Target's Video Game Department Gets All Fancy

If you're the kind of shopper who makes a beeline for the game section of any store you enter, the reinvention of Target gaming department should be a welcome change, making games more accessible and organising by platfom and genre.

I'm a relatively regular Target shopper, and up until now I've known exactly what to expect when entering a new location. You've got maybe two rows of games in glass cases, haphazardly organised by game platform, some accessories in the middle, and maybe an endcap filled with discounted titles. If you're lucky, the store might even have an aisle dedicated to cheaper releases.

Apparently that's all changing.

Realising that the video game business generated revenue close to 19.66 billion in 2009, Target has decided to revamp their electronics department, giving 30 per cent more space to video games and displaying them in a more accessible manner, more akin to how they display DVDs and Blu-Ray titles.

As part of the redesign, which started rolling out last month to be completed by June, games will be organised by both platform as well as genre, a sorting method generally left to online retailers. Done correctly, it could make Target one of the most gamer friendly retailers in North America. Hell, not even GameStop sorts by genre.

Other new additions include Learning Centers, where customers can get information on ESRB ratings, view prices and inventory, and get recommendations, as well as new Trial Stations, allowing consumers to try before they buy.

"Target is committed to creating an intuitive and easy shopping experience for our guests," said Mark Schindele, senior vice president, Target. "The electronics and video game reinvention was designed with the wants and needs of our guests as our top priority. They've asked for additional product diversity and better access to games and information, and our new layout offers them just that."

It might seem trivial to some, but as a frequent game shopper I appreciate the extra effort Target is making to cater to us. Plus, it should be interesting to see how Target employees handle this whole genre thing. If all else fails, we'll have something new to bitch about.


    you still have to walk all the way to the back :(

      this is target US, australian target will remian craptacular

        That's right. Can you imagine Australians spending "19.66 billion in 2009" on video games? Heck, there's just under 7 million (including 360s, PS3s, Wiis, DS and PSPs). That means each owner would need to spend around $2000+ in games :)

        Yeah, I don't see Australian Target getting all fancy on us. Just not worth it from their point of view.

          Which is kinda tragic.. coz once you shift through some of the rubbish you can occasionally get a good game/bargain hidden in there =(

    The aisles in my local Target are half that wide, and they definitely don't carry enough stock to bother sorting by genre.

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