Teen Werewolves Do Not Like The Xbox 360

Hey, Josh! Stop making fun of teen werewolves, OK?

They're people, too. With feelings. And a love of Tim Burton films. They just want to be left alone, in a world of black lipstick, sewing scissors, Twilight novels and feelings.

Josh, we don't care that your Van Helsing jokes are surprisingly witty. Or that this is most likely fake. All we care about is that people endure and watch this clip until the payoff at the very end.

A word of caution, though: this isn't really suitable for work.



    There just emos with tails right ?

      It's a new subculture, emos are gay/lesbian sadist who like to hang out at Hot Topic and brag about their lip rings. I still think this whole thing is fucking ridiculous. A cross between spirituality and furies. Great . . . .

    You know the real Teen Wolf - he would've played Xbox 360 - hell I'm sure he played Atari back in the day

    Anybody else get an ad for Immortal Night while watching this video? The irony is delicious.

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