"The Best Video Game System"

The Kontorland KT-103: It's the Dreamcast meets the Sony PlayStation meets I-don't-know-what. Even SEGA mascot Sonic the Hedgehog "seems" to approve. Then, of course, SEGA probably has no clue about this.

In case you missed it in the first pic.

More like challenge the limits of intellectual property! The console is made by Kontorland, which apparently has its head office in Taipei, Taiwan and a branch office in Istanbul, Turkey.

The pictured console was spotted in Turkey.



    Anyone remembered good ole Polystation? Now that one managed to fool millions of people...

    I want one - if only to say I'm the only Aussie to have it.

    I saw in Taiwan (last time i was there) little megadrives.

    They looked horribly plastic and had a bunch of games built in. They also claimed to play cartridges, had a slot but I couldn't find any cartridges.

    Seemed official, were covered in SEGA logos, but you never know...

    How is it the greatest console?

    well it also cooks popcorn - thats how!

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