Tell Us Dammit

Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what you want from a new PSP.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Strong rumours flew around this week that Sony is prepping a PSP2 reveal at E3 next month. After the PSPgo disaster, what does Sony need to do to revive the handheld’s fortunes? What would convince you to buy a PSP2?

Me? The PSP was always a confused device: was it a PS2 in your pocket or a generic portable media player? In the end, it failed on both counts.

What use is a PS2 in your pocket when most of the games are gimped versions of what you’d play on your real PS2? They’re neither the kind of pick-up-and-play-for-5-minutes games a handheld demands, nor do they work properly without a second analog stick.

Sony needs to work out what the PSP is. It needs to offer something different to what Nintendo is doing with the DS and what Apple is doing with the iPod/iPhone. It needs to understand the difference between a handheld and a home console; that the former isn’t just a cut-down version of the latter. But at the same time, give us plenty of incentive to use our PSPs in conjunction with our PS3s.

I’m not sure what Sony can do to convince me to buy a PSP2. However, making sure it’s not a PSP would be a great place to start.


  • I don’t have one of the origionals, I was going to buy one but was informed that watching a movie pretty much drained the battery… so I guess longer battery life?

    • Actually watching movies isn’t too taxing on the battery comparted to playing games but still the battery life is a bit too short.
      All the graphics power in the world doesn’t mean much if it only works for a few hours before needing to be plugged in.
      I hated playing with the constant thought in the back of my mind that the stupid power light would start flashing soon.
      I’m not asking for DS like life but I really hope they add a couple of hours to the new one atleast and not go backwards…..

  • As a developer I would like to see robust tools, stable hardware and excellent support… so pretty much the opposite of the PSP.

    As an end user, I don’t think there is much room in my life for another handheld device. The iPhone pretty much took over my mobile gaming habits, with the DS a distant second. I don’t even think I’ve turned my PSP on in over a year!

  • Well from a new PSP I’d like backwards compatibility on every game and/or a way to convert UMDs to a pure digital format (even if you had to post them to sony or something). I bought a PSP to play Warhamer 40000 Squad Command & GTA Chinatown Wars and I don’t relish the idea of having to either lose or rebuy them.

    I’d also like to see it avoid any stupid proprietary ports (I recall sony having a thing for proprietary addons, memory sticks spring to mind) and add the option to charge through usb rather than a mains adapter.

    I’d also like to see a format that has 4 shoulder buttons, even if its provided by a bolt on accessory, just something to let me play my PS1 games properly rather than having to use a shift key type function or messing with the analogue stick.

    And would it kill it to make me a sandwich damnit?

  • Dual analog ‘nubs’ is an obvious request, I hate using the face buttons as d-pad with third or first person shooters. Which leads to my next request.

    PSP-PS3 connectivity. Being able to connect your PSP to your PS3 and have it displayed on your TV, but being able to control it using your DualShock3.

    No AV-cables or anything else, just a USB plug. It would display the video through the PS3, and send the inputs via the controller. Some extra video options here could be good too. 1x, 2x, Full Screen etc… Also, instead of black borders have game-specific borders.

    In this were done, it would definitely give me incentive to purchase more PSP games.

    With some good flagship titles on the horizon, Metal Gear Peace Walker and God of War: Ghost of Sparta they could really increase both PSP and PS3 sales with enhanced connectivity.

    There also needs to be a hell of a lot more work done into getting more games on the PSN if the continue with it being digital distribution only.

    Not having half of the best titles available on the store is killing the PSPgo!

  • Thats a really tough call. I’ve tried handheld gaming, but just can’t get into it. For me, the PSP was more of a multimedia tool, which i used mainly for music and movies. Very rarely would i ever game.

    The main improvement i’d like to see is in the controls. The analogue stick on the PSP was just terrible to use.

    Plus if they could tie it in with you Playstation ID, allowing you to earn trophies and talk with friends, that would definatley be a good thing.

  • It’s amazing how many people stopped using their PSP as soon as the iphone was available. I think that should tell Sony something, that Apple is doing something right. I think what Sony should do is stop calling this thing a Playstation, make it a Smartphone that has connectivity to all other Sony products while still having that Sony gaming power behind it, I’d love a phone that connects to my TV my Camera my Laptop and my PS3. Consumers today don’t want a portable device that only does one thing, you need a portable device that actually does it all. It may not be what the fans want, but it’s what the PSP needs right now. But I’ll bet this will just be a souped up PSP with 3D technology

    Sony know a thing or two about ripping off the market leader when it comes to games anyway.

    • Consumers today don’t want a portable device that only does one thing, you need a portable device that actually does it all. It may not be what the fans want, but it’s what the PSP needs right now. But I’ll bet this will just be a souped up PSP with 3D technology

      Apple didnt really do anything right imo in terms of iphone gaming

      it was just able to sell itself to a butload of people based off the ipod. so then the games actually became viable on it, it simplifies things immensly when your not trying to make your games compatable with a 100 different interfaces based on the phones that are currently out there

      and then the PSP and the DS all got pushed out of the way because they were merely for light entertainment on the go and carrying that while carrying another device that can do this a a lightly more basic level is just annoying to most

      Making a PSP smartphone imo is useless now as the iphone is too deeply ingrained now and there wouldnt be a large enough market segment to make it completly viable(probably why it hasnt been done yet)

      what they need is something that has crisp grahics awesome battery life the equivilant of an iphone app store and make it compatable with any video file extension so it can work as a decent video player

  • psp…
    has no gaemz

    …What? It had to be said.
    Seriously though, although I have occasionally used it as a media player (watching movies during lectures, hurhur) a steady stream of games would be nice. I’m not saying it doesn’t have a healthy library of games already (well, built up over the course of a few years), but I’d pick it up more if I had reasons to.
    What was the last notable PSP game in the last few weeks? DOA Paradise? As deep and engaging that game is (*cough*), I’m not sure it’s something that could keep you coming back for a month or so.
    Next few weeks are looking up with Peace Walker and Ace Combat and possibly Kingdom Hearts, but a nice, steady flow of games would be nice.
    I know it’s not really under Sony’s direct control, but they could lure more people towards the system if they supported it more.

    • That’s a real chicken/egg style problem. No one will make games for a system that no one buys, but then no one will buy it unless it has games. After the dismal showing of the PSP I am not convinced there will be too many people lining up to be making games for the PSP2 launch.

      As an aside, the barrier for entry to create games on the PSP is too high and the returns too low when compared to other platforms (NDS, iPhone). Add piracy on top of that and the PSP is just too damned risky to bother with.

      • Yeah, quite right.
        Which all then just goes back to what can they do? Since either way, they’re borked.
        Still, there are a stubborn few that continue on with PSP games/ports. NIS and Metal Gear come to mind. So maybe there’s still some hope and optimism lingering around that we just can’t see.

        • It is still massive in Japan, so there is still some market for it there. When I went to Hong Kong a few years ago everyone was playing PSP or DS on the train, but when I was there last month everyone was on iPhones and the occasional DS. I am not sure how any dedicated handheld gaming device can succeed any more.

  • As gamer I bought my PSP way back in 2005 as I was heading to Europe for a two month holiday and as while I was keen to see the sights on long haul flights and trips in the ‘underground’ it seemed like a perfect companion. It was; my now wife and wore the skin of the device pass and playing Luminus.

    Back in Aus and five years later I haven’t bought another game for it and still desperately look for ways to get value out of it. You’re spot on when you mention it failed at being a PS2 in your pocked and a generic media device.
    I need it too succeed at these two things, as then it would rock.

    So I’d like to see the following in the PSP2:
    • Reworked menu system that isn’t so “press button ‘X’”
    • Bluetooth support with headsets and syncing with PS3 (Go got this write)
    • Bluetooth support with 3rd party handsets to provide internet access or/and a micro sim slot. (iPad data plans anyone?)
    • Robust PSN experience (Damn it Sony I’ll pay for it!)
    • 360 / PS3 Control system (I don’t care how you do it just get it done)
    • User friendly apps for RSS, browse Internet, Pod casts, twitter, YouTube, etc (The core idea is already there just make the user interface working – Ask Apple if you have too)
    • 1st party PS3 blue ray titles that actually have parts of the game playable on PSP
    • Virtual Console of PS2 titles (as is not cut down)
    • Video streaming from PS3 that works
    • … and finally a screen that I don’t have to cover my head with a towel to use. (

  • Honestly, I can’t think of ANYTHING could convince me to buy it. My iPhone gives me all the “5 minutes of fun gaming” that I need from a portable gaming device. If I need anything longer I’ve got a laptop for use on a plane etc. I can’t see myself ever buying another handheld (or even digging out my existing DS/PSP from the cupboard, either).

    • Im with you Waffle sir. Even if it was a phone, with a gumball machine attached, I wouldn’t have much use for it. Except the gumball machine. I think I want to buy a gumball machine. 🙂

  • I bought the PSP Phat back at the start of 2006 and while I was amazed with it at first, I found little use for it over the years.

    Music drained my battery fast.
    Movies and games drained my battery even quicker.

    The PSP is also so fragile that I was scared one drop would crack the screen or damage the UMD holder.

    I only have one recommendation to make if I were to buy a PSP2.

    More games.

    It seems that only Square Enix, Konami and Namco are the only companies that make worthwhile PSP games. And even then, they’re usually not completely new titles but spin offs or continuations of their main franchises on consoles. Furthermore, who would bother to pay more for a UMD Movie when you could pay less for a simple DVD. Especially when that one movie would wear your battery out completely.

    I couldn’t care less if the PSP can play music or movies. There are heaps of devices out nowadays that can do all that stuff too.

    It’s just that the library of games should hold importance over anything else. At the end of the day, the PSP should focus on a wider and more noteworthy selection of original titles that aren’t just rushed ports from older consoles. It has the spec power but not too many games to utilise it effectively.

    Still, we’ll see what Sony comes up with when introducing the PSP2…

  • Fist up no touch support or dual screens please! Do your own thing Sony.

    PS2 games emulation via PSN would be lovely.

    More internal storage.

    Mandatory day/date PSN game listing if Sony continue to use pysical media.

    More/better PS3 intergration.

    Better online. Persistant sign ins for one ala PS3.

    Finally please PLEASE do a better job make making piracy harder. I’m sick of people laughing at me for still paying for my PSP games.

    • No dual screens, though maybe something to do with touch screens. I do agree with the rest of MrBs’s points. PS2 games on the move would be fantastic. This then does require dual analogue sticks/nubs. I personally wouldn’t care too much about 4 shoulder buttons, but if they do implement ps2 emulation, then I would like the 4 shoulder buttons. Hmm. What else? Someone posted it before, but definitely include a PSP backwards compatibility, and someway to get UMD’s onto the PSP2. Like going into an EB Games or someting, and you bring your umd with you, and they give a voucher to donwload that game. But the key thing is to defintely make it harder for piracy. Lock it down. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Just finished Patchwork Heroes, shock + horror, brilliant game. I wouldn’t mind if it got bigger as a result of bigger battery and more comfortable dual analogue control. The bigger the better actually, I want it Lynx size at least.

  • Well, it’s pretty obvious and people have already pointed some these, but here it is again:

    1. dual ‘analog’ stick, also dunno if possible or not but I also want L2 and R2 as well.
    2. longer battery life, but as long as they are easily interchangeable as the current psp, i don’t mind, coz i can always replace them when battery is dying, unlike DS where I have to unscrew them (WTH!)
    3. Save state! like pspgo style, coz it’s annoying how I can’t listen to my music at the end of my bus/train ride, without quitting and losing my current progress. Make it so that the save state disappear when it is loaded, to avoid cheating, etc.
    4. Actually UMD is fine, but make it so that it contain more space, so the quality of the game will be exactly or better than PS2.
    5. inbuilt ‘hdd’ with expandable option. ALSO make it so that saves goes to the external memory stick, I HATE locked save data on PS3.
    6. Trophies sharing with PS3
    7. Lastly, if possible I want rumble. But not needed.

    Man that’s a lot of request lol.

  • Regardless of what it comes as, I’ll probably end up getting one, didn’t get the PSP Go though…

    With all the additions the PS3 has received, I would simply expect the majority (if not all) the same features for the PSP2.

    Alot have already been said, but for example, Vidzone, the ability to use that service for the PSP, ability to transfer songs to the PSP and make a playlist.

    With obviously no Linux on the PSP, and the success of the PS3 security, you would imagine this system will be far more secure.

    Sony would be stupid to not to include Trophy Support for the next system and have the ability to synch it with the PS3 trophies, etc… To be honest, you can never underestimate the power of the trophy/achievement features. There are a hell of alot of people that will go out of their way to make sure they have as many as possible. Certainly has the ability to drive the platform to becoming successful.

    One thing I would love to see is more PS3+PSP double packs. Developer makes PS3 game, there is a PSP game by the same people, but while it might not be cut down version of the PS3, but perhaps a different game type, or a prequel to the main game. Sell them together in one package, or apart of a collectors edition. Have the games interact with each other, so they can unlock certain things in either game if you have both. I don’t care if it’s abit more expensive than a PS3 game, but cheaper than buying them separate. Alot of Blu-Ray/DVD’s now come with the Digital Copy, this could be the PS3 version, buy a game and get the PSP version with it.

    Overall, I think Sony did okay with their ‘first’ attempt into the handheld market. The PSP Go didn’t work, but to sell over 60 million PSP’s, against the biggest handheld over the last 20 years is a pretty good effort, so they did do something right. So am just hoping they don’t royally fuck up the successor.

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