The Best Nintendo Games That Never Were

The Best Nintendo Games That Never Were

Is it that time of year already? Time flies when you’re waiting for the latest instalment of Famicase (fake-Famicom-cartridges-as-art), an annual treat hosted by Japanese game store Meteor. Here are the pick of 2010’s crop.

The deal with Famicase is that artists come up with a cartridge for a game that doesn’t exist. That’s basically the only rule. The non-games can be funny, they can be serious, they can be beautiful, they can be horrible, it doesn’t matter.

The games even come with brief descriptions, with some serving as off-the-wall driving sims, others as games about… making games.

Below are our picks of the best of the bunch, but if you’d like to see the entire line-up, head to the exhibition’s site below.

Famicase 2010 [Meteor]

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