          • And not that designer gourmet mud the kids slap on their faces these days neither.

          • Nosiree, this was pure F-grade swamp-mud, back from when we still had pet dinosaurs. ‘Ole Dink Dingleberry from down the street once passed out in this here mud, and when he woke up 8 hours later it had eaten through his clothes and burnt all his hair off; his head was shinier than Patrick Stewart and Vin Diesel combined.

  • So I got access to the Starcraft 2 beta. Played about 5 quick games and lost all but 1. I have found that I am terrible at this game. Not that I was fantastic at the original, but I used to know all the upgrade paths, now I have no idea what’s going on.

    Having said that, I lost 4 out of 5 games and still had an awesome time.

    • I’m in the same boat, as I just don’t get the build order & how to effectively produce units at pace. The less said about my trying to play Zerg the better too!

      Obligatory ‘add blahjedi.blahjedi if you want a bash some time’ comment 🙂

      • I don’t even get to play it *sniff sniff*

        Maybe i’ll reinstall the old starcraft and just pretend…

        …my goodness how i love starcraft… come to think of it i wouldn’t even have to pretend- i’m still quite happy with the first!

        SPRITES FTW!!! 🙂

  • Something strange happened last night which is begging me to put forward a question..

    Was anyone here playing Enemy Territory: Quake Wars last night?

    I jumped on a server and started playing and then suddely had several different people yellin “CHU!!!” or “It’s Chuloopa!!”

    …So either some of you were playing, or i’ve become an internet sensation without knowing…. haha

  • If i am not mistaken… Tomorrow could be the day we could see the “mythical” R18+ classification when the AG’s meet tomorrow.

    Fingers Crossed

  • Maybe people don’t say “ACHOO!” when they sneeze anymore and just a simlple “CHU!” will suffice. “CHULOOPA!” may be the new “Bless You!”, don’t give up faith Choop mate I could be wrong and you may be some sort of new age online god!

  • MW2 stimulas package is out today (AUST) but its $21.95…. WTF….I only paid $69.00 for the whole game… 2 of the 5 maps are remakes…..WTF

    • So PC and PS3 users can now stimulate Activision’s bank account? They are good maps, but at $21 it’s something to think about. You can pick up some great full retail games for that price!

    • This isn’t new though, ever since the 1500 MS Points price point was announced we knew it was going to be expensive for PS3/PC gamers…

      Certainly won’t be picked up by me though, BF:BC2 has surpassed MW2 for me in every possible area.

      • I had not even really looked at BF:BC2. I have been playing MW2 online for ages now, but this looks like it may be the new way to go. Good online?

        • I’m just one opinion, but I know a few people that put more time into the BF:BC2 Beta/Demo than into the entire MW2 online mode.

          The game isn’t perfect, no game is and it isn’t MW2, so don’t expect a clone. I’d suggest tracking it down for at least a rental and see how you go… It might surprise you.

        • BF:BC2 wasn’t on my radar at all until EB had that weekend special on it of 50% off. I haven’t looked back since, I enjoyed the single player campaign and the cheesy characters and have invested 15 hour or more into the multiplayer and still keen for more.

          It is definitely worth a look in if you are a fan of FPS and particularly if you have a bunch of mates on your friend list that play it as it is very team oriented.

          • Have you played the first BC? I’m just wondering if there’s any improvements made on it. The first one had a kind of repetitive campaign, and thus I’m hesitant about the second. Online was kind of fun, but not too sure about match making =\

          • There were improvements, and online is a smaller stage now with more focus on quality, not MAG-esque quantity.

            The campaigns been improved, but i would only really call its worth if it was still on that half-price special from before

          • Hmm. Thanks. I’ll probably pick it up once it goes platinum or something like that.

  • So RAGE seems to be doing the preview rounds at the moment, and it seems to be following a pretty standard id software trajectory. They start out with game play aspirations to match their technological ones (remember quake .plans and the infamous Doom bible?), yet always end up with a powerhouse of an engine but pretty much the same game play mores. id may still be a tech innovator, but as for game design, they may as well be in a vacuum.

    I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt of course – I love them, and the game won’t be ready until 2011. These are just early impressions after all. I wonder if I would even want id to do things differently?

    • I agree. It may look like RAGE is something completely new for the company but deep down it really isnt.

  • Another day, another “screw Australians on Steam” story. This time, Civilisation V is up for preorder, we’re being asked to cough up US$79.99 for the regular and US$89.95 for the deluxe.

    Somehow I’m guessing American customers aren’t being expected to pay that amount (given that it’s double what they pay for most games)…

    • from the Steam forums-

      Europe: €49,99
      Europe Deluxe: €54,99

      UK: Original: £39.99 Pre-Purchase bonus: £29.99
      UK Deluxe: Original: £49.99 Pre-Purchase bonus: £39.99

      US/Canada: $49.99
      US/Canada Deluxe: $59.99

      Australia: $79.99 USD
      Australia Deluxe: $89.95 USD

      • Just had a mate get notified by Steam that they had a “billing issue” with his recent purchase of the Rockstar pack. They refunded the amount to his Paypal and “cancelled” the games purchased.

        To get them, he’d made a UK Steam account and then used a VPN to connect and purchase the pack and gift it to his AU Steam account. I suspect they may be cracking down a bit more on people gifting games/packs to people in countries where they aren’t available – Although I hope it isn’t the case.

        Side note: He’s still able to play the games if he puts Steam offline.

  • I’ve been chugging along on an old CRT for three years since I moved out of home (the thing worked like a charm for $100. Bargain!). But I’ve been wanting to go HD for 6-8 months now as it’s starting to cough and splutter, always had my eyes on a nice 40″ Samsung Series 6.

    Then this deal came along a few days ago:

    Holy crap I’m excited. Even the wife is excited. We’ve done some budgeting and reckon I’ll have it in about a month.

    Anyone else out there doing the rounds in SD? I feel like a long term sufferer who can’t talk about his problems because everywhere looks down on you if you’re not 1080p. D:

    • I have HD but not True HD

      Honestly i think there is nothing wrong with still having SD… but HD sets are really cheap at the moment, and you can get a really big one for just a little more than a smaller one.

      My swap to HD is still one of the best things i’ve done for a while.. but isn’t as fun when i’m playing older games.

    • I’ve been in 1080p land for only about 2 years now… before that, basically 99% of all my gaming was done on a 34cm NEC TV… aside from moving it onto the “big” tv in the house when the parents went out. :p

      Still have the little battler today, it’s served me since the NES all the way to the PS3!

      Before upgrading I had no issues whatsoever, didn’t mind that it was on a small screen, however since I have had the HDTV, it’s really really really difficult to go back to anything less…

      • haha i still even remember playing Dead Rising on my standard TV. I hd to play with my face practically to the screen so i could read the writing. Even then i still has to squint! haha

    • =[ I’m non-true HD too. But i’m not pedantic enough to say OMG IT’S NOT 1080P KILL ME NAOOOOO (i operate a 720p) but at the end of the day, if i can see it, if i can shoot it, if it doesn’t hurt my eyes, then its good. 😀

      (p.s. i tried playing my ps2 on it, very VERY bad idea. ps2 never looked so bad =x)

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